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  1. 1. The Ladds: 2225 Pendleton Place Suwanee, GA 30024; / A N A M E R I C A N F A M I L Y - 2 0 1 7 Katy Perry Concert Hamilton TOI Nationals 25th Anniversary Bright Side of Darkness Disney 2017 High School Begins Knee Surgery Acting Gigs Summer School Summer Fun The Big 5-0 -Grand Floridian DVC -Hello Grandma & Grandpa -Are you Mickey Mouse, sir? -Health/PE (not History) has its eyes on you -Online learning is great -Repetitive walking for credit -Work work -Is it really just a number? -Oh, the knee! -Still young at heart tho -Logicpath commercial -Francois Facilir = Joy/Money -Never-ending auditions -Look the camera in the eye, aim no higher -Girls camp -Diggin my new sunglasses -NC visit w/Grandma & Grandpa -Eclipse fever -So this is Evansville, IN? -Atlanta Phoenix (you rise up) -Whodunnit? -Winner: best visual effects -Freshman rule! -Go Eagles -Young, scrappy, and hungry -And then there were two -Can I get a Witness? -Cirque-du-Vegas meets crazy pop! -Chained to the rhythm -Ill do my own thing = Indiegogo -Snow ATL??! Willing to wait for it -A million little things -Finally in the can! -Ow. -All our cars are manual! -In the eye of a Hurry-cane How does a year of time- cluster of months- and four seasons pass in the quick blink of a startled eye in the lives of those who by providence and blessing, in pure awe marvel ever the calendars progressing? -All these years -We still together! -The power of two (plus one!) -A perfect weekend in Chicago -Stage Door w/Miguel Cervantes -Look around. How lucky we are to be alive right now! It was a heck of a year here in Amerika. Heres how we coped:
  2. 2. R.I.P. HARAMBE (& Allison) ELECTION 2016! nuff said. The Ladd 2016 Holiday Viewsletter Harper: *ice accidentally drops in kitchen* Gah. Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed holiday season! Please keep in touch: / High School Looms on the Horizon! Harper to Harper: Now kick it under the fridge. In 4.5 USTA when we play Suwanee Station Or pick up the ukulele Kellys The 9-Month Mother wins best script at the Urban Media-Makers Film Festival Kellys Pooped short film wins awards in NC and UT Harper Earns a Spot w/the Atlanta Phoenix Theater On Ice Now featuring 5am wake-ups! Welcome to the Family, Piper!! Kellys 2016 acting credits included: Fatal Attraction (TV) Swamp Murders (TV) Your Worst Nightmare (TV) Does Your Momma Know (music video) All Aboard the Disney Wonder!! Hello Darkness My Old Friend Cleanup in Louisiana after flooding = Not your typical Memorial Day weekend! Chillin in 2016 If you dont get many of these, dont worry it just means youre not a slave to the Internets and/or dont have a teen in the house!
  3. 3. D-Girl Project < giggle > DIARY of the Ladd Family - 2015 ME-OW (FOOD). NE-OW (NOW). ARE YOU A BOY SCOUT, CAUSE CAN YOU NOT? ARE YOUR SHOES PLANTS, CAUSE WHAT ARE THOSE? 13 Pooped! Hope your 2015 was filled with joy and happiness and that 2016 is even better. Please keep in touch,. Wed love to hear from you (yes you!). or This Summer was filled with excitement as Kelly wrote, produced and directed her first film, Pooped!, with her close friends,. It was quite the learning experience and she had a great time. Be sure to catch it here: v=6dTH4ZEO4Cg As of this writing it has already been awarded a family film award by a local festival! In addition to writing her own material, Kelly was selected to move on to the next phase of the local Atlanta D-Girl Project which trains local aspiring screenwriters in the finer points of the craft. This year the team analyzed the excellent BBC series, Call the Midwife. Harper spent her first extended stay away from home and family as she went to Girls Camp this Summer for a week. As expected, she had a blast and cant wait to get another chance to bag a snipe next year! Harper entered her first figure skating competitions this year, even taking first in her group once. Also, she was selected as one of just four students to represent her school in the districts Honor Chorus,. A couple of grueling days of hard work yielded a beautiful concert performance in Athens, GA. Family visits to NC and FL were filled with (respectively) dodging hungry sharks and Disney magic mixed with a frat party. Most importantly, it was a chance for treasured time with Harper and both sets of grandparents. Harsh reality hit home as Michael attended his 30th high school reunion and he realized a) he can never afford to move back to Southern California; and b) he really is an old man. During the same trip he was able to enjoy an all-too-brief visit with his sisters beautiful family in Sacramento. It was time for a new car in 2015 and Kelly was quite decisive on the Mini Cooper Countryman she selected.. Honestly, at this point I dont think she would like a Porsche better 30 YEARS! CLASS OF 85
  4. 4. 2014 Edition! Let the middle school hormones begin! Michaels company takes on The Cloud Kellys short film for The Sessions (part of the Atlanta Film Festival): Harper graduates to Freeskate 3! Please stay in touch! Tennis season never ends Harpers first phone = lots of rules! Great shooting Harper! Kellys been writing up a storm! START
  5. 5. The Ladds Twenety-Thirteen / Our years events in 140 characters or less... 2013 15Years! 1998-2013 Fun-lled FL Trips to Disney & to see grandparents in Naples including swamp tour! #everythingbitesinFL Harper continued to enjoy her Junior Olympic Archery Development program #deadeyeharper Kellys curiosity nally got the best of her, reading World War Z to see what all the fuss was about- and she LOVED it #braaaaainsss Kelly wore the construction hat for the guest room renovation, but left the master shower to a pro #doityourself(ornot) Michael hit the 15 year anniversary mark w/ Presidio (ne Solarcom) #stillstanding Michaels USTA teams were 4.0 over-40 GA state champs and 4.0 18+ GA state runners-up #nottooshabby The family enjoyed a Thanksgiving stay at The Dillard House & a ride on the Polar Express #Christmasmagic Annual NC trip had an added bonus as cousin Sarah came back to GA for a nice visit #familyisforever Kelly submitted a few scripts for review in her screenwriting class and participated in the D-Girl Project #hollywoodeast Harper started participating in her rst sleepovers and Kelly built magnicent indoor tents #pinterestisnutz Harper really enjoyed her Spring and Winter shows with the TaVaci chorus #lalaLAAAA!!! Harper graduated to freestyle skating after passing Basic 8! #zoundswhatleapsandbounds! As always, we would love to hear from you. Keep in touch and have a blessed holiday season!! Love,The Ladds (Michael, Kelly & Harper)
  6. 6. 2012 Ladd Family Edition AMPHI-BEINGS The Ladd household is now home to not one, but TWO aquatic frogs: Frogt and Marius. BULLSEYE! Harper is in the USA Archery JOAD (Jr. Olympic Archery Development) Program and has earned her green, purple, & gray stars already! ITS A RING THING Kelly maintains she is *not* obsessed with making wire & bead rings (its just a hobby). ZUT ALORS! The entire family began learning French with Rosetta Stone. IN-CRE-IBLE! MIND OVER MATTER Michael continues to insist his body is only 30-something, still playing hockey and singles tennis all the way to the 4.0 USTA city finals. AT LAST! After 45 years of suffering, the Kings finally won their first Stanley Cup, no doubt thanks to Michaels fulfillment of a promised pilgrimage to LA in support. SO QUICK? In September, Michael & Kelly celebrated 20 years of marital bliss, or as Kelly puts it, time served. BIG BIRTHDAYS 2012 brought milestones with Kellys big 5-0 and Harpers getting-so-big 1-0 as she hit the decade mark *sniff*. HISTORIC TRIP We had a fantastic time learning about this great country by visiting Colonial Williamsburg and Washington D.C. BILTMORE BLISS In November we visited the largest privately owned house in America: the Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC / Please stay in touch !
  7. 7. Snowed in! Jan Baptized and accountable! Feb Theyre always after me lucky charms! Mar Escaped rhesus monkey terrorizes our neighborhood!! Apr House painted (were now the one with the red door) May Cruisin for the folks 50th anniversary! Jun Theatre Camp Jul 3rd Grade already!!! Aug Skating lessons begin Sep This years costume: Corpse Bride Oct Richland HOA Tennis Tourney - not a bad showing for a combined 108 years! Nov Oh crap- its newsletter time again! Pick a religious celebratory expression of choice, add a safe New Years and you get HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Dec 2011 Laddvent Calendar Anotheryearhassprintedbyandthedreaded2012loomsahead.LetsallhopetheMayansjustranoutofroomontheircalendar. Asyoucansee,eachmonthheldalittletreasuredmemoryforusandwehopetoseesomeofyouinthecomingyear.Pleasekeep intouchandwritebacksoon!!Love,Michael,Kelly&Harper
  8. 8. The Ladd Familys 2010 MICHAEL: / KELLY: / ...because a Facebook theme was just too obvious. Start Checkpoint! (whew!) Suwanee, GA Chattanooga, TN New Honda CR-Z 6-Speed Hybrid Harpers 8th B-Day! New Roof- BEWARE OF TACKS!! Disney World Newport, NC 1st Grade Graduate Halloween (as Eloise) So every December its a challenge to come up with a theme for the holiday newsletter and frankly, most everything gets reported on Facebook during the year. As such, for many of you, a written recap would be repetitious and I suspect that for all but th