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  • 7 Key Facts AboutRx to OTC


    Anna Maxwell MRPharmS

  • 7 Key Facts About Rx to OTC Switch


    In simple terms, Switch is when a medicine that is under the control of a doctor is

    transitioned into a medicine that can be bought from a pharmacy or a grocery

    store through a combination of legal and marketing initiatives.

    1. Switch is the process whereby a medicine is transitioned from prescription

    to a non-prescription status so that it can be made more widely available and

    can be bought by the general public in a pharmacy or a supermarket, so that

    they can look after themselves better.

    2. Switch empowers those people to take a more active role in maintaining

    their health without having always to refer to their doctor.

    3. Switch aimed at treating common symptoms or preventing lifestyle-related

    disease can have a long-term impact on reducing healthcare costs for


    4. Switch enables untapped potential in the portfolios of drug companies to be

    harnessed as a source of innovation and portfolio development.

    5. Switch can only work if pharmacists and doctors are on side so, as they are

    both very important drivers of the switch process, you have to learn what

    makes them tick.

    6. Switch involves turning a patient mindset into a consumer mindset - a

    process that can take quite a while.

    7. It is often said that most of the easy switches have been done and there are

    only complex ones left, but I believe that there are many possibilities still


    7 Key Facts About Rx to OTC Switch


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    7 Key Facts About Rx to OTC Switch