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  • Lessons Learnt Part 4April 2016Technical Issues

  • IntroductionWhilst reviewing the list of lessons learnt, a number of points were raised which were related to technical issues covering topics:3rd Parties devices and drawingsSelection of material, devices and equipmentTechnical issuesHere is a list of them , I ask you all to go through them, understand them and find a method of remembering them when we do something similar again.

  • Third Party DrawingsInformation on site - ESI and Subcontractor documentsWhen working with subcontractors and or contractors we should agree on whose drawings we are to work with. A lot of differences are found in drawings especially when there are updates.3rd party signalsSignals from 3rd parties where after being connectedSignals should be verified before connection so as to avoid retesting. Re testing and re work is to be charged

  • Field DevicesSelection of Dampers- dampers were ordered without a proper study to if they are to be used with a spring return or notAssess if On off dampers should be spring return or notField DevicesLabelling of Field devicesLabelling within the panel and on the field was insufficient. Labelling should be done on devices before being handed to client and placed in visible locations.Field DevicesDevices where not tested before installation on site. At least one device of each type should be tested before installation to confirm correct wiringField Devices LocationsNo suitable location for HT/TT in AHUs and no suitable distances from bends for VTs.At design stage the required specs for such devices need to be taken in consideration.

  • Selection of Field devicesPIR used at CCA VillaThis device is inadequate do not use it again

    Selection of Field devicesType of Key Switches for DAC/Intruder.An alternative to the current key switches need to be found

  • Purchasing of itemsNetwork PlugsUTP PlugsThe correct network plugs should be provided (cat5 vs cat6)

    Selection of cablingType of fire smoke damper cablingToo rigid , too thick fire smoke damper cablingUse more flexible and thinner cables for the fire smoke dampers. Consider the bending radius when designing terminal block and cable entry in the control panel- If we need 3 core use 3 core and not 4. If we need 1.0 sqrmm use 1.0 sqrmm and not 1.5sqrmm

    Selection of earth sleevesEarthing sleevesEarthing sleeves were too thickUse proper earth sleeves and not what ever is in stock

  • Jace Network If one powers up the jace without the ethernet cable connected the port will closed and you need to reset the power of the Jace to access the jace. Power up the jace when you have ethernet cable connected and online. Helvar Firmware Version 4.2.21 Helvar Firmware Version 4.2.21 was recalled and not to be used in helvar equipment. This will create a massive errors on systems Helvar just released a new version 4.2.25. Still on testing. Helvar Routers Routers IP should be anything except with subnet .0 Set the IP address of the router anything ex. do not use Testing of MODBUS Field devices (Sontay wrongly delivered devices) MODBUS Field devices installed where not compatible with sample provided by supplier earlier We need to try and bench test high risk items