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This is a talk delivered at ThoughtWorks XConf Sydney 2013. It is focussed on lessons learnt the hard way at WorldVision during a year long project re-platforming to multiple front end Angular JS applications using HTML5 and consuming Micro-services backed APIs built in .Net.


  • 1. The other World Vision

2. Episode 1 : The SEO Fascination 3. 1. App packaged with Node + PhantomJS 2. Deploy the application. 3. Post deployment status check. 4. Post deployment snapshot script 5. Windows Task for nightly refresh 4. Generating the Snapshot 5. Episode 2 : The Responsive Fixation 6. Mobile First Evolution 7. The 300ms delay between a click and a touch event. 8. Version 1.0.x Version 1.1.x 9. Episode 3 : The Storage Freakiness 10. Local Storage Session Storage 11. HTTP HTTPS 12. Ninja Punch! 13. We hit the ceiling 14. 2.5MB to 5MB Serialized 15. Ninja Punch! 16. Ninja Punch! 17. It goes out of date fast 18. Episode 4 : The re-use Finicky-ness 19. Episode 5 : The almost there functionality 20. CORS Cross Origin Resource Sharing 21. Ninja Punch! 22. IE8, 9: XDomainRequest The target URL must be accessed using only the HTTP methods GET and POST No custom headers may be added to the request Only text/plain is supported for the request's Content-Type header No authentication or cookies will be sent with the request Requests targeted to Intranet URLs may only be made from the Intranet Zone Requests must be targeted to the same scheme as the hosting page 23. Episode 6: The Scott-Zhamak phenomenon 24. Different speeds of evolution 25. Factoring systems by Value Stream 26. The wise mans words 27. You arent going to get it right at first go 28. Using WebAPI and Areas to build services within a service 29. Eliminating batch processes is hard 30. The leaks 31. C#, Dynamic, and Expando Objects 32. Thank you.