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  • 1. Functional Theory of Group Decision Quality Brittany Ladd

2. WORK TOGETHER..NO TIME FOR MONKEYING AROUND!!! 3. What is it??? THIS THEORY IS A UNIFIED AND COHERENT SET OF PROPOSTIONS, ASSUMPTIONS, AND CLAIMS THAT ATTEMPT TO EXPLAIN HOW AND WHY COMMUNICATION IS RELATED TO THE QUALITY OF THE DECISIONS GROUPS MAKE! 4. Would you have ever guessed.. .has been very influential in guiding researchers views about how communication affects group decision making AND how communication might be structured to increase the likelihood that groups will arrive at HIGH QUALITY DECISIONS! 5. Who uses it????? BUSINESSNESS, THE GOVERNMENT, SCHOOL ORGANIZATIONS, CHURCHES, ETC 6. THE FUNCTIONAL THEORY OF GROUP DECISION QUALITY IS VERY IMPORTANT IN THE COMMUNICAITION WORLD.. 7. Groups who study this theory want to know if decisions reached were good or bad!! The issue of group decision quality is the focus of Hirokawas functional theory. The principles of this theory involve the communication characteristics of group interaction that lead to QUALITY DECISIONS. 8. IN THE COMMUNICATION WORLD HIROKAWAS FUNCTION THEORY MAINTAINS THAT A GROUP NEEDS TO FULFILL THESE 4 CRITICAL FUNCTIONS TO REACH A HIGH-QUALITY DECISION Achieving a thorough understanding of the problem that requires a decision Discovering a range of realistic possible solutions Identifying the criteria for a high quality decision LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. Assessing the positive and negative consequences of possible solutions to select the solution with the most desirable consequences 9. CRITICIZED on the broader context in which group members conduct their work Groups are texting and communicating in the hallway, rather than in a group setting with the entire group This communication is not accounted for! 10. NO MATTER WHAT THE PROBLEM IS Groups should work together to arise at the best possible solution to their problems!!!