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<ul><li><p>Lean UX workshopOctober 2011</p><p>ONLINE MARKETINGONLINE MARKETING</p></li><li><p>Lean%UX%principles+ Design%+%product%management%+%development%=%1$product$team</p><p>+ Focus%on%high4value$issues%without%losing%sight%of%big%picture</p><p>+ Test%design%hypotheses%via%rapid%cycles%of%thinkmakecheck</p><p>+ Externalize%your%workbe%collaboraFve%and%visible</p><p>+ Research%with%users%is%the%best%source%of%informaFon</p><p>+ Know%when%to%uFlize%quan?ta?ve%and%qualita?ve%info</p><p>+ 3%most%important%words%in%UX:%context,%context,%context</p></li><li><p>Mary</p><p>Role or job titleRole or job title CFOCFOCFO Key characteristics</p><p>"I dont know, the IT guy always configures it for me.""I dont know, the IT guy always configures it for me.""I dont know, the IT guy always configures it for me.""I dont know, the IT guy always configures it for me.""I dont know, the IT guy always configures it for me."</p><p>- Very busy, travels often- Needs to be connected when away from office- IT dept manages her technology- She just expects things to workAge 4545 Gender F</p><p>- Very busy, travels often- Needs to be connected when away from office- IT dept manages her technology- She just expects things to work</p><p>Goals Needs Frustrations and pain points</p><p>- Frustration-free business trips- Look technologically-competent- Stay connected to the business</p><p>- Zero configuration- Connect anytime, anywhere</p><p>- choosing between multiple hotspots- remembering passwords- slow/spotty connections- says Im connected, but doesnt work</p><p>Key influencers Other applications Feature requests</p><p>- ease of use- quality connection</p><p>- email- to-do list app- office suite</p><p>- remember my previous locations</p><p>Persona Overview</p></li><li><p>Contextual ScenarioMary finds a good hotspot</p><p>Mary uses her smartphone to look </p><p>for hotspots in a new city</p><p>She filters and views details to find</p><p>one that meets her needs</p><p>Her tablet automatically connects</p><p>and authenticates to the cafe WiFi</p></li><li><p>Mary finds a good hotspot Compiled Task Analysis</p><p>I need a place with good connectivity where I can sit down and join a video conference.</p><p>Scenario description</p><p>At an industry conference in a new city, Mary needs to find a reliable WiFi hotspot to take a meeting. She uses her smartphone to find and review nearby locations. She sees a cafe with good reviews and follows directions there. At the cafe, Mary turns on her tablet--it automatically detects an available network, connects and authenticates. Mary sees the network quality and confidently launches into her web meeting. </p><p>Sub-task Find nearby hotspots Choose appropriate hotspot Connect to hotspot Understand connection quality</p><p>Scenario</p><p>Marys smartphone shows a map with hotspots. She filters the results to show cafes and restaurants in her hotspot plan.</p><p>Mary selects a location, reads reviews and ratings.--looks like a nice quiet place thats open now. She gets directions and heads on her way.</p><p>At the cafe, Marys tablet detects the WiFi, establishes a connection and authenticates her session seamlessly in the background.</p><p>The app tells her the signal is strong and the network is fast enough for video streaming. She launches her web meeting app and prepares for the call.</p><p>Considerations/influencers</p><p>- what constitutes nearby? - location features/reviews- quality of service</p><p>- is this a free/included hotspot?</p><p>- can I watch video? VOIP? web conference?</p><p>Pain points</p><p>- orientation in unfamiliar surroundings- being overwhelmed by too many options</p><p>- will there be a place to sit?- is the connection fast? strong?- is the business open now?- how do I get there from here?</p><p>- entering passwords- choosing correct SSID- filling out forms- showing connected but no email</p><p>- spotty signal- slow speeds</p><p>Functionality</p><p>(1) database of hotspots(1) location-mapped(1) location-awareness(2) filters by business type(2) filters by plan type(3) icons by type</p><p>(1) details for each hotspot(1) hotspot-quality ratings(2) hotspot-specific reviews(3) general business reviews(3) business hours(3) business links/contact info(1) map directions</p><p>(1) Identify in-plan hotspots(1) auto-enter credentials(1) bypass gateway screens</p><p>(1) display signal strength(2) measure throughput(2) display speed (3) display speed in terms of type-of-activity use</p></li><li><p>Role or job titleRole or job title Key characteristics</p><p>Representative quoteRepresentative quoteRepresentative quoteRepresentative quoteRepresentative quote</p><p>Age Gender</p><p>Goals Needs Frustrations and pain points</p><p>Key influencers Other applications Feature requests</p><p>Persona Overview</p></li><li><p>Contextual Scenario</p></li><li><p>Compiled Task Analysis</p><p>Scenario description</p><p>Sub-task</p><p>Scenario</p><p>Considerations/influencers</p><p>Pain points</p><p>Functionality</p></li><li><p>Gustavo Murillod</p><p>'D</p></li></ul>