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JTNews | The Voice of Jewish Washington for September 27, 2013.


what about jonah? page 10walk with friends page 7www.jtnews.net n s e p t e m b e r 2 7 , 2 0 1 3 n 2 3 t i s h r e i 5 7 7 4 n v o l u m e 8 9 , n o . 2 0JEWISHthe voice ofJTnews w a s h i n g t o n@jew_ish @jewishcal/jtnewsprofessionalwashington.comconnecting our local Jewish communityJerusalem us lPCelebrationspage 125,000 years in 45 minutesmorning becomes JerusalemA review on page 242 JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013October Family CalendarVolunteer to Make a difference!Food Bank Home Delivery to SeniorsTeach ESL in BellevueRefugee Family MentorsExact dates and times for these volunteer opportunities to be determined by mutual agreement. Contact Jane Deer-Hileman, (206) 861-3155 or volunteer@jfsseattle.org.1601 16th Avenue, Seattle (206) 461-3240 www.jfsseattle.org OF GREATER SEATTLEfor adults age 60+Endless Opportunities EO is a community-wide program offered in partnership with Temple Bnai Torah & Temple De Hirsch Sinai. EO events are open to the public and are at 10:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted.Hindu Beliefsm thursday, october 10Behind the Scenes of the Pacific NW Balletm Monday, october 14Earning Your Stripesm tuesday, october 15Hindu Culturem thursday, october 31RSVP Ellen Hendin or Wendy Warman (206) 461-3240 or endlessopps@jfsseattle.org.for the coMMunityAA Meetings at JFSm tuesdays, 7:00 p.m. Contact (206) 461-3240 or ata@jfsseattle.org.Kosher Food Bank Eventm Wednesday, october 25:00 6:30 p.m.Pre-register Jana Prothman, (206) 861-3174 or jprothman@jfsseattle.orgThe Family David Laskin Author Eventm tuesday, october 297:00 8:30 p.m.Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.for parents & faMiliesThe Secret Life of Boys: How to Help Your Son ThriveIn partnership with ParentMap at Town Hallm tuesday, october 87:00 9:00 p.m.Positive Discipline Seriesm tuesdays, october 15 & 22 and november 5 & 19 6:30-9:00 p.m.Contact Marjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.for surViVors of intiMate partner abuseKids Clubm begins in octoberContact Project DVORA (206) 461-3240 or contactus@jfsseattle.org.in your relationship are you Changing your behavior to avoid your partners temper? Feeling isolated from family and friends? Being put down? Lacking access to your money? Being touched in an unloving way? Call Project DVORA for confidential support, (206) 461-3240.if you like us...like us!you filled us up!Thanks to our donors, volunteers and community partners for making the 2013 Food Drive & Sort a success.Please remember: the Polack Food Bank needs your donations of food and personal needs items all year.for lgbtQ coMMunityHealthy Lesbian Relationshipsm Wednesday, october 236:30 8:30 p.m.Reaching for the MoonSeattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festivalm sunday, october 137:00 p.m.Contact Leonid Orlov, (206) 861-8784 or familylife@jfsseattle.org.For complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit www.jfsseattle.org.WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We would love to hear from you! You may submit your letters to editor@jtnews.net. Please limit your letters to approximately 350 words. The deadline for the next issue is October 1. Future deadlines may be found online.The opinions of our columnists and advertisers do not necessarily reflect the views of JTNews or the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.letters to the editorfriday, september 27, 2013 . www.jtnews.net . jtnews 3opinionI applaud the school for its willingness to try this. Mike Downs, interim head of school at the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattle, on the creation of its rabbinical advisory council. See the story on page 6.food for allIn response to Elliott Magalnicks letter, Making Provisions for Provisions (Sept. 13), differ-ences of opinion about Judaism are common and I welcome his and other points of view, but please let me correct the misconception that I had punished Jews for observing Yom Kippur by not making provisions to provide needed foods for them from our weekly free-food Satur-day market. That is incorrect.For everyone observing the fast, I offered to set aside foods they could pick up after Yom Kippur had ended. No one was disrespected or punished for being Jewish. The opposite is true. Please feel free to contact me and Ill gladly share copies of my offers to Jewish residents at Council House and their replies.Thank you for allowing me to set the record straight.Wishing you all blessings in this New Year.knate stahl seattle editors note: Jtnews did not contact mr. stahl prior to running the letter regarding the provisions for residents at Council house who observed Yom Kippur. We regret any harm this has caused him.honoring diligence and kindnessI live at Council House and have for about eight years. I am a people person and am the present greeter for new tenants to our building.I know both Knate and Charlene Stahl well and assure you they have done more for Coun-cil House with their time and effort than any persons I can think of (Making provisions for pro-visions, Letters, Sept. 13).Their diligence and kindness are shown in many ways. People who are ill or who may need some help with food will receive it.Personally, they also stop in and show their support to neighbors who are struggling with other problems. In no way would they not respond to problems and I know that they offered help with food to those on the holy day.The tragedy in this is that someone does not see the goodness and has unreal thoughts about it.carolyn halepresident, circle of friends for Mental healthseattlethe urgency of peaceThe New Year is a time of renewal, joy, and, above all, hope for the future, and this year is indeed a time of hope. Twenty long years ago, the world watched as two bitter enemies, Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat, found a way to look beyond years of recriminations and hatred on all sides to create an opportunity to achieve lasting peace. While that ultimate goal has remained elusive, Oslo did prove a critical fact. As Robert Lifton, a former president of the American Jewish Congress, recently wrote, the Oslo process told the Arab world, and the rest of the worlds nations, that Israel and the Palestinians were capable of making a deal. A deal today will not be easy, nor will it achieve all our goals. But a deal is possible, with our help.Secretary of State Kerry has challenged American Jews to join a great constituency for peace. I urge you to become part of this constituency. No one has a stronger voice at this criti-cal moment than the American Jewish community. And as President Obama said in Jerusalem, leaders will take bold steps only if their people push them to. But you must act. To remain silent is itself a message; if there was talk of imminent war, would you speak about it? How is peace some-how less urgent? Let your leaders and your neighbors alike know that you understand this will be a tough process with tough decisions, but that youre ready to back the leaders who make them. You can help shape the future. There are many organizations that support Israel and many opportunities for you to be involved. While our tactics and strategies may differ, we all share the same goal: Israel as a Jewish homeland, standing with secure borders as a beacon of democracy in part of the world where democracy is sadly, tragically lacking. Let our leaders and community know that you stand behind negotiations that will lead to two states for two peoples living side by side in peace and security, and that you are part of the great constituency for peace.carol stocktonchair, j streetseattleSNAP cut: Who decides whos hungry?Abby J. LeibmAn special to JTNewsOn Sept. 19, the House of Represen-tatives passed a bill that slashes nearly $40 billion from the Supplemental Nutri-tion Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps). Its difficult to capture just how monumental a shift this is in American policy. It certainly demon-strates extreme callousness to the endur-ing need felt by so many of our fellow Americans; it also makes evident its back-ers apparent disregard for the political will of their constituents; and its clear that it is grounded in the premise that loyalty to ideology should be held above all else. This mean-spirited and misguided bill under-mines generations of bipartisan agree-ment to provide a federal nutrition safety net for vulnerable Americans.For 40 years, SNAP has been included in the federal Farm Bill. SNAPs inclu-sion represents a frank acknowledgment that too many Americans go hungry in spite of the huge bounty our farms pro-duce. How many hungry Americans are there? Fifty million thats more than the entire population of Canada, and the high-est percentage of Americans needing such assistance since the U.S. Department of Agriculture began tracking in 1995.The House failed to pass a comprehen-sive Farm Bill last June, primarily because of disagreement surrounding the nutri-tion title and that bills $20 billion cuts to SNAP. The response by House majority leaders in July was to turn their back on those in need and, for the first time ever, to strip SNAP entirely from the bill with a promise to address the nutrition title sep-arately.Which brings us to last weeks disas-trous vote approving a bill that slashes SNAP by 10 times as much as the bipar-tisan Farm Bill approved by the U.S. Senate. As both chambers prepare to go to conference to try to negotiate a mutu-ally agreeable solution that can be sent for the presidents signature, they must understand whats at stake. This is not a math problem to be resolved by making the numbers work, nor is it a political sci-ence exercise designed to test the political acumen of party extremists who attempt to manipulate the rules to get a desired result, regardless of the very real conse-quences.What hangs in the balance are the lives of vulnerable Americans, including a sig-nificant number of our nations seniors, innocent victims of the proposed cuts who stand to lose SNAP benefits altogether or endure painful reductions. These are real people, not statistics, not caricatures. They are our neighbors, our friends, even our family members.Nearly 4 million seniors 60 years or older are enrolled in SNAP, which helps them to avoid having to choose between paying for food, medicine or rent. Yet the proposals that will be considered by the conference committee will elimi-nate provisions that streamline access to SNAP, cutting 1.8 million Americans with modest assets but limited fixed incomes many of them seniors from the pro-gram. SNAP means the difference between nutritious food and literally having to eat cat food, as weve learned from our New Face of Hunger initiative.Our faith, like so many other faith tra-ditions, teaches that the community has an obligation to sustain its most vulnerable. SNAP is the epitome of this fundamental idea, successfully realized on a larger scale. SNAP represents our collective commit-ment, as a national community, that when times are tough, we will stand together and help families get back on their feet.Now is the time to support smart pol-icies aimed at strengthening our nations recovery, not taking food out of the mouths of hungry people. We can rebuild our economy, but not if our fellow Ameri-cans cannot meet their most basic need for nutritious food.Seventy years ago, President Frank-lin Roosevelt delivered his historic Four Freedoms address to Congress and asserted that Americans had a right to freedom from want. He understood that a lack of access to basic nutrition under-mines a persons ability to enjoy other fun-damental rights.Its a scandal that our lawmakers have done so little since then to make good on that promise of freedom from want.No country is better equipped to guar-antee its citizens a right to food than the United States. Whats needed now is not the means but the political will to ensure that all Americans have enough to eat. Unfortunately, the uncertain fate of food stamps on Capitol Hill casts grave doubt on whether our leaders possess that will.And so it comes to us to raise our voices to those appointed to the Farm Bill Conference Committee and to congres-sional leadership. Tell them that we expect better, that Congress is failing to live up to our collective responsibility to help the most vulnerable, that our country is miss-ing the mark in protecting the right of our citizens to live free from want.Abby J. leibman is the president and Ceo of mAZon: A Jewish response to hunger, a national nonprofit organization working to end hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds in the united states and israel. this article originally ran in the Jewish Journal of los Angeles.4 commuNiTy News JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013THE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE.THE POWER OF COMMUNITY.Your Community. Your Impact. Your Jewish Federation.Celebrate!Cjewishinseattle M@jewishinseattle 206.443.5400 www.jewishinseattle.orgCelebrate with us at a lively evening of food, music and fun.Register for Campaign Kickoff today at jewishinseattle.org/kickoff or call 206.774.2246color Living Life as a Jewish WomanMondays, october 7-November 11 at 7 p.m.Women are always evolving and seeking to find balance, direction and fulfillment. The Eastside Torah Centers Rochie Farkash leads a six-week class on living a fulfilling life. First class on October 7: Our Pioneer Woman: Studying the women of our past, to find inspi-ration and meaning in our lives today. Following classes include Rise and Shine, Is My Body My Own?, Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds, Jewish Feng Shui, and We Are Family: Keeping It All Together. $25 for the series. At Eastside Torah Center, 1837 156th Ave. NE, Suite 303, Bellevue. Welcome, David Bunis!Wednesday, october 9 at 6 p.m.David Bunis, a world-famous expert on Ladino and Jewish languages at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, will be spending the 2013-2014 academic year at the University of Washington as a Schusterman Visiting Professor of Israel Studies with the Stroum Jewish Studies Program and its Sephardic Studies Initiative. At this welcoming event, Prof. Bunis will give a talk on Ladino/Judezmo as a Jewish Language, focusing on the features unique to its Sephardic speakers and its shared elements with Yiddish and other Jewish languages.At Hillel at the University of Washington, 4745 17th Ave. NE, Seattle. For more information contact Lauren Spokane at laurenjs@uw.edu or 206-543-0138. Register at davidbunis.eventbrite.com. Sages in Collision: Rabbi Daniel Landes Shabbatonoctober 11-12Rabbi Daniel Landes, director of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, will discuss several rabbinic figures and the tension, polarity, and love that characterized their relationships. Landes will also give a talk for middle and high school students on Satur-day at 10 a.m. on The Lying Truth: When and If Deceit Trumps the Way it Went Down. A dinner on Friday night will take place at 7:15 p.m. $18 per individual, $50 per family. Contact ahavagoldwater@yahoo.com to make reservations. All talks, except for Saturday nights, take place at Minyan Ohr Chadash, 6701 51st Ave. S, Seattle. For a full schedule and to arrange Shabbat hospitality, contact minyanohrchadash@gmail.com or visit www.minyanohrchadash.org. Limmud Seeks Uncommon Jewish PerspectivesThe first annual Limmud conference in Vancouver, BC, is seeking individuals with uncommon and surprising ways of applying Judaism or Jewish concepts to art, music, writ-ing, performance or any expression of Jewish identity that arouses the senses.To learn more about Limmud, or to submit a presentation proposal for consideration, visit limmudvancouver.ca. Deadline for proposals is early October.Coming up Follow us. Be our friend.jew-ish.comjew-ish.com/jewishdotcomjewishdotcom jew_ish /jtnewsfriday, september 27, 2013 . www.jtnews.net . jtnews inside this issue5insideget JtneWs in Your inbox!Every weekday at 3 p.m. Just visit www.jtnews.net, scroll down, and fill out the short form to sign up.p u b l I S h e D b y J e w I S h t r a n S c r I p t M e D I aJTnewsA Proud Partner Agency ofJTNews is the Voice of Jewish Washington. Our mission is to meet the interests of our Jewish community through fair and accurate coverage of local, national and international news, opinion and information. We seek to expose our readers to di-verse viewpoints and vibrant debate on many fronts, including the news and events in Israel. We strive to contribute to the continued growth of our local Jewish community as we carry out our mission.2041 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 206-441-4553 editor@jtnews.netwww.jtnews.netJTNews (ISSN0021-678X) is published biweekly by The Seattle Jewish Transcript, a nonprofit corporation owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, 2041 3rd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Subscriptions are $56.50 for one year, $96.50 for two years. Periodicals postage paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to JTNews, 2041 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121.Reach us directly at 206-441-4553 + ext.Publisher & Editor *Joel Magalnick 233Associate Editor Emily K. Alhadeff 240 Sales Manager Lynn Feldhammer 264Account Executive David Stahl Classifieds Manager Rebecca Minsky 238 Art Director Susan Beardsley 239 Board of directorsChuck Stempler, Chair*; Jerry Anches; Lisa Brashem; Nancy Greer; Cynthia Flash Hemphill*; Ron Leibsohn; Stan Mark; Cantor David Serkin-Poole* Keith Dvorchik, CEO and President, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Celie Brown, Federation Board Chair*Member, JTNews Editorial BoardEx-Officio Memberyiddish lessonRemembeR whenWelcome, new advertisers! Herban Feasttell them you saw them in Jtnews!Editors note:In the Calendar to Jewish Washington, which was distributed inside the Sept. 13 issue of JTNews, we neglected to include information about the creators of the artwork on its cover. As a companion piece to the Guide to Jewish Washington, the art on both was a cityscape of the Seattle waterfront, created as a collaborative effort by last years second grade class at the Seattle Jewish Community School with the assistance of volunteer Dori Glass.JTNews regrets the omission.From the Jewish Transcript, Sept. 27, 1929.Members of Sephardic Bikur Holim celebrated the grand opening of their beautiful and imposing synagogue just completed on the spacious corner of Twentieth Avenue and East Fir Street. Members of all synagogues in Seattle were invited to the opening ceremonies. The same issue of the Transcript also noted the opening of a new Orthodox synagogue, Machzikay Hadath, which later merged with the Ashkenazi Bikur Cholim to become Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath.by Sophie meLdMe ken nit forn oyf ale yoridn ofy eyn mol. One cant ride to all the markets at one time.5Coming upoct. 25Coming up oct. 11bnai mitzvah Celebrationswomen to watchthe rabbi consortium 6When the Jewish Day School lost its longtime Judaics director this summer, school officials decided to create a group of rabbis to give advice and information to students and faculty alike.walking for friendship 7The only Jewish walkathon in the Puget Sound region is celebrating its second year to benefit an organiza-tion that helps families and kids with special needs.First visits 8Hadassah, the womens Zionist organization, has long been active in Washington State, but until now its national president had never come for a visit.Jerusalem on film 24Its only 45 minutes long, but this stunning new IMAX film manages to capture 5,000 years of history from angles no one has ever seen.MOreM.O.t.: More Maccabiah medalists 9whats your JQ?: all about Jonah 10wedding celebrations 12the arts 20community calendar 22lifecycles 23the Shouk classifieds 21Have a question? These rabbis can answer itJAniS SiegeL JTNews CorrespondentThink about the Jewish Day School of Metropolitan Seattles new rabbinical advisory council as a kind of virtual Jewish Dear Abby, only more like a Dear Rabbi multiplied by six. For the 2013-2014 school year, a group of Seattle-area religious leaders was recruited to replace the traditional rab-binic authority figure at the K-8 commu-nity day school in Bellevue. This rabbinical sextet will advise and guide JDS students, parents, and teachers in matters of Jewish law and ethical and moral dilemmas, becoming the rabbinic authority for the school. I think that the community rabbini-cal advisory group is a direct way for the Jewish Day School to walk the talk of being a community school, Rabbi David Fine, the senior consultant for congregational systems for the Union of Reform Judaism, told JTNews. It is genuine collaboration. The JDS board ventured out in this new direction after its rabbi of 13 years, Stuart Light, left in June for another position out of state. The rabbis will also offer a unique perspective to world events, JDS board president and parent Jill Friedman told JTNews, and I like that my child will see the guidance and different perspectives that rabbis can provide. Friedman also sees it as a direct reflec-tion of the schools purpose.Our families come from Reform, Con-servative, Orthodox, and Sephardic back-grounds, said Friedman. It seems perfect that rabbis on campus reflect that diversity.Along with Fine, the other five clergy are Rabbi Bernie Fox, head of school at the Northwest Yeshiva High School, Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum from Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, Rabbi Daniel Septimus, associate rabbi and director of congregational learning at Temple De Hirsch Sinai, Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg, associate rabbi at Temple Bnai Torah, and Rabbi Elana Zaiman, the chaplain at the Summit at First Hill and a JDS parent. Septimus, who is also a JDS parent, told JTNews he looks forward to becom-ing involved. As a community Jewish school, it is vital that we as rabbis participate in the school, as well as serve as advisers to faculty, students and parents, he said. We hope to get to know the community over the next year. JDS is currently in the midst of an ongoing search for a new head of school to take over the reins after its longtime leader Maria Erlitz retired. Whether the school returns to one-rabbi leadership next year will depend upon several factors.The decision about future rabbinic staff-ing will depend, in part, on the success of the rabbinic council and its effectiveness meet-ing the needs of the school, said Michael Downs, JDSs interim head of school. It would also depend, in part, on the profile of the head of school thats hired. Downs takes a positive view of efforts that broaden JDSs connections to the com-munity and he encourages the creation of new partnerships with different groups. I applaud the school for its willingness to try this, he said. The groups first face-to-face meet-ing in September was its first opportu-nity to discuss issues over breakfast in the sukkah and meet with students and fac-ulty while touring the campus, some for the first time. I think its great that JDS is inviting rab-binic participation and input, said Rosen-baum. Though the rabbinic advisory council is new, I know that for years JDS has frequently invited rabbis from across the spectrum to teach lessons in the school. Communication will take place in vari-ous online formats that might include chat 6 commuNiTy News JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 20133Whats going on? Wheres it happening? Whos neWs?get the Jewish world in your inbox every day. national and international.sign up at jtnews.netoclocknewsWant to advertise?Find out how to reach a captive audience Contact Lynn at lynnf@jtnews.netACTIVITIES FOR FAMILIESWITH YOUNG CHILDRENDrop In Play DatesDK^To learn more contact Rabbi friday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews commuNiTy News 7if you goIntroduction to JudaismOpen for registration!dJudaism course is designed for those considering conversion to Judaism, interfaith couples and Jews-by-birth who want a refresher course.hZ:Z$280 Community membersdTo register or learn more, contact Rabbi Sabine Meyer at smeyer@urj.org. dK& d,^W^^tArchitects, Consultants & ContractorsConstruction Contact Information Now Online!Check www.kcls.org/buildings for information about KCLS construction projects. Youll find the latest available details on current and pending projects: RequestsforProposals AnnouncementsofFinalists RequestsforQualifications CommunityMeetings CurrentProjectBidListings Contacts CallsforArtProposals NewsReleases SiteSelectionPolicyTheKingCountyLibrarySystemrecognizesstrengthand value within our communities, and we encourage allinterestedandqualifiedserviceproviderstoreviewour public bid construction project opportunities.For additional information, contact Kelly L. Iverson, Facilities Management Services Department, King County Library System: kiverson@kcls.org 425-369-3308Marvin MeyersLong-term health is not guaranteed.Long-term care can be.206-448-6940 7525 SE 24th Street, Suite 350, Mercer Island, WA 98040marv@creativeplanninginc.comA walk with friends to bring awareness of special friendsTori goTTLieb special to JTNewsErica Nash knows firsthand about the importance of community support. Nash, who has cerebral palsy, joined the Friend-ship Circle of Washington this summer as the director of its Walk With Friend-ship, which will be held next month. Now in its second year, the walk is one of the Friendship Circles two major fundraising events that helps support the organizations work with special-needs chil-dren and their families.Nash emphasized the importance of programs like the Friendship Circle in the lives of parents of special-needs children.I was really lucky in that my community supported me, she said of her childhood growing up in Providence, R.I. [My parents] were the ones that needed the network of people around them, but they are so tapped into the commu-nity in Providence that they created what they needed.The Chabad-based Friendship Circle provides that community for families who cant create their own, offering home visits and mentoring for special-needs children by local teenagers and young adults. It was this work that originally attracted Nash to the organization.I initially went in to talk about being their volunteer coordinator, Nash explained, And they said, We have this event, what can you do with it?But Nash, who came back to non-profit work after a seven-year break, said her role with the Friendship Circle is more than just a job for her.This isnt about [money], she said. This is about me finding something that I can contribute to the community.(JTNews spoke with Nash in April after she sustained injuries stemming from her cerebral palsy in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.)The Walk With Friendship, which will be held on October 13 at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island, is an event to both support the Friendship Circle community, and to bring visibility to the organization and the families it supports. As part of her role as the Walk With Friendship director, Nash has been pounding the pavement, trying to spread the word about the event to potential participants.Regardless of what someone can give this year, if they see something there, theyll gravitate toward it, Nash said of the event.Last years Walk With Friendship raised $56,000, but this years goal a whopping $100,000 is almost double that. In addition to encouraging individ-ual participants and teams to register, Nash has also been working closely to partner with local businesses inter-ested in supporting Friendship Circle in its mission.Everybodys been open to talking about whats the best fit for them to be involved, said Nash, who has already connected with more than two dozen businesses that will be sponsoring the walk.However, Nash said the Walk With Friendship is more than just a fundraiser.The first thing that [the directors] told me was, We want this to be a community event. Its not just a fundraiser, she said. Its a community festival.The community aspect of the Walk With Friendship translates to every aspect of the event. Nash said many people want to get involved in something physical and healthy, but most events tend to be run-ning-oriented. The fact that the Walk With Friendship is a walk instead of a run makes it more family-friendly. Participants can also choose between a 5K or 1K loop.Nash has tried to spread the word about the event using social media, taking to Facebook to encourage participation in the event.I love social media because it lets people be a part of things at their own level, she said. Organizations like Friendship Circle thrive off of it because you can get peoples stories out there.There were 350 participants at the 2012 Walk With Friendship, but Nash expects a huge uptick this year. With the outreach shes done in the Seattle area, she hopes that between 500 and 600 people will actu-ally attend the event.register online for walk with friendship at www.walkwithfriendship.com or at the event. walk with friendship starts at 12:30 p.m. on sun., oct. 13 at luther burbank park on Mercer island. for more information about the walk or sponsorship, contact erica nash at 425-444-4384 or erica@friendshipcirclewa.org.CourTesy FrieNDshiP CirCleParticipants in last years inaugural Walk for Friendship take part in the 5K walk on Mercer Island.8 commuNiTy News JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013Hadassah national presidents visit marks historic firstemiLy K. ALhAdeff associate editor, JTNewsMarcie Natan is Hadassahs 25th national president, and the first one to visit the Northwest. According to Natan, who spoke with JTNews on an especially soggy Seattle morning, Pacific Northwest chapter pres-ident Jacquie Bayley said to her, I dont think weve ever had a sitting national president come to Seattle.Natan responded, Jacquie, Ill come!Over the course of her barely three-day stop in Washington State, Natan met with small groups in homes, at the Summit at First Hill, with the board and members in Tacoma, and spoke at the Seattle chapters kick-off event on September 22, Daughters: From Gener-ation to Generation. The Hadassah Wom-ens Zionist Organization began 101 years ago when Henrietta Szold decided to do something about the disease and starvation rampant in pre-state Israel. Today, the international organization boasts approxi-mately 330,000 women who dedicate time and money to a variety of causes, from medical advances at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem to the Young Judaea teen Israel program.Natan, who is almost halfway through her term, is focusing in particular on two issues: Bringing younger women into the fold, and stabilizing the Israeli side of the organization. Currently, the Israel-based Hadassah Medical Organization is running a def-icit, and the shift in demographic pat-terns where many women no longer stay home with their children has undermined Hadassah relevance. According to a recent article in the Jewish Voice, Jews under 40 are less likely to donate to causes than older community members, and accord-ing to one study, they are more likely to give to Jewish organizations that support non-Jewish people and causes.My generation of womenwas basi-cally home with the kids, said Natan. You needed to do something with your head other than change diapers.I think the challenge for us is to figure out a way to allow those women to have a Hadassah experience which will connect them to Israel in a way that I dont think the synagogues really do, she said. One of Natans projects is the Hadassah Leadership Fellows, a two-year program that includes a trip to Israel and encour-ages busy women ages 35-50 to commit to the organization.Writing the check is still important, but it isnt the end-all, be-all, she said. Meanwhile, the American end of the organization is supporting the Israeli side.This American-based organiza-tion cannot support the research, do the capital campaign, and be respon-sible for the operational expenses, she said. Natan has been meet-ing with Israeli govern-ment officials, but its a challenge, she explained, as the government has no budget. Despite the challenges Hadassah faces now, the organization is thriving in terms of its research and initiatives. Among Hadassahs many areas of research are advocacy for womens health issues, including reproductive, breast, and heart health. In Israel, theyre work-ing with religious Jewish and Arab com-munities to encourage check-ups. Lack of information, as well as discomfort due to modesty issues, makes both communities vulnerable, Natan suggests.We need to make them aware, she said.Because Israel has had no limitations on stem-cell research, Hadassah has con-tributed to great strides in research.We are very far along with ALS research, Multiple Sclerosis, and age-related macular degeneration, she said. We are cutting-edge, and a focus of our membership is on the state-of-the-art research that will illuminate the world.Natan described her visit to the Pacific Northwest as an opportunity to meet people, touch people, and talk to people, and, of course, to do a little fundraising. My hope is always to energize the membership, she said. At the same time, it is a gift for meto see the commit-ment of the grassroots membership, and the passion and the love for Hadassah, for Zionism, for Israel, for the Jewish people [it] kind of reminds me why Im doing what Im doing.Put Together a Poemby Mike Selinker 2013 Eltana Wood-Fired Bagel Cafe, 1538 12th Avenue, Seattle. All rights reserved. Puzzle created by Lone Shark Games, Inc. Edited by Mike Selinker and Gaby Weidling.Answers on page 23The best of poems is that which men of intelligence are content with and the people understand, wrote Moshe Ben Ezra. Well test your poetical skills here. These entries make up a famous poem: 21A 16A 30D 66A 11A 39A 60D 42A 71A 41D 8DACROSS1 Falafel carrier5 This second8 Bawl11 Like some donuts13 Pirate chant15 Shade16 Trusts18 Indefinite pronoun19 Doctors org.20 Actress Long21 Why I Love You ___ (Monica single)23 Great news!24 Playwright who wrote Picnic26 Large-antlered ruminant27 Goes to a parlor29 Moving part of an engine32 His record of 75 goals in a year was just passed by Lionel Messi35 2003 film at #2 on NASAs Worst Sci-Fi Movies list, just behind 201238 Cancel39 Alongside42 Evian product43 Vis--vis44 Berlin pronoun45 They commit tax crimes47 Vegetable related to the onion49 Terrible newspaper50 Ex-Missouri Rep. Todd infamous for saying The female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down53 Collection of millions of sites55 Gunman Wyatt58 Comedian Newhart60 Penned some poems (not this grids)63 Doo ___ Diddy64 Big head65 ___ chi66 Device similar to a hand truck69 You might make a car out of it70 Has a good 8-Across71 Compared to72 U2 song73 Cool74 Ingrid in Casablanca DOWN 1 Ingredient in a Thai salad2 Ending for slender or commercial3 About midmorning4 Employ after the start of a recipe5 Manhattan sch.6 My bad!7 Word from an owl or excited person8 Coop denizens9 Book in which Naomi meets Boaz10 Leave It band11 Down Under salutation12 American Graffiti star Paul14 I shall pay for your purchase17 Droop22 Throaty comment denoting worry25 Earth Liberation Front action28 Highest30 Picassos Woman in ___ Armchair31 Paltry33 Drunk34 Prefix for skeleton or biology36 Water vessel37 Vena ___39 Author/actor Wheaton40 Summer beverage contents41 Gandalf appellation, post-resurrection43 Query46 One of the Ninja Turtles48 Solution51 Land southwest of the Pyrenees52 Apart from me there is ___ (Isaiah 45:5)54 Cars in the E series, likely56 Toolshelf item57 Shul official59 90s heavyweight champ Riddick60 Beatles song with the lyric When the sun shines61 Teletubbies catchphrase62 Ms. Thomas of skating65 Decision for 59-Down67 Mental reading68 Type of internet feedCourTesy haDassah NaTioNal oFFiCe iN New yorkMarcie Natansessions and Skyping with students inter-actively in the classroom.Beth Fine, an 18-year veteran JDS teacher and current instructional coach there, has expanded into the role of Judaic coordinator. Part of Fines new respon-sibilities include coordinating the main mode of communication between the rabbis and the school email exchanges. This is a very busy group of people, said Fine. If a student or a teacher has a question, or a teacher is looking for a resource, well start with those of us here, but then well have another group to send it out to who have a depth of knowledge. W RAbbIS PAge 6friday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews m.o.T.: member of The Tribe 9Cynthia Williams Serving your real estate needs in the greater Seattle area Call 206-769-7140Managing Broker, Realtor QuorumLaurelhurst, Inc. cwilliams@quorumlaurelhurst.com www.seattlehomesforsale.net Office 206-522-7003new location Free pickup & delivery on orders over $300 or 30% off all rug cleaningnew address: 231 s. 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Ben Belurs grandfather, Jack Belur, sent an email telling us that Ben had been part of the U.S. mens golf team competing in Israel this summer. They earned a silver medal on a Pete Day-designed course in Caesaria, which Jack calls probably one of the toughest golf courses any-where. Ben had four excel-lent rounds, and the team missed the gold medal by just two strokes out of 1,200. As proud grandparents, we were privileged to see the entire games from the beginning, he adds.Actually, it was quite the family affair, with Bens wife Brittany, his parents Jerry and Nancy, sisters Brianne and Jaci, his grandfather and grandmother Bernice, and mother-in-law Debbie Zurn watching Ben play. In a separate email, Ben wrote of the emotional highlight of walking out of the tunnel at Teddy Stadium and being cheered by 35,000 screaming Israelis something all our states Maccabiah ath-letes agreed on. The common bond and interest that I had with all of my teammateswas incredibly powerful, wrote Ben, and being able to visit the birthplace of our religion is something that I didnt know if I would ever do in my lifetime. Im so grate-ful for the opportunity, adding later, it was really cool.The Temple Bnai Torah member comes from an athletic family. His dad Jerry ran track for the University of Wash-ington from 1972 to 1976. He was part of a national championship mile relay team that in 1975 ran the fastest time in the world that year for a collegiate team, Jerry wrote. The record held up for 30 years and was broken by one tenth of a second only recently. He was inducted into the Husky Hall of Fame in 1988. You can read more about Jerry in the Jan. 23, 2013 issue of this paper.2 As the child of Holo-caust survivors grow-ing up in Israel in the 1950s, Yaffa Maritz observed different attitudes among survivors. She won-dered why people like my father came out of this hor-rific experiencepositive in a sense, more appreciative of lifemore compassion-ate. Others she saw, even among her par-ents friends, came out very angry, very bitter, very depressed.While getting her masters in clini-cal psychology, she studied what psy-chologists call resil-ience, the ability to cope with lifes vaga-ries that varies from person to person. From her research she surmised that differences came from early infant-parent attachment, that sense of love you had from the beginning. Other research supports this, too.Yaffa came to the States about 30 years ago with her husband when he took a high-tech job in California. Expecting to stay a couple of years, they moved to the Seattle area and never left.Her interest in resilience carried over to her professional life. Often when I worked with adultsI was looking back to their early childhood, she says, even to pregnancy. She began to suspect that even prena-tal experiences could contribute to some of the angst we have in life, she said, and decided to move to prevention rather than intervention. The result is a lifetime of interest in compassion and kindness and the co-founding of Listening Mothers. An orga-nization of mothers support groups that encourages patience and attention to instincts, Listening Mothers is a part of the Community of Mindful Parents (www.mindfulparentscommunity.com), which includes the group Reflective Parenting/Discipline From the Heart.m.o.t.member of the tribeDebbie ZurNben belur, in golf attire, played on the U.S. team at the Maccabiah games in Israel this past summer. His sister Jaci is on the left and his wife brittany and sister bri are on the right. X PAge 1110 whaTs your Jq? JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013You Can Make a Charitable Gift in the Year 2113! THE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE.THE POWER OF COMMUNITY.2031 Third Avenue | Seattle, WA 98121-2412 | 206.443.5400jewishinseattle.orgOF GREATER SEATTLEcommunity connectionsIf you choose, you can be recognized as a member of our Legacy Society, encourag-ing others to follow your example.Our Endowment Fund has more than $45 million under professional management, and operates according to best practices in transparency, financial oversight, ethics and customer service. Fund revenues are an important source for projects and services supported by the Jewish Federation, includ-ing human services, Jewish education, cul-tural events and much more, made possible by generous donors who have worked with us on planned giving in the past.To find out more, visit our planned giving page at jfgslegacy.org. Also, you may con-tact Endowment Manager Lauren Gersch at laureng@jewishinseattle.org, or Philip Cohn, our Major Gifts Officer, at philipc@jewishinseattle.org. Got a question for our ceo? Ask him!asktheceo@ jewishinseattle.orgYes, you read that right! You can give in 2113, by planning today to make it happen!Building a strong Jewish community is the work of lifetimes. Planned giving is a smart and transformational way for you to leave a lasting legacy.One of the vital services the Jewish Fed-eration of Greater Seattle provides to our community is the Seattle Jewish Commu-nity Endowment Fund. We help individuals and families plan long-range philanthropy. We enable people like you to put your resources to work fulfilling our shared traditions of tzedakah and tikkun olam.Our Endowment Department will be your partner in developing a plan fitting your values and financial goals. We will help you find the right approach among many choices that will fit your situation and preferences.Youre invited to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattles 2014 Community Campaign Kickoff. It will be a lively cel-ebration with food, music and fun!Kickoff is happening this year on Sunday, October 20, at the Hyatt Regency Bel-levue, located at 900 Bellevue Way NE. The party begins at 5:30 pm!Appetizers and cocktails will be followed by a plated dinner and live music. Dietary laws will be observed.Kickoff will feature a special welcome by the Federations new President and CEO, Keith Dvorchik.Ticket prices are $60 per person, $180 for Patrons, and $550 for a table of 10.Register online at www.jewishinseattle.org/kickoff or by calling 206.774.2246.Well see you on Sunday, October 20!Celebrate at the Federations Campaign KickoffJonah, his fish, and the turmoil of our existencerivy poupKo KLeTeniK JTNews ColumnistDear Rivy, As always, I enjoyed the High Holiday services and this time of year. Although it can get a bit cumbersome juggling life and the seasonal demands, it is all worthwhile. One piece that really contin-ues to mystify me, however, is the Book of Jonah and its reading on Yom Kippur at such a critical moment of the day. It always leaves me per-turbed. Why does Jonah run away? Why is Jonah, a Jewish prophet, sent to Nineveh, the capital of Assyria, of all places? What of the righteous sailors and the lottery that just happens to fall on Jonah? If they are righteous, why do they throw him overboard? Then a fish swal-lows him and he survives? He goes to a town, tells them all to repent and they all repent?! After this amazing unprece-dented prophetic success, Jonah is upset, then deeply sad because the gourd tree withered? Please settle my unsettledness. This sounds like a Porgy and Bess-like query, as in:Oh Jonah, he lived in de whaleOh Jonah, he lived in de whaleFor he made his home in dat fishs abdomenOh Jonah, he lived in de whale.Though I will probably not share Ira Gershwins conten-tion thatIt aint necessarily soIt aint necessarily soDe things dat yo liable to read in de BibleIt aint necessarily so.Even if the melody does strongly resemble the liturgical reprise, Barchu et Hashem Hamevorach. I will, however, agree that the Book of Jonah is a puzzler.Let us approach the issue of the book being read on Yom Kippur by thinking about when it is read and how its message connects to this holy day. At a particularly poignant moment on Yom Kippur after-noon, as the sun begins its descent, hunger begins to feel real, and caffeine depriva-tion is starting to kick in, the Book of the Big Fish is taken in hand. This is a very real moment. Our humanity is becoming frighteningly palpable. Weve recited the confession enough times that by now it is sinking in. We are not as perfect as we seem on the other 364 days of the year. We have a full palate of flavorful foibles. Life has given us ample opportunity to express a full menu of weaknesses, with many an opportune moment to fall somewhat short of our potential. And right now it hits us as we poise to read the afternoon haftarah, Jonah.It is no accident that at this time our tradition has us open this book. Many a Jewish thinker has tried to identify the reason for the reading of this book at this particular instant. None seem overwhelm-ingly satisfying. Yes, we notice a theme of teshuvah, of prayer, of fasting.But the book does not end with any of these crescendos. It ends with man, under a tree, alone, dissatisfied, distraught about a gourd. The verses end with a rhe-torical question that leaves us hanging with the most pedestrian of dangling pro-nouncements: And should not I have pity on Nineveh, that great city, wherein are more than sixscore thousand persons that cannot discern between their right hand and their left hand, and also great cattle? Great cattle? Really?Could it be that the book of Jonah is read now as an eloquent reprise of our humaneness, a mirror to our shared human condition? It is an everymans object lesson that reflects our precise mood, right now. Not surprising. Our tra-ditions keen sensitivity to the disposition of the Jewish people is finely tuned. Our present state of mind? As it is litur-gically expressed, Human beings origin is from dust, our destiny is to return to dust, at risk of life we bring in our bread; we are likened to shattered pottery, with-ering glass, a fading flower, a passing shadow, a dissipating cloud and dust blowing in the wind a fleeting dream.Such is the human condition. Who of us have not, like Jonah, chosen to ignore the voice of God calling out to us, instruct-ingus? Its that inner voice, that good con-science. Who here among us have not at times chosen the path of least resistance, hopped on that metaphoric ship and fallen into that very tempting deep sleep, hoping that someone might just toss us overboard?The slumber of failure is often more alluring than the risk of success. Indeed, to quote Marianne Williamson, our deep-est fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.Like Jonah, how many of us have then taken that risk and followed a call, done well, only to have a sickened feeling of, now what?Whats Your JQ?friday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews whaTs your Jq? 11colorIts AboutSince 1926, The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle has strengthened the bonds of community through service. You enable us to support organizations that lift people up locally, in Israel and overseas. Join us in fulfilling shared hopes for a better future.CommunityTHE STRENGTH OF A PEOPLE.THE POWER OF COMMUNITY.OF GREATER SEATTLE 206.443.5400 www.jewishinseattle.orgGO WILD - A NIGHT TO CELEBRATE LARRY BRODERIn honor of 20 years of service to Temple De ,^tspecial Rock Shabbat^'t OCTOBER 116:00PM Rock Shabbat Service7:00PM Go Wild DinnerZ^sW't>to Temple De Hirsch Sinais High Holy Days &contact Charlene Polyansky at YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN US FORNow that we think about it, the story of Jonah has an all-too-familiar trope. The Zohar teaches, In the story of Jonah we have a representation of the whole of a mans career in this world. Jonah descend-ing into the ship is symbolic of mans soul that descends into this world to enter into his body.The Book of Jonah poses a question, a challenge to each of us: What are our lives at this raw, precise moment? Jonah reflects our own angst, our own experi-ence. We are souls on a rocky journey. The book presents us with the turmoil of our very existence.To where shall we look for a response? Open the Yom Kippur prayer book, the machzor. How will our haftarah end this afternoon? It ends not with verses from Jonah, but with verses from the Proph-ets right after Jonah, in the Trei Asar. The haftarah ends with passages from the very last verses of the prophet Micha: Who is a God like you, that pardons iniquity, and passes over the transgression of the rem-nants of His heritage? He retains not His anger forever, for He desires kindness. God Almighty our creator knows us and understands this humaneness of ours, forgives us our inadequacies, and desires of us chesed, kindness and love. The anti-dote for Jonahs despair? For our inter-mittent despondency? A healthy dose of loving kindness. Nothing cures self-pity like taking a brave step toward the other. For that reason, perhaps, our tradition adds the additional verses from Micha to bring home the message. Jonah reflects our mood and Micha moves us out of it. In the writings of Emanuel Levi-nas, Ethics is the first philosophy the encounter of the Other through the face installs a responsibility for the Other in the Self. Heschel said, When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.Willa Cather, a writer very dear to my heart, writes, This is happiness: to be dis-solved into something completely great. Anne Frank mused in her diary, How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment to start to improve the world. Henry James reminds us that three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.The Rambam teaches in Sefer Hamitz-vot: Whatever I want for myself, I want the same for that other person.Bottom line? In the words of Psalms, our world is built on loving kindness. This is not rocket science. I started a journal the day after Yom Kippur I called a kind-ness journal. I am challenging myself to mindfully perform one out-of-the-way act of kindness and to record it in the jour-nal. Join me!Lets have a year dedicated to world building, a year of chesed, a year of loving kindness for others and for ourselves. Let us hope and pray that the year ahead will be a journey filled with challenges met, journeys taken, dreams fulfilled, and most all, a year of sweet kindheartedness for our community. rivy poupko Kletenik is an internationally renowned educator and head of school at the seattle hebrew Academy. if you have a question thats been tickling your brain, send rivy an e-mail at rivy.poupko.kletenik@gmail.com.We have a lot of expectations of our-selves, observes Yaffa. People have even more pressure and [are] feeling more guilty. Listening Mothers encourages a com-passionate acceptance of oneself.More recently, this mother of three and grandmother of three has joined the board of the Compassion Network, which takes up a lot of her time. The network is a global movement inspired by the char-ter for Compassion International, she says, a group dedicated to inspiring caring and kind behavior. Its organizers helped bring the Dalai Lama to Seattle a few years ago and as of this writing is sponsoring a compassion games to encourage help-ing others.Yaffa has also been involved in bringing the Lytle Center for Pregnancy and New-borns to Swedish Medical Center on Seattles First Hill. The one-stop clinic and resource center will be similar to the Tipat HaLav drop of milk centers found all over Israel, which Yaffa called a walk-in clinic for mothers and babies, for everything. W M.o.T. PAge 9ZaCh DuiTCh/sJCCDads and kids shook the lulav and ate in the Kesher garden sukkah during the Stroum Jewish Community Centers annual J explorers Sukkot overnight on Sept. 21. 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They treat every wedding with as much care as if it was their own.Wishing you the Greatest of Days! For more information, contact Janis Flagg, 27111 167th Pl. SE, Suite 105-242, or call 206-604-1908.Herban FeastDedicated. Vibrant. Innovative.A homegrown company, Herban Feast is honored to be one of the regions premier catering and events com-panies. Their team of more than 100 service staff and culinary professionals is dedicated to providing atten-tive, friendly service and delicious food. Their commitment to their clients and SPECiAL ADvERTiSiNG SECTiONfriday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews plaNNiNg your weddiNg 15WOODLAND PARK ZOO INVITES YOU TO. . .SAY I DO AT THE ZOO!Seattles most cherished community resource is the perfect setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners.For event planning call 206.548.2590 or email groupsales@zoo.orgWWW.ZOO.ORGPhotos: Matt Shumate Photography (top left & top center); Lancer Catering (top right); Winnie Forbes Photography (center); Dennis Conner, WPZ (bottom)Say yes, and get the dress!Reserve your wedding at The Fairmont Olympic Hotel,* and receive your choice of a stunning Luly Yang wedding dress.For more information, please call 206 287 4058, e-mail weddingspecialist@fairmont.com or visit fairmontolympiccatering.com*Based on food and beverage minimum; restrictions apply. Please inquire for details.themselves to create unforgettable experiences begins with their deep partnerships with regional suppliers and vendors and ends with a common goal to exceed their clients, and their guests, expectations.They are rooted in their region, sourcing fresh and local ingredients from area pro-ducers and farmers. The menus reflect the bounty of the Pacific Northwest to create unique culinary experiences. The venues maintain the authenticity of their origins with a subtle infusion of elements that reflect the companys style. Youll find a spe-cial attention to detail that is inherent in everything they do.By consistently wowing their clients and improving their practices for nearly 15 years, Herban Feast has become a renowned full-service catering and events company. Allow them to help bring your event vision to life. Please visit www.herbanfeast.com.Herzl-Ner Tamid Judaica Shop Herzl-Ner Tamid Judaica Shop has what you need to Do Jewish! From traditional to unique, artisan to boutique, come see an amazing variety of merchandise to make your simcha special: Ketubot or personalized kippot; jewelry in gold, silver, enamel, ceramic, acrylic; tallitot in many fabrics, sizes, and colors; mezuzot in metals, acrylic, wood and mixed materials; ritual and holiday items, and much more. See artisan Judaica by Adi Sidler, Judit Leiser, Emily Rosenfeld, Gary Rosenthal, Lalo and other artists. Open Wednesdays 10:30 a.m.3:30 p.m. and some Sundays 10 a.m.12:30 p.m. Also open by appointment for your convenience. Call Kari Haas at the shul office at 206-232-8555. For more information visit www.h-nt.org/about-us/judaica-shop. At 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. Hotel 1000Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle opened in June 2006 and features 120 luxury guest rooms, BOKA Restaurant + BAR, Spaahh and The Golf Club. At Hotel 1000, genu-ine and personalized service, leading-edge technology, and intimate yet spectacular accommodations redefine the luxury experience. Hotel 1000 offers distinctive amenities, anticipative service, and a customized experience tailored to any occasion.Located at 1000 First Ave. at the corner of Madison Street, Hotel 1000 is steps from the waterfront along Elliott Bay, and conveniently centered between Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, the business district, and lively and historic Pioneer Square.Call 206-957-1000.Hyatt Regency BellevueOn Seattles Eastside, nine miles from downtown Seattle, Hyatt Regency Bellevue offers 732 guestrooms and 70,000 square feet of event space. Ideally located in the heart of The Bellevue Collec-tion, a premier urban streetscape with more than 250 shops, 45 res-taurants and lounges, a landmark cinema, a stylish billiards and comedy club, day spas, and upscale bowling lanes all connected to the hotel via convenient sky bridges. With Asian-inspired ele-gance, the 17,745-square-foot grand ballroom is the largest hotel ballroom east of Lake Washington, and the third largest in Washington State. The hotel specializes in customized menus for your wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or special family occasion. Group overnight room rates are available. Please contact their catering consultants at 425-698-4240 or visit bellevue.hyatt.com.Kaspars Special Events & CateringYou will remember your special day for the rest of your life, so choosing the right partners to help you is an important decision. The team at Kaspars Special Events and Catering, with more than 22 years of experience and a reputation for excellence, will support you through the entire planning process, including venue selec-tion, menu creation, ceremony, and reception planning, ensuring you are stress-free.Family owned and operated, Kaspars passion is to provide cre-ative, fresh cuisine, and superior service at a reasonable price. They cater to groups of all sizes, both within Kaspars as well as at off-site locations, including private homes. Whether you are entertaining a few or a few hundred guests, the elements for success are the same: Superb fare, impeccable service, the proper ambience, and the right caterer! Kaspars Special Events and Catering has it all. Visit www.kaspars.com or call 206-298-0123 or fax 206-298-0146.SPECiAL ADvERTiSiNG SECTiON16 plaNNiNg your weddiNg JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 201345004th Ave. South, Seattle WA 206.749.5400www.pedersens.comWhere everyone feels special, included and cared for.Temple De Hirsch SinaiWeddingsWhere evincludFor wedding informationcontact us at 206.323.8486or www.tdhs-nw.org750 17th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA 98027Phone: 425.837.3367 Fax:425.837.3338 www.issaquahwa.gov/tibbettscreekmanor he Tibbetts Creek Manor is a 7,000 sq. ft., two story, traditional home with country elegance and interior grace. Sitting on three creek-side acres, the Manor provides the serene & picturesque ambiance needed to create a memorable setting for any occasion.Conveniently located in downtown Issaquah, the Tibbetts Creek Manor can easily accommodate your indoor and outdoor event. Accommodating 130 guests in the interior and up to 175 guests utilizing the outdoor floral garden and white-tented deck, the Manor offers the privacy and space options you are seeking!ibbetts Creek ManorP A R K S & R E C R E A T I O NLawrence the FloristLawrence the Florist is your florist when you are in search of a not-your-typical florist. Located in downtown Bellevue since 1975, the experienced, award-winning designers and consultants have gained the kind of expertise needed to create the per-fect floral presentation for all your needs.Lawrence the Florist treats customers as individuals, tailoring the product to your style and desires. For whatever occasion, they will work with you to ensure that your floral gift or presentation is just what you wanted. The service and arrangements are always a cut above.Large enough to handle any event and personal enough to put an extra touch to a single arrangement, you will be treated as an individual, with the goal being your satisfaction. Located in the 200 Plaza building on 105th Ave. NE in Bellevue, with quality and style all at affordable prices. 224 105th Ave. NE, Bellevue, 425-454-6622.Madison Park Caf CateringKaren Binder, formerly of the Madison Park Caf.Full-service professional catering for all life passages in the Jewish community for over 33 years.Let Madison Park Caf help plan your wedding and rehearsal dinner for your special event.Providing delicious, seasonal food, professional rentals, flowers and bar service.Retail wine offered at discount prices at Binders Bottles.Contact Karen Binder at 206-324-4411 or madisonparkcafe@aol.com.Marianna TrioFor all your special occasions, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and all your other sim-chas. Jewish and world music. Traditional and contemporary. Dance and concert. Many years of experience in all types of music. For more information about their music trio, please call 206-715-8796 or visit www.mariannagroup.com. The Marriott Redmond Town Center Create memories full of love, family and tradi-tion at the Marriott Redmond Town Center, ideally located in Redmonds beautiful open-air shopping center and featuring a newly renovated ballroom with over 5,000 square feet of space. When planning your special day, you deserve to work with the very best. The Marriott Redmond Town Center appreciates your cultural nuances and can bring them to life in a way that is authentic, delicious, and leaves friends and family raving for years to come! Theyll handle the details, you just handle the compliments. Lchaim!For more information, contact sales directly at 425-498-4040 or visit www.Marriott.com/seamc.Onionskin Design StudioVoted by JTNews readers as 2012s Best Ketubah Artist in Washington State, Joan Lite Miller specializes in one-of-a-kind invitations for weddings and Bnai Mitzvah, 206-604-1908jan@greatestofdays.com www.greatestofdays.comevent & wedding planningnon-denominational wedding officiatorSPECiAL ADvERTiSiNG SECTiONfriday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews plaNNiNg your weddiNg 17a seattle tradition for over 20 years19 West Harrison Seattle, WA 98119 206.298.0123 catering@kaspars.comKaspars will ensure your celebration is spectacular!Kosher-style availableChef Kaspar offers exceptional Northwest cuisine along with a superior staff versed in weddings, rehearsal dinners, showers and b'nai mitzvahs. Kaspars can accommodate up to 300 guests or can offer full service off-premise catering at your home or other special location.visit www.kaspars.com for menus and upcoming eventsMadison Park Caf CateringKaren Binder (formerly of Madison Park Caf)Full service professional catering for all life passages for over 33 years.Bar/Bat Mitzvah, wedding, rehearsal dinner and any other simcha. Retail wine offered at discount price: Binders Bottles.Approved caterer of Hillel.206.324.4411 madisonparkcafe@aol.comSeattle BrideHistoric Properties for Special EventsRomantic Weddings Receptions Rehearsal Dinners Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Robinswood Housewww.SeattleBride.com 425.865.0795 www.Facebook.com/SeattleBridewww.mariannagroup.comcustom ketubot, English and Hebrew calligraphy, expressive hand lettering, original paper-cuts and logo design. For more information, call 206-527-6320 or visit www.onionskindesign.com.PedersensThe Event Rental ExpertsStylish party rentals including: Specialty linen Glassware China Cutlery Chair covers Designer chairs Tables Unique tabletop items Catering equipment4500 4th Ave. S, Seattle. Call 206-719-5400 or visit www.pedersens.com.Robinswood HouseRobinswood is one of the best known and most sought after venues for wed-dings, receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and other life-changing events. This beautifully preserved 1895 homestead is comprised of the Main House and the Cabana, set in a lush landscape with sweeping views of Robinswood Park, a 60-acre oasis in the heart of the Eastside. Their two spacious patios and sunken garden offer a flower-filled summer wedding site for up to 225 guests.The charming furnished house, with added cabana, provides an intimate setting for winter weddings of approximately 50-70 people. Fireplaces, wood floors, paned windows, sweeping views of Robinswood Park, dancing under the stars, and privacy make for a lovely site to hold any event. Their team goal is to make your special occa-sion comfortable, enjoyable, and positively memorable.For more information visit www.seattlebride.com and www.facebook.com/ SeattleBride or call the office directly at 425-865-0795.The RuinsThe Ruins is a private dining club (a restaurant for members and their guests) in lower Queen Anne with catering services available to the public. The founder, Joe McDonnal, built a party destination inside of a warehouse, with a garden entry and four beautifully appointed rooms. Collectively The Ruins can accommodate up to 150 guests for a seated dinner or 220 for a stand-up cocktail reception. From beginning to end, their professional staff and beautiful venue will offer you and your guests a truly unique and memorable experience. Contact The Ruins at 206-285-7846 or visit www.theruins.net.Shawns KugelShawns Kugel is one of the best Klezmer bands in the Pacific Northwest. They spe-cialize in getting guests to participate in folk dancing and horas at weddings, Bnai Mitzvah, and other lifecycle events. Shawns Kugel has released four CDs, with the latest being Odyssey. Check out Shawns Kugel on MySpace, CD Baby, or iTunes to hear some songs and learn more about this Northwest treasure. Contact 206-523-9298 or shawnsax@jps.net or visit pweb.jps.net/~shawnsax. SPECiAL ADvERTiSiNG SECTiON18 plaNNiNg your weddiNg JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013CHUPPAHS!Many Styles for RentDriftwood to Sculpted SteelCustom Design OptionsFull Service Floral & Dcor TeamDennis Warshal Arts & Events206 949-6663dennis@denniswarshal.comInvitations English & Hebrew calligraphyKetubotjoan lItE mIllEr 206 - 527 - 6320www.onionskindesign.com"Best Ketubah artist in Wa" jtnews 2012Shawns KugelThe Northwests Premier Music EnsembleWeddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Special EventsContact: Shawn Weaver 206-523-9298email: shawnsax@jps.nethttp://pweb.jps.net/~shawnsaxOne of Seattles Best Klezmer BandsSheraton Seattle Hotel Discover true comfort as if you were at home. Sheraton Seattle Hotel will make any event youre envisioning a reality. A multiple winner of the prestigious Gold Key and Pinnacle awards, the hotel offers comprehensive meeting and destination planning along with unparalleled service and style.Situated in the heart of the city, adjacent to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, the hotel is surrounded by Seattles financial and business district and exciting entertainment attractions. Sheraton Seattle is more than just a meet-ing place its a member of your family. Settle into the inviting comfort of one of 1,258 smoke-free guestrooms offering inspiring views of the city. A peaceful nights sleep awaits you between the crisp sheets of the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper bed. Visit www.sheraton.com/Seattle for more information. Temple De Hirsch SinaiJewish tradition designates a wedding as kiddushin as the holy joining of two lives made special and unique to one another from all others. Temple De Hirsch Sinai cherishes this chance to seal two souls, and to embrace them within the larger synagogue family. Temple De Hirsch Sinai values and nurtures the holiness inherent in a diver-sity of relationships, with thoughtful sensitivity and outreach to the needs of inter-faith and same-sex couples. Marriage is the foundation of family, the building block of a vibrant, healthy and visionary community. At this moment of joy, blessing and change, Temple De Hirsch Sinai relishes the opportunity to welcome you into their family of families as you begin this new chapter in your lives. For more information call 206-323-8486 or www.tdhs-nw.org.Tibbetts Creek ManorThe Tibbetts Creek Manor is a 7,000-square-foot, two-story traditional home with country elegance and interior grace. Sitting on three creekside acres, the Manor provides the serene and picturesque ambi-ance needed to create a memorable setting for any occasion.Conveniently located in downtown Issaquah, the Tibbetts Creek Manor can easily accommodate your indoor and outdoor event. Accommodating 130 guests in the inte-rior and up to 175 guests utilizing the outdoor floral garden and white-tented deck, the Manor offers the privacy and space options you seek!Phone: 425-837-3367 Fax: 425-837-3338 tibbetts@ci.issaquah.wa.us www.issaquaheventsites.comWaterways Cruises and EventsWaterways Cruises and Events will make your special occasion an unforgettable Northwest expe-rience with the Seattle skyline and views of Lake Washington and Lake Union as the perfect backdrop for your celebration. Add exquisite cui-sine prepared by their culinary team, professional event-planning services, and your personalized touches for lasting memories of your special event.Waterways beautifully appointed yachts offer unique venues for weddings, rehearsal dinners, Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, holiday events, birthdays, graduation and anniversary parties. Their yachts feature spacious interior salons for dining and live entertainment, open-air decks that are perfect for ceremonies, photography and viewing of the ever-changing shorelines, and onboard galleys and bars for full-service catering.Contact their event planners to schedule a tour of Waterways yachts! Call 206-223-2060 for your event proposal or visit www.WaterwaysCruises.com for more information.Woodland Park ZooWoodland Park Zoo, one of Seattles most cherished community resources, is the perfect location for your next event! Set on 92 acres with over 300 species of animal, the zoo offers 17 unique venues to host your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, holiday party, picnic, meet-ing, wedding, family reunion or birthday party. Funds gener-ated by your event help support the zoos quality animal care, education programs, and field conservation projects to help preserve wildlife species and habitats in the Northwest and around the world. For more information, contact groupsales@zoo.org or 206-548-2590, or visit www.zoo.org.P A R K S & R E C R E A T I O NHerzl-Ner Tamid Judaica Shopeo, Tallio, is, and moreWeddin i eis ailale Open Wednesdays 0am-330 pm, some Sundays and y appoinen Call 206-232-8555 - 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer IslandSPECiAL ADvERTiSiNG SECTiONCare GiversHomeCare Associates A program of Jewish Family Service 206-861-3193www.homecareassoc.orgProvides personal care, assistance with daily activities, medication reminders, light housekeeping, meal preparation and companionship to older adults living at home or in assisted-living facilities.Certified Public AccountantsDennis B. Goldstein & Assoc., CPAs, PSTax Preparation & Consulting 425-455-0430 F 425-455-0459 dennis@dbgoldsteincpa.comNewman Dierst Hales, PLLCNolan A. Newman, CPA 206-284-1383 nnewman@ndhaccountants.comwww.ndhaccountants.com Tax Accounting Healthcare ConsultingCollege PlacementCollege Placement Consultants 425-453-1730 preiter@outlook.comwww.collegeplacementconsultants.com Pauline B. Reiter, Ph.D. Expert help with undergraduate and graduate college selection, applications and essays. 40 Lake Bellevue, #100, Bellevue 98005College PlanningAlbert Israel, CFPCollege Financial Aid Consultant 206-250-1148 albertisrael1@msn.com Learn strategies that can deliver more aid.Counselors/TherapistsJewish Family Service Individual, couple, child and family therapy 206-861-3152 contactus@jfsseattle.orgwww.jfsseattle.orgExpertise with life transitions, addiction and recovery, relationships and personal challenges all in a cultural context. Licensed therapists; flexible day or evening appointments; sliding fee scale; most insurance plans.DentistsCalvo & WaldbaumToni Calvo Waldbaum, DDSRichard Calvo, DDS 206-246-1424 office@cwdentistry.com CalvoWaldbaumDentistry.com Gentle Family Dentistry Cosmetic & Restorative Designing beautiful smiles by Calvo 207 SW 156th St., #4, SeattleInsuranceEastside Insurance ServicesChuck Rubin and Matt Rubin 425-271-3101 F 425-277-3711 4508 NE 4th, Suite #B, RentonTom Brody, agent 425-646-3932 F 425-646-8750 www.e-z-insurance.com2227 112th Ave. NE, Bellevue We represent Pemco, Safeco, Hartford & ProgressivePhotographersBarrie Anne Photography 610-888-5215 BarrieAnnePhotography@gmail.comwww.BarrieAnnePhotography.comSpecializing in portraits,mitzvahs, weddings and fashion. My philosophy is to create beautiful, unique and timeless images that go beyond the memories of these special times in life, allowing you to relive them all over again, and become as priceless as life itself.Dani Weiss Photography 206-760-3336www.daniweissphotography.comPhotographer Specializing in People.Children, Bnai Mitzvahs, Families, Parties, Promotions & Weddings.Radman Photography Eric Radman 206-275-0553www.radmanphotography.comCreative and beautiful photography at affordable prices. Bar/Bat Mitzvah, families, children, special occasions.Senior ServicesJewish Family Service 206-461-3240www.jfsseattle.orgComprehensive geriatric care manage-ment and support services for seniors and their families. Expertise with in-home assessments, residential placement, fam-ily dynamics and on-going case manage-ment. Jewish knowledge and sensitivity.The Summit at First Hillretirement Living at its Best! 206-652-4444www.summitatfirsthill.orgThe only Jewish retirement community in Washington State. Featuring gourmet kosher dining, spacious, light-filled apartments and life-enriching social, educational and wellness activities.Dentists (continued)B. Robert Cohanim, DDS, MSOrthodontics for Adults and Children 206-322-7223 www.smile-works.com Invisalign Premier Provider. On First Hill across from Swedish Hospital.Warren J. Libman, D.D.S., M.S.D. 425-453-1308www.libmandds.comCertified Specialist in Prosthodontics: Restorative Reconstructive Cosmetic Dentistry 14595 Bel Red Rd. #100, BellevueMichael Spektor, D.D.S. 425-643-3746 info@spektordental.com www.spektordental.comSpecializing in periodontics, dental implants, and cosmetic gum therapy.BellevueWendy Shultz Spektor, D.D.S. 425-454-1322 info@spektordental.comwww.spektordental.com Emphasis: Cosmetic and Preventive Dentistry Convenient location in BellevueFinancial ServicesHamrick Investment Counsel, LLCRoy A. Hamrick, CFA 206-441-9911 rahamrick@hamrickinvestment.comwww.hamrickinvestment.comProfessional portfolio management services for individuals, foundations and nonprofit organizations.Solomon M. Karmel, Ph.D First Allied Securities 425-454-2285 x 1080 www.hedgingstrategist.com Retirement, stocks, bonds, college, annuities, business 401Ks.Funeral/Burial ServicesCongregation Beth Shalom Cemetery 206-524-0075 info@bethshalomseattle.orgThis beautiful cemetery is available to the Jewish community and is located just north of Seattle.Funeral Services (cont.)Hills of Eternity CemeteryOwned and operated by Temple De Hirsch Sinai 206-323-8486Serving the greater Seattle Jewish com-munity. Jewish cemetery open to all pre-need and at-need services. Affordable rates Planning assistance.Queen Anne, Seattle Seattle Jewish Chapel 206-725-3067 seattlejewishchapel@gmail.comTraditional burial services provided at all area cemeteries. Burial plots available for purchase at Bikur Cholim and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries.Hospice ServicesKline Galland Hospice 206-805-1930 susanr@klinegalland.orgwww.klinegallandhospice.org Kline Galland Hospice provides individualized care to meet the physi-cal, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of those in the last phases of life. Founded in Jewish values and traditions, hospice reflects a spirit and philosophy of caring that emphasizes comfort and dignity for the dying.THouSAnDS oF reADerS In PrInT AnD onlIne = Thousands of prospective clientsreserve your space in our professional services directory: professionalwashington.com or call us at 206-441-45539-27 2013What do you need? Looking for a doctor, an architect, or an SAT coach? Weve got em all in the Professional Directory to Jewish Washington. What do you do? Provide legal services? Tax advice? Make beautiful smiles? You should be a part of it! Youll be online at www.professionalwashington.com year round and in the book in the spring.You should be a part of it!Get started now at professionalwashington.com or call us at 206-441-4553!20 The arTs JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013Kehilla | Our CommunityWhere Judaism and Joy are One 206-447-1967 www.campschechter.org The premiere Reform Jewish camping experience in the Pacic Northwest! Join us for an exciting, immersive, and memorable summer of a lifetime!425-284-4484 www.kalsman.urjcamps.orgKol Haneshamah is a progressive and diverse synagogue community that is transforming Judaism for the 21st century.6115 SW Hinds St., Seattle 98116E-mail: info@khnseattle.orgTelephone: 206-935-1590www.khnseattle.orgYossi Mentz, Regional Director 6505 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 650 Los Angeles, CA t Tel: 323-655-4655 Toll Free: 800-323-2371 western@afmda.orgYossi Mentz, Regional Director 6505 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 650 Los Angeles, CA t Tel: 323-655-4655 Toll Free: 800-323-2371 western@afmda.orgSaving Lives in IsraelGary S. Cohn, Regional DirectorJack J. Kadesh, Regional Director Emeritus415-398-7117 technion.sf@ats.org www.ats.orgAmerican Technion North Pacic Region on Facebook@gary4technion on TwitterBe part of KehillaCall 206-774-2264 or email LynnF@jtnews.net Reform Congregation 7OODINVILLE7!sWWWKOLAMINWORGBnai Mitzvah Training Program Mens and Womens Social Groups 0OST"NAI-ITZVAHYOUTHGROUPSs!DULT%DUCATIONPROGRAMS Reasonable membership rates and tuitionWhere everyone feels special, included andcared for.Temple De Hirsch SinaiFor membership informationcontact us at 206.323.8486or www.tdhs-nw.orgwednesday, october 2, 6:30-8:30 p.m.hadassah plus arttalkWomen are invited to enjoy an evening of art, wine, good company, and an en-counter with art from Israel to Seattle. Miriam Sternberg, art educator for the Microsoft Art Collection, will present on Mark Chagall and the Chagall windows at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. Current exhibits at the gallery to be enjoyed include Peter Waites Space Travel and Eric Wohls When Things Go South. Space is limited and reservations are required. At Winston Wachter Fine Arts, 203 Dexter Ave. N, Seattle. For more information and to make reservations, contact Tamar Boden at 425-246-1472.saturday, october 5 at 2 p.m. and Monday, october 7 at 7:30 p.m.sparks of glory: Voice of the heart Musical performanceAs a counterpart to Seattle Art Museums exhibit In a Silent Way, a moving reflection on African-American history and identity, Music of Remembrances concert-with-commentary will explore how music has expressed struggles be-tween continuity and assimilation during times of conflict and persecution. Music by Osvaldo Golijov, Erwin Schulhoff, Marc Lavry and Laszlo Weiner. At Seattle Art Museum, 1300 First Ave., Seattle. For more information contact John Huffstetler at info@musicofremembrance.org or 206-365-7770 or visit www.musicofremembrance.org.friday, september 27 through sunday, october 6air twylaballetThe Pacific Northwest Ballet presents Air Twyla, consisting of three works by choreographer Twyla Tharp. The performance features accomplished young principal Chelsea Adomaitis for her a first-time role in Waiting at the Station, and costumes by Isaac Mizrachi in Brief Fling. At McCaw Hall, 321 Mercer St., Seattle. Perfor-mances run Thursday-Sunday. For information and tickets visit www.pnb.org.wednesday, october 9 at 7 p.m.ira: the other gershwinlectureYouve heard of George Gershwin, the American Mozart, but are you familiar with his older brother, Ira? As part of the Broadway Musicals 2: A Jewish Mirror on America series, Theodore Deacon talks about this less famous, but just as ac-complished composer, musician and lyricist. Sponsored by Seattle Jewish Seniors and supported by the Heinz Schwarz Fund.At Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle. Register online at templebetham.wufoo.com/forms/broadway-musicals-2.friday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews The arTs 21college placement consultantsExpert help with undergraduate and graduate college selection, applications and essays.425-453-1730Pauline B. Reiter, Ph.D. preiter@outlook.comwww.collegeplacementconsultants.comfuneral/burial servicescleaning services cleaning serviceshomecare servicesroom for renthelp wanted help wantedhelp wantedeastside 25 years experienceWeekly or Monthly 2/hr minimumResidential or commercialReferences Reasonable ratesCall Kimberly425-761-2356admissions counselingtemple beth or cemeteryBeautiful location near Snohomish.Serving the burial needs of Reform Jews and their families. For information, please call (425) 259-7125.bellevue adult home care Quiet Bellevue location, 20 yrs exp. Reliable, honest and affordable. RN on staff, 24-hr quality personal care; special skilled nursing care; assist daily activities, medications, dementia, Alzheimers, stroke, hospice, etc.Home includes a happy 103 yr old resident! Call Jean Boldor 425-643-4669 206-790-7009www.bellevueadulthomecare.com room in jerusalem Second bedroom in my beautiful Nachlaot home for short-term rentals, up to 10 days. Ideal for extended Shabbat/Chagim & vacation visits. Perfect for a single woman or couple visiting family & friends. In the heart of the city, very close to the Machane Yehuda shuk, King George/Ben Yehuda shopping, walking distance to Jaffa Gate and the Jewish Quarter & Kotel.$50 USD/night. All linens and a light breakfast included.Please call Yiscah Smith at 011-972-882-9096 or email yiscah.smith@gmail.com for further details & availability.Gift Certificate Available!a housecleaning service Seattle Eastside 206/325-8902 425/454-1512www.renta-yenta.com Licensed Bonded insuredcemetery gan shalomA Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of the greater Seattle Jewish community. Zero interest payments available. For information, call temple Beth am at 206-525-0915.next issue: october 11 ad deadline: october 1 call becky: 206-774-2238the shoukEducation SErvicES aSSociatE nEEdEd Experienced Jewish Educator needed to help guide and implement professional development for educators in Jewish set-tings for the greater Seattle Jewish commu-nity. Bachelors degree required. Minimum 5 years experience, preferably in Jewish Education. Complete job posting at www.jewishinseattle.org Contact: Cindy Bockelman 206.774.2251voluntEEr SErvicES Program aSSiStantJewish Family Service of Seattle is seeking a Full Time Volunteer Services Program Assistant to assist with volunteer events, data management and background checks. This position will also support our Big Pals mentoring program and outreach to volunteer groups. Requirements: BA degree preferred Excellent computer skills including Raisers Edge or other database experience Strong interpersonal skills Attention to detail is a must Familiarity with the Jewish community and Judaism is strongly preferredSalary DOE. Regular hours: 9:00 5:00 with some Sundays required. to apply, email your resume and cover letter to: volunteer@jfsseattle.org No Phone calls please. Jewish Family Service Seattle (JFS) firmly embraces the belief that repairing the world begins here at home. JFS delivers essential human services to alleviate suffering, sustain healthy relationships and support people in times of need. Its been that way since 1892, and we dont plan on changing now. Our 10 different programs are as diverse as the community we serve including domestic violence prevention and alternatives to addiction, counseling, refugee and immigrant services, in-home care and a food bank. Our staff of friendly, dedicated, passionate professionals is driven by our mission and values. If you want to make a difference in the lives of others, Jewish Family Service might just be the career move youve been waiting for! Check us out at www.jfsseattle.org.Jewish Family Service offers a generous benefits package including: Medical, dental and vision insurance Life insurance and Long Term Disability Aflac and Flexible Spending Accounts Employer-paid 401K Retirement Plan Long Term Care ORCA bus card Paid holidays, vacation and Jewish holidays Exercise room JFS is an Equal Opportunity Employersunday, october 13, 7:30-9:30songs from My heritageBaritone David Krohn, former Seattle Opera Young Artist, presents a program that spans six languages, nearly 300 years of musical composition famous and obscure, classi-cal, Broadway, show tunes, cantorial music, and beyond. Anastasiya Popova joins him on piano. Dessert reception following. Free. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue. For more information contact Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@a.templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677, or visit www.templebnaitorah.org.sunday, october 13 at 4 p.m.two-sided storyfilm and discussionThe Seattle Jewish Film Festival presents Two-Sided Story, a documentary following 27 Israelis and Palestinians in the History Through the Human Eye project, where bereaved individuals from both sides of the conflict come together to listen, acknowledge, and try to understand one anothers stories. Robi Damelin and Bassam Aramin, co-founders of the Parents Circle-Families Forum that runs the project, will be in attendance. At the Stroum Jewish Community Center, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island. For more information contact Pamela Lavitt at sjff@sjcc.org or 206-388-0832, or visit seattlejewishfilmfestival.org. 22 commuNiTy caleNdar JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 2013For a complete listing of events, or to add your event to the JTNews calendar, visit calendar.jtnews.net. Calendar events must be submitted no later than 10 days before publication.the calendarto Jewish Washington @jewishcalCandlelighting timesseptember 27 ................. 6:40 p.m.october 4 ........................ 6:26 p.m.october 11 .......................6:12 p.m.october 18 ...................... 5:59 p.m.fridAy 27 SepTember6 p.m. simchat Torah shabbat Elizabeth Fagin at elizabeth@betalef.org or 206-527-9399 or betalef.orgDance with the Torah and celebrate Shabbat. Catered Shabbat dinner (for a nominal fee) followed by community worship and learning. Service begins at 7:30 p.m. At Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue, 1111 Harvard Ave., Seattle.711 p.m. sJCC-sJFF outdoor Film renewal Pamela Lavitt at sjff@sjcc.org or 206-388-0832 or www.seattlejewishfilmfestival.orgInstallation with daily screenings of the documentary Renewal, eight short films about faith traditions and the environment, on the side of the building from a sukkah. Runs through September 29. Free. At Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave., Seattle.SATurdAy 28 SepTember510 p.m. sJCC Parents Night out: wacky Tacky Daliah Silver at DaliahS@sjcc.org or 206-388-0839 or www.sjcc.orgA night of games and neon colors, including glow stick gaga and crazy costumes. Includes dinner. SJCC member $30, sibling $15. Guests $40, sibling $20. At the Stroum Jewish Community Center, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.SundAy 29 SepTember46:30 p.m. Friendship Circle Volunteer kick-off Friendship Circle Volunteer Kick Off Event 2013 at yvonne@friendshipcirclewa.org or 206-374-3637 or www.friendshipcirclewa.orgWith educational training, prizes, food and more. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.TueSdAy 1 ocTober6 p.m. in the land of rain and salmon Lori Ceyhun at loric@jewishinseattle.org or 206-774-2250 or www.wsjhs.orgWashington State Jewish Historical Society and Book-It Repertory Theatre present this staged reading based on the experiences of Washingtons Jewish pioneers and early community between the years of 1880 and 1920. At the Redmond Public Library, 15990 NE 85th St., Redmond.WedneSdAy 2 ocTober121:30 p.m. israel Current events Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@a.templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677 or www.templebnaitorah.orgCome explore the facts, consider different views, and express your opinions in an informal and safe environment. Different topics each month with optional pre-reading materials available. To receive the topic and reading materials in advance, email jscarlin@gmail.com. This class repeats on October 3, November 7, and December 5 at 7 p.m. $5 per session payable at the door. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue.78 p.m. level 1 beginner hebrew Rabbi Jill Levy at rabbi.levy@h-nt.org or 206-232-8555 or www.h-nt.orgIntroduction to Hebrew. Through May 28. $150 members/$200 non-members. Register online. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.ThurSdAy 3 ocTober6 p.m. make your own Challah Kim Lawson at klawson@sjcc.org or 206-388-0823 or www.sjcc.orgLearn how to prepare dough and braid and form the perfect loaf. Take home a beautiful challah. Schmooze and sip wine with friends while the dough rises. SJCC members $8, guests $12. At the Stroum JCC, 2618 NE 80th St., Seattle.fridAy 4 ocTober1 p.m. lTs and Freshman shabbaton weekend Ari Hoffman at thehoffather@gmail.com or 206-295-5888 or seattlencsy.comLeadership training seminar to prepare Jewish teens for challenges they may face in and beyond high school. This year, 9th graders are invited to attend. In Vancouver, B.C. Contact for location and details. SundAy 6 ocTober9:3010:30 a.m. introduction to Judaism Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@a.templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677 or www.templebnaitorah.orgExplore the 10 essential concepts of the Jewish experience through traditional and modern texts: God, Torah, Israel, mitzvot, holiness, repairing the world, afterlife, prayer, love, and community. Taught by Rabbi James Mirel. $5 per session payable at the door. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue.1:303:30 p.m. wsJhs annual meeting Lisa Kranseler at lisak@jewishinseattle.orgFeaturing a Humanities WA speaker on Why Culture Matters. At Congregation Beth Shalom, 6800 35th Ave. NE, Seattle.6:309:30 p.m. aDl Centennial Dinner seattle@adl.org or 206-448-5349ADL commemorates 100 years of ensuring fair treatment for all. Attend this gala dinner and Imagine a World Without Hate. At the Museum of History and Industry, 860 Terry Ave. N, Seattle.WedneSdAy 9 ocTober121:30 p.m. lunch and learn Shelly Goldman at sgoldman@a.templebnaitorah.org or 425-603-9677 or www.templebnaitorah.orgDrop-in discussion group led by Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg on messages from Torah and Jewish values in relation to high-profile issues in todays news. Bring a lunch or purchase one at Crossroads Food Court. Free. At 15600 NE 8th St., Bellevue.68 p.m. welcome, David bunis! Lauren Spokane at laurenjs@uw.edu or 206-543-0138 or davidbunis.eventbrite.comHebrew University of Jerusalem Ladino and Jewish languages expert David Bunis will spend the academic year at the University of Washington as a Schusterman Visiting Professor of Israel Studies. At Hillel at the University of Washington, 4745 17th Ave. NE, Seattle.79 p.m. Nyhs open house for Prospective students and Families Melissa Rivkin at mrivkin@nyhs.net or 206-232-5272, ext. 515 or www.nyhs.netNorthwest Yeshiva High School is the Pacific Northwests premier independent, college preparatory, dual-curriculum Jewish high school. Meet the teachers, alumni and students and learn about the program. Free. At Northwest Yeshiva High School, 5017 90th Ave. SE, Mercer Island.ThurSdAy 10 ocTober10:30 a.m.12 p.m. hindu beliefs Ellen Hendin at endlessopps@jfsseattle.org or 206-461-3240 or www.jfsseattle.orgShelly Krishnamurty will share the most important tenets of the Hindu religion. Part two, on October 31, will deal with Hindu customs. At Temple Bnai Torah, 15727 NE Fourth St., Bellevue.59 p.m. aJC seattle advocacy in action annual Community reception Becki Chandler at chandlerb@ajc.org or 206-622-6315 or www.ajcseattle.orgWine and light dinner, with guest speaker Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page editor, moderated by University of Washington communications chair David S. Domke. RSVP required by October 1. RVSP for location.6 p.m. make your own Challah Kim Lawson at klawson@sjcc.org or 206-388-0823 or www.sjcc.orgSame class as on October 3. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.7:308:30 p.m. Crash Course in hebrew 1 Rabbi Avrohom David at info@seattlekollel.org or 206-722-8289 or seattlekollel.orgFree class offered in conjunction with the National Jewish Outreach Project. At Island Crust Caf, 7525 SE 24th St., Mercer Island.fridAy 11 ocTober6 p.m. Go wild a Night to Celebrate larry broder Charlene Polyansky at Charlene@tdhs-nw.org or 206-315-7389 or tdhs-nw.orgHonor Larry Broders 20 years of service to Temple De Hirsch Sinai and his retirement. Rock Shabbat service at 6 p.m., Go Wild dinner at 7 p.m. RSVP required to dinner. Donations in honor of Larry can be made to TDHSs High Holy Days Annual Campaign. At Temple De Hirsch Sinai, 1441 16th Ave, Seattle.9:30 a.m. 3:30 p.m. sJCC schools out Camp: rockstar showdown Daliah Silver at daliahs@sjcc.org or 206-388-0839 or www.sjcc.orgEach day features a theme, plus swimming, playing in the gym, and arts and crafts. Rockstar showdown: Music, air guitar, and costume contests. SJCC members $50, guests $60. At the Stroum JCC, 3801 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.SATurdAy 12 ocToberrabbi Danny landes shabbaton minyanohrchadash@gmail.com or www.minyanohrchadash.orgRabbi Landes will speak on Sages in Collision, about rabbinic figures and how their relationships were filled with tension, polarity and love. For exact times check the website. Contact for Shabbat hospitality. At Minyan Ohr Chadash, 6701 51st Ave. S, Seattle.SundAy 13 ocTober9:3011 a.m. level 3 intermediate hebrew Rabbi Jill Levy at rabbi.levy@h-nt.org or 206-232-8555 or www.h-nt.orgTaught by Janine Rosenbaum. Through June 15, 2014. For complete list of dates, more information, and to register, please look online. $200 members/$250 non-members. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.11 a.m.12 p.m. level 2 advanced beginner hebrew Rabbi Jill Levy at rabbi.levy@h-nt.org or 206-232-8555 or www.h-nt.orgTaught by Janine Rosenbaum. Through June 15, 2014. For a complete list of dates, more information, and to register, please look online. $150 members, $200 non-members. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.12:151:15 p.m. why be Jewish Rabbi Jill Levy at rabbi.levy@h-nt.org or 206-232-8555 or www.h-nt.orgTaught by Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum. An introduction to Jewish ideas, practices, and history. Through May 11, 2014. See website for registration information and complete list of dates. $100 per person, $150 per couple. At Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation, 3700 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island.12:303:30 p.m. walk with Friendship Erica Newman Nash at erica@friendshipcirclewa.org or 206-374-3637 or www.walkwithfriendship.comWalk together to create awareness, solidarity, and support for children with special needs and their families. At Luther Burbank Park, 2040 84th Ave. SE, Mercer Island.mondAy 14 ocTober10:30 a.m.12 p.m. behind the scenes of the Pacific Northwest ballet Ellen Hendin at endlessopps@jfsseattle.org or 206-461-3240 or www.jfsseattle.orgThe Pacific Northwest Ballet School is one of the top three ballet training institutions in the U.S. Tour with a docent, go behind the scenes, and observe a dance class. $5 non-refundable docent fee. At Pacific Northwest Ballet, 301 Mercer St., Seattle.Become a fan > jtnewsTweet with us > jew_ishfriday, sepTember 27, 2013 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTNews lifecycles 23 LifecycLesWhen you let JFS Tribute Cards do the talking, you send your best wishes and say you care about funding vital JFS programs here at home. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150 or, on the web, click on Donations at www.jfsseattle.org. Use Visa or MasterCard. Its the most gratifying 2-for-1 in town. 2-for-1 Get Well Soon CardsLUNCHEON 2013VOICES FOR HUMANITYJoin the Holocaust Center Thursday, October 31st, 2013 The Westin Seattle11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.Come early for exhibits and coffee in the Comcast Green Room 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.The Holocaust Center proudly presents the Voices for Humanity Award to Laurie Warshal Cohen and Mike Cohen for their dedication to the Holocaust Center, and to Comcast for their extaordinary commitment to the Centers work.Verizon Keynote SpeakerMark Weitzman, Government Affairs DirectorThe Simon Weisenthal CenterFighting Hate in the International ArenaREGISTER ONLINE AT WWW.WSHERC.ORGBar MitzvahAbraham Raphael Karp BobroffAbraham will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on September 28, 2013, at Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle. Abraham is the son of Harold Bobroff and Yonah Karp of Seattle and the brother of Hannah Ruth and Nora Rayna. His grandparents are Ira Karp of Palo Alto, Calif., and the late Pamela Olsted Bobroff, the late Arthur Bobroff, and the late Laenu Adeliliah Greenberg Karp.Abraham is a 7th grader at Billings Middle School. He enjoys Kendama, cooking, Minecraft, chess, running, tennis, and skiing. For his mitzvah project, he assists with dinners for the Lake City Homeless Program. Bar MitzvahOzi Shalom Zeev GoldsteinOzi will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on September 28, 2013, at Temple Bnai Torah in Bellevue.Ozi is the son of Rabbis Seth Goldstein and Yohanna Kinberg of Olympia and the brother of Erez. His grandpar-ents are Alan and Karen Goldstein of Pomona, N.Y., Chaya Kinberg of Bellevue, and the late Rabbi Myron Kinberg.Ozi is a 7th grader at Jefferson Middle School in Olympia. He enjoys cooking, playing video games, dogs, movies, and art. For his mitzvah project, Ozi volunteered with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the Thurston County Food Bank. ObituaryLibby (Goldfarb) Epstein May 27, 1924September 15, 2013Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, sister-in-law, and friend to many in the Jewish and general community, Libby passed away in her home September 15, 2013.This past July Libby experienced the great joy of accompanying her grandson Matt down the aisle at his wedding; she fully expected to participate in the wedding of her grandson Marcus later in September. This marks the fifth generation of the Goldfarb and Epstein families residing in Seattle.Born in Seattle to Fanny (Feygel) Weinstein of Winnipeg, Manitoba and Romanian immigrant Mike (Mikael) Goldfarb, on May 27, 1924, Libby grew up in the Central District, then the heart of the Jewish neighborhood. During High Holidays, Libby would stroll with her friends from synagogue to synagogue, visiting and socializing. She was enrolled in the nearby Talmud Torah for religious instruction. Her grandparents, Joshua and Libby Weinstein, were members of Bikur Cholim Synagogue and are buried in the old Bikur Cholim Cemetery. Libbys two older brothers, Kiva and Itzy Goldfarb, preceded her in death.After graduating from Garfield High School in 1942, Libby met Herb Epstein. Their ensuing marriage was an enduring and loving relationship that successfully intertwined business and home, only ending 58 years later with her husbands death in 2002. Since Libbys and Herbs parents lived in the Central District, they provided a close-knit family that celebrated simchas and lifecycle events together. Libby also had many Sephardic friends and adopted the cuisine: Quajado became one of her go-to dishes for family cooperative dinners.As business partners, Libby worked by her husbands side, often handling the front end of the business, Mirrolike Photo Service and later Film Stop. She fully participated in business decisions and was respected sought after for her common sense. Known and admired for the effusive greeting when customers, new and old, walked in the door, Libby was a cornerstone of the company. The couples two sons, Steve, born in 1945, and Gene, born in 1948, grew up in the family business. At its height, Film Stop consisted of five one-hour processing labs and five portrait studios around the Seattle metro area.Besides working hard in the business, Libby entertained at home, hosting card games and social events for friends and extended family (who were often the same). As the business grew, she and her husband attended industry conventions and vacationed in Europe and the Middle East. She enjoyed local culture: Matinees at Seattle Pops, Seattle Rep and Village Theatre, and attended first-run films. Shopping at Nordstrom with her granddaughter was a favorite activity, for Libby was a fashionable dresser; in later years, a chai latte from Starbucks at the south end of Mercer Island became an expected afternoon ritual. She enjoyed dining out and expected good service. A few weeks before her death, she thoroughly enjoyed a meal at a local Persian restaurant and insisted on staying for the entertainment. Libby will be much missed by her friends in the Group Fitness program at the Stroum JCC, which she faithfully attended for many years. She participated in the plethora of senior programs and luncheons offered by the community and was a member of City of Hope. Libby and her husband held memberships at Herzl-Ner Tamid and Temple De Hirsch Sinai. The family lived in the Seward Park area before Libby and Herb bought a home on Mercer Islands south end in the 1960s.Libby leaves her sons Steve (Charlene), Gene (Linnea), grandchildren Marcus, Marnie, Matt and Margaret, sisters-in-law Irene Epstein and Muriel Epstein, many nieces, nephews, cousins and so many friends who were touched by her generosity, brilliant smile and innate ability to make every person in her path feel special. Libby also leaves her beloved Yorkie, Bella.Burial services were held at Herzl Memorial Park on September 18. Please make donations in memory of Libby Epstein to the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Stroum Jewish Community Center, Group Health Foundation, or the charity of your choice. May her memory be a blessing.24 The arTs JTNews . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, sepTember 27, 20132025 Airport Way South Seattle, WA 98134MBSeattle.comBarukh Haba! (Welcome!)Its spectacular. Its state-of-the-art. And its open now. The new Mercedes-Benz of Seattle features 100,000 square feet of all things Mercedes including a VIP client lounge, full-service caf, even a Mercedes-Benz Museum. Come see us, and enjoy an unparalleled automotive shopping experience. We cant wait to welcome you!IMAX provides a breathtaking cinematic journey to JerusalemdiKLA TuchmAn JTNews CorrespondentDespite the expense and the long travel time, most people consider Israel a place theyd love to visit. The historical signif-icance of the country is enough to woo most anyone, regardless of cultural or reli-gious backgrounds. Its no surprise, then, that National Geographic would find Jerusalem worthy of its newest IMAX short film, simply titled Jerusalem.With over 5,000 years of history to cover in the 45-minute film, Jerusalem took writer/d i r e c t o r Daniel Fer-guson and his crew five years and 15 trips to the holy city to complete. The film cap-tures some of the most impressive city views and unique footage to ever appear on screen. It took nearly three years of wrestling with the Israeli government to even receive permission to fly over Jerusa-lem (a strict no-fly zone) in order to take panoramic shots of the city from above. Narrated by British TV and film star Benedict Cumberbatch, Jerusalem works its way from the broader signifi-cance of the city throughout history, then narrows to life within the walls of the Old City. The film illustrates how this land, comprised of less than a square mile, has been the cradle of civilization and held up as the holiest place in the world for the vast major-ity of the religious popu-lation on earth. The f i lm fo l lows three young women of the same age Jewish, Muslim and Christian and virtually indistin-guishable in ethnicity living in Jerusalem. The personal stories of these girls, interwoven with the historical, scientific and religious story the city has told over thousands of years, creates an intimacy that is second only to running your hands along the stones of Damascus Gate.Jerusalem does not attempt to con-nect to the cultural struggles, study the socio-political reality of the country as a whole, or give an in-depth historical account of the city. Rather, for anyone who has been to Jerusalem, in 45 minutes the film manages to recreate a slice of that vibration, that indescribable feeling that washes over you upon approaching the Western Wall for the first time. For those who have never been, it certainly does a better job than your typical film from the Israel Ministry of Tourism, though the goose bumps are surely IMAX-specific. On the small screen this film would lose much of its allure. Describing Jerusalem through anec-dotes does not to do justice. See Jerusa-lem and let National Geographic capture its essence for you.if you gojerusalem premieres on the west coast friday, sept. 27 at the pacific science centers boeing iMaX. for ticket information and show times visit www.pacificsciencecenter.org/iMaX-theaters/shows/jerusalem.Jerusalem us lPRevital Zecharie, one of the three women featured in Jerusalem.