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Juvenile Anger. Steve Hanson NY State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Juvenile Anger. School Shootings. Jonesboro, Ark 1998 Columbine, CO -1999 Erfut Germany - 2002 Red Lake, MN 2005 Jacksboro- TN - 2005. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Juvenile AngerSteve HansonNY State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

  • Juvenile Anger

  • School ShootingsJonesboro, Ark 1998Columbine, CO -1999Erfut Germany - 2002Red Lake, MN 2005Jacksboro- TN - 2005

  • I BELIVE IN ERIC AND DYLAN THEY DID THE RIGHT THING AND I WOULD DO IT HERE AT MY SCHOOL IF I HAD TO.Posted by: REBELGIRL at November 4, 2004 12:19 PM Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are awesome and will be remembered forever!Posted by: Sally at April 20, 2005 03:03 PM

  • Young AngerNew Issue or Old HatIs this something totally new?Or is this an old issue getting bigger/worse?

  • 1950s The Wild OneMildred: What're you rebelling against, Johnny? Johnny: Whaddya got?

  • Various IssuesNormal adolescent angerAnger leading to violenceViolent or controlling behavior without anger (Bullying)Extreme angerAnger expressed externally vs. internally, appropriately vs. inappropriately

  • Bio-Psycho-Social ModelBiologicalHormonal changesPhysical changesNeurochemical activityPsychologicalNew EmotionsIntense EmotionsEgocentric thinkingAbstract thinkingSocialImportance of peer groupsParental influencesMedia influences (TV, movies, music)Internet access

  • MoviesCarrieThe Basketball DiariesReservoir DogsKill Bill I & IIEtc., etc., etc.,

  • MusicOur brains are on fire with the feeling to kill And it will not go away until our dreams are fulfilled There is only one thing on our minds Don't try running away `cause you're the one we will findMetallica

  • More MetallicaDIE DIE MY DARLING (Misfits) Die, die, die my darling Don't utter a single word Die, die, die my darling Just shut your pretty mouth I'll be seeing you again I'll be seeing you... in Hell

  • More MusicWere not going to take it Twisted SisterAngry Young Man Billy JoelMy Generation The WhoStreet Fighting Man Rolling StonesRage Against the Machine, NWA, Rap Songs, Head bangers, Mosh Pits, etc., etc.

  • Video GamesMortal KombatDoomLord of the RingsCall of Duty World War II

  • InternetAccess to informationCommunity of people with similar interestsWebsites Chat rooms BlogsThe ability to connect with others feeds the anger

  • One Girls Top Ten Rant List#10 Parental F***ING Advisory. I want to listen to music, not listen to ...s***. I mean Jesus f***ing Christ. .... F*** PARENTAL ADVISORY TO THE FOULEST DEPTHS OF MOTHER F***ING HELL G** DAMNIT! .... Gosh I feel so much better. I love this site Lol.

  • The old daysPlayed Army, Cowboys & IndiansWatched the Three Stooges, Little Rascals, Cartoons (Tom & Jerry, Roadrunner)Played with cherry bombs and fire crackers

  • AdolescenceTime of change Sturm und DrangAdolescence is a somewhat artificial construct150 years ago: finished(?) school and started workingGot married at age 16 or 17Started raising own children at age 16/17

  • Adolescence ContinuedPubertySexual development and desires not socially approvedPhysical development awkwardCognitive development abstract thinking but lack the ability to verbally express feelings coherentlySome adult responsibilities, some child expectations

  • Verbal ExpressionAdolescents (particularly males) struggle with the ability to accurately verbalize their feelings.Base emotions (anger/happy/sad) are often expressed to a degree that is more intense than indicated No such thing as a minor adolescent problem.Lack of verbal ability will often lead to acting out as a way of expressing feelings I want to break something (someone).

  • Anger/DepressionDepression is often expressed as anger during adolescence.The depression may be a result of a variety of factors includingHistory of being abusedRelationship difficultiesPeer group problemsNeurochemical ProblemsTreated with antidepressants (SSRIS) perhaps some risk of violence as a side effect of the medication.

  • Peer InfluenceIdentify with a peer group.Provides identity, companionship, a shared set of valuesConflict between groupsSome kids are ostracized by the usual groups. May identify with outsider groups

  • Differences between Youths and AdultsBrain Chemistry Kids brains 2-3X more active.Intense experiences - emotionallyPerception of Risk adults scary kids rewardThinking and feeling disconnected particularly in males.

  • Adult Brain and RiskFEAR & Logic

  • Adolescent Brain and RiskExcitement& Reward

  • ParentsAbusive relationshipsViolence used to get needs metKids learn/repeat the behaviorThey only know what they only know.

  • Anger PerspectivesAnger is a normal, healthy emotion it is violence that is the problemAdolescents often have a degree of anger that is not normal. This leads to destructive types of behaviorThe amount of anger is not much different it is the level of violence used for even minor issues

  • BullyingA lot of concern since ColumbineVictims of bullying deciding to get revengeBullies control the social environment, deciding whos in and whos out very socially manipulativeActive physical violence/intimidationPassive shunning

  • Stopping BullyingExtremely difficult as the bullies often are adept at appearing to comply for the adults but doing something different out of sight.Adults should not ignore bullying when they see it.Confront bullies with how it makes people feel.

  • EgocentrismFocus on self How does this effect me?Self Conscious Everyone is looking at meSelfish

  • G**dammit i Hate them! Somehow in 1 month i have managed to lose all their trust for going out with my friends. None of us have done a damn thing wrong! None of my friends are in trouble only me. They say I lied to them. We would say we're going shopping and maybe out to eat. Oh, if we leave at 5 and don't come home to 11, you can guarantee we did other stuff. it's not stuff we plan we're just riding around and we're like, that's looks fun., or let's go do this. So I lie to them constantly (according to them) and they don't believe a damn thing i say. That's tight, b/c i don't listen to a damn thing they say. They can kiss my ass. When i turn 17 i'm movin out unless i can find a way out before then. I hate them and I wish they would die. I'm so f***ing ready for school so i can get out of this hell hole, at least for a little while!

  • Stupiditys RantI hate all moms. Like, one day I was like watching TV and my mom like, totally starting vaccuuming right when the commercials ended and I was all like, "na uh!" and she was just all, *VROOOOOOOOM VROOOOOOOOOM* And then Britney called and told me about the time her mom did THE SAME THING to her! And I was just all like, "psssht, moms suck lizards.". Like totally. Why is it so important for moms to vaccuum the living room while we're in there watching TV? Any mom's on YN wanna take a stab at that one? I'm all ears.

  • Factors In ViolenceA distorted view of the social world is often associated with aggressive behavior. they often wrongly assume that others have hostile intentions towards them and misperceive the effects their behavior may have on others.

  • Factors in ViolenceThe Role of Psychopathology Most researchers believe that teenage violence cannot simply be reduced to underlying forms of psychopathology of the individual child or adolescent, but that the processes taking place in peer relationships need to be seriously considered as contributing causes.

  • Factors in ViolenceBeing targeted by othersThere is evidence for reciprocity of aggressive behavior. This means that individuals who engage in aggressive behavior tend to be the targets or victims of aggression by others as well.

  • Factors in ViolenceControlPeople like to be able to control their environment I want it this wayControl strategies for some may include:Temper tantrumsThreat/use of violenceManipulation of peersIll teach them!Resisting parental/adult controls

  • Anger ManagementLittle children often hit when angry dispute over toys.Attempts to teach anger management We use our words here, not our fistsGood anger management skills need to be taught, modeled, and learned.Does the child see examples of effective healthy anger management, or effective unhealthy anger management.

  • Strategies for dealing with AngerGoal is to manage anger not eliminate it.Recognizing external/internal triggersRecognize feelings of angerStrategies to decrease intensity of angerAlternatives to aggressionEvaluate performanceAndy Reitz CWLA Walker Treischman Center

  • Strategies to Decrease AngerDeep breathing, pleasant imagery, going for a walk, or listening to music. Working off steam exercise, etc.

    "It's important to identify the strategies that work best for each individual," Reitz emphasizes. It also has to be easy for the child to use.

  • Randolph Ecton Stop and freeze. Pay attention to anger triggers. Calm down. Use relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing. Think positive. Seek calming thoughts, then engage in consequential thinking, assertive thinking, and rational thinking. Listen for understanding. Use basic and active listening skills. Act positively. Act more assertively, and be more pro-social. coauthor of Adolescent Anger Control: Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

  • Cognitive Behavioral ApproachesAnger resulting from cognitive errorsEvent Interpret ReactSelf centered thinking can lead to misinterpretations of events CBT focuses on teaching one to question our automatic thinking processes.