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<ul><li><p>EV EN TS FO R 4 0-4 0 0 PEO PLE</p><p>TO BOOK EMAIL EVENTS@FLIGHTCLUBDARTS.COM </p><p>OR CALL 0203 019 3093</p></li><li><p>We booked the place for our staff party. T he choice was </p><p>brilliant! Great venue, lovely staff, amazing fun. Glad we chose this, all of us had an </p><p>fantastic night!!! </p><p>A N I A G I N T O W T , F A C E B O O K 5</p><p>Events at F light Club are the ultimate combination of engaging, competitive, memorable and most of all fun. We dont do anything by halves, so we promise you and your team an experience to remember. Were passionate about what we do and well do everything we can to </p><p>make sure that you have the best t ime with us!</p><p>S T E V E M O O R E , F L I G H T C L U B C O - F O U N D E R</p><p>CONTENTS PAGE</p><p>available SPACE 06</p><p>FOOD &amp; DRINKS 14</p><p>SOCIAL DARTS 16</p><p>EVENT DETAILS 18</p><p>BOOKING INFOrmation 22</p></li><li><p>Weve developed unique technology which means we take </p><p>care of everything; scoring, changing games, switching teams, </p><p>even ordering food and drinks. You dont need to worry about </p><p>a thing - we are confident you wont get this experience </p><p>anywhere else</p><p>P A U L B A R H A MF L I G H T C L U B C O - F O U N D E R </p><p> Get ready for a truly exhilarating, interactive and fun experience like </p><p>no other!</p><p>D A N I E L L E C A P L E S , F L I G H T C L U B E V E N T S M A N A G E R</p></li><li><p>Every element of the Flight Club experience can be tailored to your specif ic requirements. </p><p>Our events team will help you create the perfectoccasion for your group </p><p> T H E V E N U E S</p><p>4</p></li><li><p>Five available spaces split between two stunning venues in central London </p><p>BLOOMSBU RY</p><p>SHOREDITCH</p><p>5</p><p> T H E V E N U E S</p></li><li><p>AVAILABLE SPACE</p><p>BASEM</p><p>ENT</p><p>KITCHEN</p><p>GROUND</p><p> FLOOR</p><p>BAR</p><p>CHECK-INDESK</p><p>BAR</p><p>Full venue</p><p>ENTRANCE</p><p>SHOREDITCH</p><p>The basement</p><p>THE furlong</p><p>THE stables</p><p>6</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p></li><li><p>OCHE_________Noun, British sounds like hockey but without the h, </p><p>yourspace from the throw line tothe dartboard; as well as your </p><p>own seating area, where youll drink, eat and get your game on</p><p>We have five areas for you to choose from for 40 - 400 guests </p><p>BLOOMSBU RY</p><p>BAR</p><p>BASEMEN</p><p>T</p><p>grou</p><p>nd fl</p><p>oor</p><p>the Enclosure</p><p>ENTRANCEFull venue</p><p>BAR</p><p>CHECK-INDESK</p><p>7</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p></li><li><p>TH E EN CLOSU R E </p><p>GUEST CAPACITY: 40-50NUMBER OF OCHES: 3</p><p>MINIMUM SPEND FROM: 2,000* LOCATION: PRIVATE ROOM, </p><p>GROUND FLOOR, BLOOMSBURY_________ Create your very own Social </p><p>Darts experience with a private room all to yourselves. With three </p><p>beautiful oches and a bar just foryou, theres plenty of space </p><p>to play as well as watch the drama unfold for up to 50 guests </p><p>*M I N I M U M S P E N D A P P L I E S TO E X C LU S I V E H I R E S PA C E S A N D VA R I E S D E P E N D I N G O N T H E D AT E </p><p>A N D T I M E O F YO U R B O O K I N G</p><p>8</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p></li><li><p>TH E FU R LO N G </p><p>GUEST CAPACITY: 40-70NUMBER OF OCHES: 3</p><p>MINIMUM SPEND FROM: 2,000* LOCATION: BASEMENT, </p><p>SHOREDITCH_________As the liveliest of our spaces </p><p>this is a gem. With three games playing side-by-side you can see </p><p>all of the action at once</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p><p>9</p><p>*M I N I M U M S P E N D A P P L I E S TO A B O O K I N G O F 3 H O U R S O R M O R E , A N D I S B A S E D O N </p><p>D AT E A N D T I M E O F B O O K I N G</p></li><li><p>TH E STAB LESGUEST CAPACITY: 70-150</p><p>NUMBER OF OCHES: 4MINIMUM SPEND FROM: 3,000* </p><p>LOCATION: BASEMENT, SHOREDITCH_________</p><p>This semi-private events space features 4 oches and a central </p><p>seating area, which makes it perfect for parties, product </p><p>launches and work socials</p><p>*M I N I M U M S P E N D A P P L I E S TO A B O O K I N G O F 3 H O U R S O R M O R E , A N D I S B A S E D O N </p><p>D AT E A N D T I M E O F B O O K I N G</p><p>10</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p></li><li><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p><p>11</p><p>TH E BASEM ENT GUEST CAPACITY: 150-250</p><p>NUMBER OF OCHES: 7MINIMUM SPEND FROM: 7,500* </p><p>LOCATION: BLOOMSBURY ANDSHOREDITCH_________</p><p>With multiple oches, seating areas and access to a bar, </p><p>basement hire will provide the perfect space for larger groups</p><p>*M I N I M U M S P E N D A P P L I E S TO E X C LU S I V E H I R E S PA C E S A N D VA R I E S D E P E N D I N G O N </p><p>T H E D AT E A N D T I M E O F YO U R B O O K I N G</p></li><li><p>FU LL VEN U E H I R EGUEST CAPACITY: 250-400NUMBER OF OCHES: 9-12MINIMUM SPEND FROM:</p><p>10,000 - 35,000* LOCATION: BLOOMSBURY </p><p>AND SHOREDITCH_________For a truly unique event hire </p><p>Flight Club exclusively and make the most of our 2 floors, multiple oches and innovative game play </p><p>technology in our award winning venues</p><p>*M I N I M U M S P E N D A P P L I E S TO E X C LU S I V E H I R E S PA C E S A N D VA R I E S D E P E N D I N G O N T H E D AT E </p><p>A N D T I M E O F YO U R B O O K I N G</p><p>12</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p></li><li><p>TH E BARSNUMBER OF BARS: </p><p>2 PER VENUE_________Enjoy a pre or post game drink </p><p>or two at our award winning bars </p><p>Most Loved Bar Shoreditch &amp; Hoxton </p><p>2016 Time Out Love London Awards</p><p>Best All-In-One Venue London Best Brunch In The City </p><p>2017 Design My Night Awards </p><p> T H E S P A C E</p><p>13</p><p> A V A I L A B L E S P A C E</p><p>13</p></li><li><p>FOOD &amp; DRINKS PACKAGES</p><p>14</p><p> T H E S P A C E</p><p>Our packages have been designed to offer the perfect balance of food and drinks for a great event</p><p>14</p><p> F O O D &amp; D R I N K S</p></li><li><p>(V) VEGETARIAN</p><p>T H E R E G U L A R35 PER HEAD</p><p>DRINKS2 BOTTLES OF BEER OR </p><p>HALF A BOTTLE OF WINE (WHITE OR RED) PER GUEST </p><p>. . . _____ . . . 5 FLIGHT BITES</p><p>SALMON &amp; CELERIAC ON RYE</p><p>BEEF TERIYAKI IN A BABY GEM CUP</p><p>BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN</p><p>MOZZARELLA, TOMATO &amp; OLIVE SKEWERS (V)</p><p>AVOCADO ON TOAST, CHILLI &amp; TOMATO SALSA (V)</p><p>. . . _____ . . . PIZZA </p><p>WELL PROVIDE A SELECTION OF OUR MEAT AND VEGETARIAN PIZZAS TO FILL YOUR GUESTS UP</p><p>. . . _____ . . . BROWNIE BITES(V) VEGETARIAN</p><p>IF YOUD PREFER TO HAVE DRINKS AND JUST A FEW NIBBLES, THEN WELL </p><p>BE HAPPY TO PUT TOGETHER AN OPTION FOR YOU -</p><p>PLEASE NOTE THAT A DISCRETIONARY 12.5% SERVICE CHARGE WILL BE </p><p>ADDED AT TIME OFBOOKING 15</p><p> F O O D &amp; D R I N K S</p><p>T H E P R O 55 PER HEAD</p><p>DRINKSBUBBLY RECEPTION</p><p>4 BOTTLES OF BEER OR 1 BOTTLE OF WINE </p><p>(WHITE OR RED) PER GUEST . . . _____ . . . </p><p>8 FLIGHT BITESPRIME AGED BEEF SLIDER BURGERS</p><p>MARINATED PORTOBELLO MUSHROOM &amp; HALLOUMI SLIDER </p><p>BURGERS (V)</p><p>GRILLED PRAWNS WITH MANGO &amp; CHILLI SALSA</p><p>KADHAI CHICKEN SKEWERS</p><p>SALMON &amp; CELERIAC ON RYE</p><p>MOZZARELLA, TOMATO &amp; OLIVE SKEWERS (V)</p><p>AVOCADO ON TOAST, CHILLI &amp; TOMATO SALSA (V)</p><p>BUTTERMILK FRIED CHICKEN. . . _____ . . . </p><p>PIZZA WELL PROVIDE A SELECTION </p><p>OF OUR MEAT AND VEGETARIAN PIZZAS TO FILL YOUR GUESTS UP</p><p>. . . _____ . . . BROWNIE BITES</p></li><li><p>v</p><p>16</p><p> S O C I A L D A R T S </p><p>SOCIAL DARTS</p><p>Weve reinvented darts for the twenty first century. Fast-paced multiplayer games, </p><p>groundbreaking dart-tracking technology, instant scoring and a slick and intuitive user interface </p><p> its time to let that competitive side show!</p><p>Shouting, screaming, high f iving, jumping up and down, despair and joy. T hats Social Darts. </p><p>Were dedicated to delivering fun</p><p>S T E V E M O O R E F L I G H T C L U B C O - F O U N D E R</p></li><li><p>17</p><p>PERFECT FOR: A spontaneous event</p><p> An event where your guestlist may need some flexibility_</p><p>HOW IT WORKS Well chart the score of individuals within </p><p> your group throughout your event. Any number of games can be played across </p><p>multiple oches_</p><p>CLASSIC FINALTo finish off your Social Darts Classic Tournament the top six players of the group enter a final theres only one </p><p>Social Darts champion!</p><p>PERFECT FOR: Teams who love a bit of competition </p><p> An event where your guestlist is fixed_</p><p>HOW IT WORKS Multiple teams of up to 12 players </p><p>can play against each other. If you want to be tactical choose your team members wisely! Get your thinking hats on </p><p>for an awesome team name, wellneed these, plusplayers names, 72 hours inadvance of </p><p>yourbooking. _</p><p>TEAM FINAL For the finale of your Social Darts Team </p><p>Tournament the top two scoring teams play head to head in a Team Tournament final! </p><p>CLASSIC TOURNAMENT</p><p>GROUP SIZE: 40 - 390</p><p>TEAM TOURNAMENT</p><p>17</p><p> S O C I A L D A R T S </p><p>There are two ways to play. Go head to head in our Classic Tournament, or set groups </p><p>against each other in our Team Tournament</p></li><li><p>1818</p><p> E V E N T D E T A I L S</p><p>HOW YOUREVENT </p><p>WILL RUNWe will work with you to tailor your event </p><p>to your particular requirements</p><p>_</p><p>Heres what your event will look like</p><p>You l l have one main po int of contact , f rom your in i t ia l book ing to your t r iumphant departure .On the day a ded icated host w i l l be on hand throughout </p><p>to ensure you re looked after and everyth ing i s taken care of .You l l have your very own Gamesmaster to run the games for you, </p><p>so you wont need to worry about a th ing. They l l g ive t ips and tr icks , encourage and support p layers , to ensure everyone has the best </p><p>exper ience in the oche</p></li><li><p>19</p><p> E V E N T D E T A I L S</p><p>Youll be greeted at the check-in desk and taken to your event </p><p>space where youll meet your dedicated host and gamesmaster</p><p>Any pre-ordered drinks and nibbles will be ready and </p><p>waiting at your oches</p><p>2</p><p>As people are arriving well start a warm up game whist everyone </p><p>settles in</p><p>5</p><p>You can order extra food and drink </p><p>throughout your event at the touch of </p><p>a button</p><p>3</p><p>When everyone has arrived well give you </p><p>a quick intro to the event and the games</p><p>4</p><p>Let the games begin! Any pre-ordered food will arrive in the first half of </p><p>your booking</p><p>1</p><p>6</p><p>Your Social Darts Champion(s) revealed!</p></li><li><p>20</p><p> E V E N T D E T A I L S</p><p>LEADERBOARD SCORING There will be a live leaderboard running </p><p>throughoutyour event, so the competitive amongstyou cankeepan eye on the tally </p><p>Scoring is based on the number of games a playerorteam comes first, second or third in. </p><p>A 1st (gold)position scores 3 points, 2nd (silver) scores 2 points and finally </p><p>3rd (bronze) scores 1 point</p><p>MIXING IT UPWant to make sure everyone mingles and gets equal oche time? So do we!</p><p>We can swap players, or teams, from one ochetoanotherwithout losing anyones </p><p>individualorteamscores. Thismeanseveryone canplay againsteach other in your group! </p><p>U N IQU E FEATU RES TO SOCIAL DARTS</p><p> TOU RNAM ENTS</p></li><li><p>2121</p><p> E V E N T D E T A I L S</p><p>T O U R N A M E N T M E D A L SFor ultimate bragging rights well have medals ready </p><p>and waiting for Social Darts Tournament Champion(s)</p><p>COURTESY OF US_</p><p>T O U R N A M E N T T R O P H Y C O C K TA I L</p><p>Want to make your winners feel extra special? So do we, why not add on a bright and shiny </p><p>winnerscocktail trophy*40</p><p>*IF YOUD LIKE THE WINNING TEAM TO KEEP THE TROPHY AS A MEMENTO THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL </p><p>CHARGEOF 160</p><p>V O U C H E R SWant to give your group an extra treat? </p><p>Purchase vouchers to use in the venue at any time</p><p>AVAILABLE IN AMOUNTS OF 30, 50, 100 AND 250_</p><p>C O M PA N Y B R A N D I N G SIf youd like to bespoke your event space we can </p><p>addyour company logo to our oche screens</p><p>COURTESY OF US</p><p>EXTRASSo you thought there wasnt anything else we could do to make Social Darts </p><p>Tournaments better. Think again. Weve got the following add-ons to make your </p><p>event all the more special</p></li><li><p>2222</p><p>PEAKMon - Fri 4pm-close, 30 per hour </p><p>Saturday, 30 per hour all day</p><p>OFF PEAKMon - Fri 12-4pm, 15 per hour</p><p>Sunday, 15 per hour all day </p><p>Please note this is just for guidance. If you have your exact numbers then we will be happy to provide you with a bespoke quote. Oche hire, food and drinks purchased in advance all count towards the minimum spend</p><p>AVAILABLE SPACE</p><p>GUEST CAPACITY</p><p>NUMBER OF OCHES</p><p>MINIMUM SPEND* FROM </p><p>FOOD &amp; DRINK PACKAGE PRICE GUIDE</p><p>THE REGULAR 35 PER HEAD</p><p>THE PRO 55 PER HEAD</p><p>THE ENCLOSURE B 40-50 3 2,000 1,400 - 1,750 2,200 - 2,750</p><p>THE FURLONG S 40-70 3 2,000 1,400 - 2,450 2,200 - 3,850</p><p>THE STABLES S 70-150 4 3,000 2,450 - 5,250 3,850 - 8,250</p><p>BASEMENT HIRE B 150-200 6 5,000 5,250 - 7,000 8,250 - 11,000</p><p>BASEMENT HIRE S 150-250 7 7,500 5,250 - 8,750 8,250 - 13,750FULL VENUE HIRE </p><p>BLOOMSBURY 200-250 910,000 -30,000 7,000 - 8,750 11,000 - 13,750</p><p>FULL VENUE HIRE SHOREDITCH 250-390 12</p><p>12 ,000 -35,000 8,750 - 13,650 13,750 - 21,450</p><p> B = at Bloomsbury, S = at Shoreditch *MINIMUM SPEND VARIES DEPENDING ON DATE AND TIME OF BOOKING</p><p>OVER CHRISTMAS PEAK PRICES APPLY</p><p>PR I CI N G G U I D E</p><p>Hire fees are charged per oche, per hour. There is no per person feeO CH E H I R E FEE</p><p> BOOKING INFORMATION</p><p>22</p><p>= available until 5pm</p></li><li><p>2323</p><p> BOOKING INFORMATION</p><p>23</p><p>OPENING HOURS Monday 12:00 - 00:00Tuesday 12:00 - 00:00Wednesday 12:00 - 00:00Thursday 12:00 - 00:30Friday 12:00 - 01:00Saturday 1 1 :00 - 01:00 Sunday 12:00 - 22:30</p><p>WHERE TO FIND US2a Worship Street </p><p>London EC2A 2AH</p><p>5 minutes walk from Old Street 5 minutes walk from Moorgate </p><p>9 minutes walk from Liverpool Street</p><p>WHERE TO FIND US55 New Oxford Street </p><p>London WC1A 1BS</p><p>5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road 5 minutes walk from Holborn </p><p>9 minutes walk from Oxford Circus</p><p>OPENING HOURSMonday 12:00 - 00:00Tuesday 12:00 - 00:00Wednesday 12:00 - 00:00Thursday 12:00 - 01:00Friday 12:00 - 01:00Saturday 11:00 - 01:00 Sunday 11:00 - 22:30</p><p>SH O R ED ITCH</p><p>B LO O MSB U RY</p></li><li><p>A highly innovative twist on a traditional space, with evident attention to detail on tech, lighting, catering and customer experience. T here is strong evidence of a highly positive reaction from the market, </p><p>and attention to detail in staff training and presentation.</p><p>J U D G I N G P A N E L I S T , L O N D O N V E N U E A W A R D S</p><p>Most loved bar in Shoreditch &amp; Hoxton</p><p>BOOK NOW </p><p>For more information, or to book, simplyemail our team on: EVENTS@FLIGHTCLUBDARTS.COM </p><p>or give us a call on:0203 019 3093 (select option 2) </p><p>F L I G H T C L U B S H O R E D I T C H 2A WORSHIP STREET LONDON EC2A 2AH</p><p>F L I G H T C L U B B L O O M S B U RY 55 NEW OXFORD STREET </p><p>LONDON, WC1A 1BS</p></li></ul>


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