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    6801 Rockledge Drive

    Bethesda, MD 20817



    Major sites in:

    Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area

    Denver, CO area

    Marietta, GA

    Orlando, FL area

    Palmdale, CA

    Philadelphia, PA area

    San Jose/Bay, CA area

    Washington, DC area


    Leslie Chappell

    Director, University Relations


    Please list the schools/types of schools at which you recruit.

    Ivy League schools Other private schools Public state schools Historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs)

    Do you have any special outreach efforts directed to encourageminority students and graduates to consider your firm?

    Conferences: NSBE, SWE, SHPE, AISES, MAES, HACU, HENAAC,BEYA, Out for Work, Grace Hopper

    Advertise in minority student association publication(s) or otherminority-focused publications.

    Participate in/host minority student job fair(s) or other minority-focusedjob events.

    Sponsor minority student association events

    Firms employees participate on career panels at school

    Outreach to leadership of minority student organizations

    Scholarships or intern/fellowships for minority students

    Other: Internship/co-op opportunities, workshops, special speakers,mentors

    What activities does the firm undertake to attract minority andwomen employees?

    Partner programs with women and minority associations

    Conferences: NSBE, SWE, SHPE, AISES, MAES, HACU, HENAAC, Outfor Work, Grace Hopper

    Participate at minority job fairs

    Seek referrals from other employees

    Utilize online job services

    Do you use executive recruiting/search firms to seek to identifynew diversity hires?



    Number of employees

    Revenue (billions)

    Percentage of minorities

    Percentage of women

    Total in the U.S. 2008 2007







    Total worldwide 2008 2007

    Total outside the U.S. 2008 2007

    2009 Vault.com Inc.180

  • ENGINEERING INTERNSHIPS & CO-OPSDeadline for application: Ongoing

    Number of interns in the program in summer 2008: 2,112

    Pay: Varies by academic level, major and geographic location

    Length of the program: Typically, nine to 11 weeks

    Percentage of interns/co-ops in the program who receive offers of full-timeemployment: 56 percent

    Percentage of interns/co-ops in the program who accept offers of full-timeemployment: 73 percent

    Website for internship/co-op information:www.lockheedmartin.com/careers

    Lockheed Martin seeks students at all academic levels in the followingmajors:

    Computer science Computer engineering Electrical engineering Mechanical engineering Systems engineering Aerospace engineering Nuclear engineering Math Physics

    We also have limited opportunities in:

    Accounting and business Finance Human resources Supply chain management

    ENGINEERING SCHOLARSHIPSLockheed Martin participates in the following scholarship programs aimedat women and minority students, please see their websites for details ondeadlines, amounts and eligibility requirements:

    American Indian Science and Engineering Society:www.aises.org/Programs/ScholarshipsandInternships/Scholarships

    Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU) Scholarships:www.hacu.net/hacu/Scholarships_EN.asp?SnID=1015170341

    Hispanic College Fund: www.hispanicfund.org

    HENAAC: www.henaac.org

    Mexican-American Engineering Society (MAES) Scholarship:www.maes-natl.org/index.php?module=ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=392

    National Society of Black Engineers Corporate Scholarships:national.nsbe.org/Programs/Scholarships/tabid/84/Default.aspx

    UNCF: www.uncf.org

    Society of Women Engineers Scholarship:www.swe.org/stellent/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&nodeId=9

    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation (Scholarships):www.shpe.org

    Lockheed Martin also offers many scholarships for diversity students thatare administered directly by the schools with whom we partner, most arein engineering and computer science. These scholarships have a widerange of eligibility requirements, deadlines and award amounts.


    Leadership Development Program (LDP) (various specialties)

    Length of program: Two to three years of rotational assignments

    Geographic location(s) of program: Nationwide

    Please describe the training/training component of this program:Employees receive weeklong training each summer and periodiccommunications throughout the year. Most large worksites havededicated LDP managers who help guide the employees. LDP Programsexist for engineering, information sciences, operations, finance, humanresources and communications.

    Please describe any other educational components of this program:Tuition reimbursement is provided so that employees in this program canpursue a masters degree. In some cases, paid time off is provided inorder to attend classes or to study for examinations. In some cases,flexible work schedules can be arranged so that the employee can attendday classes if necessary.

    AFFINITY GROUPSLockheed Martin currently supports over 125 affinity groups across ourcorporation. These groups are formed by members with a common or shareperspective or affiliation who voluntarily join together to explore how they canfully contribute to the success of Lockheed Martin while enhancing theirprofessional and personal development. Those affiliations may be based ongender, race/ethnicity, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, etc. butthey are also based on shared business perspectives, e.g., green Initiatives.Frequency of meetings differs among the affinity groups.


    What trends in your industry affect your corporate diversitygoals, strategies and/or internal or external alliances?

    The industry trend of dwindling supplies of engineering talent shapes andmotivates our diversity strategy to proactively recruit, retain and develop

    Vault Guide to Engineering Diversity Programs, 2010 Edition

    Lockheed Martin

    Visit Vault at www.vault.com for insider company profiles, expert advice,

    career message boards, expert resume reviews, the Vault Job Board and more. 181

  • innovative, creative and effective professionals with the right skills andexperience.

    How does the firms leadership communicate the importance ofdiversity to everyone at the firm?

    Emails Website Newsletters Meetings Annual training

    Does your firm currently have a diversity committee?

    Yes. Our corporation has over 30 individual diversity councils operatingat the executive, business area, and business unit levels. The answers inthis section address our executive diversity council (EDC).

    Does the committee and/or diversity leader establish and setgoals or objectives consistent with managements priorities?

    Yes. We have aligned our business processes with our peoplemanagement process to ensure our goals and objectives are consistentwith managements priorities.

    Has the firm undertaken a formal or informal diversity programor set of initiatives aimed at increasing the diversity of thefirm?

    Yes, formal. Lockheed Martin views diversity in a broad sense of the termthat goes beyond race and gender. While those are two aspects of ourview on how we define diversity, we look at things like educationalbackground, geographic location, personal style, etc. Our efforts atcreating a more inclusive environment focus on all aspects of diversity.When we talk about increasing the number of women and minorities, weuse the term increasing representation. Our approach to increasingrepresentation is to broadly recruit and reach out to qualified applicantswhile ensuring equal employment opportunity.

    How often does the firms management review the firmsdiversity progress/results?


    How are the firms diversity committee and/or firmmanagement held accountable for achieving results?

    We have put an assessment process in place to measure the performanceof a business unit in the area of diversity inclusion. The assessmentprocess takes employee opinion, as well as the kinds of processes andpractices in place to foster inclusion. The business unit receives anumeric score associated with the assessment and BU leaders are heldaccountable for results through their incentive compensation plan.


    Please identify the specific steps you are taking to reduce theattrition rate of minority and women employees.

    Develop and/or support internal employee affinity groups (e.g., minorityor women networks within the firm)

    Increase/review compensation relative to competition

    Increase/improve current work/life programs

    Adopt dispute resolution process

    Succession plan includes emphasis on diversity

    Work with minority and women employees to develop personal careeradvancement plans

    Strengthen mentoring program for all employees, including minoritiesand women

    Other: There are four leadership forums, associated with representedgroups (Women, Hispanic, African-American and Asian), composed ofmidlevel to senior executives from those represented groups. Theirpurpose, in coordination with the executive diversity council, is toprovide leadership and mentoring to their represented populations,thereby facilitating their members p


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