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  • Solutions for better human environmentsKEY FACTS ABOUT UPONOR

  • Throughout the world, Uponors solutions enrich peoples way of life

    Uponor in a nutshellUponor is a leading international provider of plumbing and indoor climate systems and services for the building and utility sectors. Available in some 100 countries, our solutions meet the needs of our customers and end-users, while helping to preserve the natural environment. They are designed for efficient performance, long lifetime, easy installation and a low environmental footprint. With 4,100 committed employees and a local presence in over 30 countries, Uponor is at your service all over the world.

    S O LU T I O N S F O R B E T T E R H U M A N E N V I R O N M E N T S

    The human living environment is everything around us. It includes where we live, where we work and what we do in between. As a company, Uponor is in the business of improving the daily life for people and societies, creating environments that enrich peoples way of life.

    Our systems provide invisible comfort in homes, offices, public facilities and neighbourhoods. In addition to being technologically advanced, Uponors solutions are sustainable and energy-efficient.

    Sustainability related to building and construction is markedly gaining in importance, with an impact on both consumers and professionals. We are committed to building a more sustainable future for our business and the people of the world. Together with other industry professionals, we work all the way from the design stage to the completed project, continuously striving to create innovative solutions for more comfortable, eco-efficient buildings.

    Our solutions can help our customers to achieve their sustainability targets. They boast an excellent environmental performance and a low CO2 footprint. Overall, the emissions from Uponors operations and offering, during production, transport, installation, operation and reuse, are relatively small.

    Net sales by country in 2013

    Germany 15.9% USA 15.8% Finland 13.8% Sweden 9.5% Canada 6.1% Denmark 4.9% Norway 3.9% the United Kingdom 3.3% the Netherlands 3.2% Russia 3.1% Others 20.4%

  • S O LU T I O N S F O R B E T T E R H U M A N E N V I R O N M E N T S

    Radiant heating and cooling Ventilation Ground energy Local heat distribution

    Indoor climate solutionsUponors integrated heating, cooling and ventilation offering forms the basis for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Our solutions help to reduce energy consumption and enable the efficient use of renewable energy sources in the heating and cooling of buildings.


    2013 2012

    Net sales, M 906 811.5

    Operating profit, M 50.2 57.7

    Operating profit (continuing operations), % 5.5 7.1

    Profit for the period, M 26.8 32.8

    Balance sheet total, M 661 498.5

    Personnel at 31 December 4,141 3,052

    Key figures

    Tap water Radiator connection Risers Fire safety Compressed air


    Plumbing solutionsOur plumbing solutions portfolio includes systems for a variety of needs, such as supplying drinking water in or between buildings, or transporting heat to radiators. Uponor plumbing provides safe and easy connectivity and flexible design, together with multifunctional use, high tolerance of fluctuations in water quality, light weight and ease of installation.

    Water distribution Wastewater and rainwater management Ventilation and radon handling Cable protection


    Infrastructure solutionsUponor delivers secure plastic solutions in urban or rural areas, for use by current and future generations. Over their extended lifecycles, our systems for transportation and storage of clean water, rainwater and sewage help to reduce costs during installation and while in use.

    Net sales by business group in 2013

    Plumbing solutions 42% Indoor climate solutions 30% Infrastructure solutions 28%

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