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  • 8/6/2019 JTNews | May 27, 2011


    t h e v o i c e o f j e w i s h w a s h i n g t o n

    may 27, 2011 23 iyar 5771 volume 87, no. 11 $2


    connecting our local Jewish community


    @jew_ish @jewish_dot_com @jewishcal

    9 t3 16 18

    a new patriotism all for teens rescued spring celebrations

    Pirkei Avot, a section o the almud traditionally studied between

    Pesach and Shavuot, begins with the passing o the orah to Moses, then

    to Joshua, the elders, the prophets and, nally, the rabbis.

    Tis may be read as a kind o ranchise. Seven weeks aer their exodus

    rom Egypt, the dening oundation o Judaism is given to the 12 tribes

    and their leaders are charged with passing its wisdom down through the


    Similar, in a sense, is the experience o a orah with columns about

    14 inches high, about hal the standard size, that was made by a young

    soerabout 120 to 150 years ago in a part o czarist Russia that is now


    oday, the product o this unknown scribes precise, painstakingly

    delicate lettering is one o the worlds most widely traveled orahs, a trea-

    sured keepsake o my ar-fung amily through ve generations.

    Some o the most moving moments o my lie have been hearing it

    read at the Kotel, the western retaining wall o the ancient emple in

    Tim Klass JTNew CorrepondentJerusalem, or the Bnai Mitzvah o two cousins, Yonatan Gralnek

    December 2009 and Ariel Gralnek, his younger brother, in the wee

    beore the rst seder this spring.

    It was my grandmother and their great-great grandmother, u

    Kastelman Gralnek, who made it possible. Largely to honor her, I u

    Ashkenazi, the Hebrew she knew, in the transliteration or this article.

    Te story begins in Nikolayev, a shtetl between Kiev and Lvov. Facin

    conscription into the Russian army, my grandather, Kolman Gralne

    and his older brother, Morris (Moishe) Gralnek, fed one winter nigh

    on oot, eventually reaching Le Havre, France, and boarding a ship to th

    United States.

    Five years later, with help rom the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Societ

    they resettled in central Iowa and sent or their wives and children.

    Beore leaving, my grandmother went to a synagogue the amily ha

    Page 1X

    Tim Kla

    Jut beore the rt Paover eder thi year, Arie Granik read rom hi amiy miniature (and koher) Torah at the Kote in Jeruaem a he become a Ba


    The story of the traveling Torah

  • 8/6/2019 JTNews | May 27, 2011


    2 JTN . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, may 27, 201

    For complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit our website: www.jfsseattle.org


    Endless Opportunities

    A community-wide program offered inpartnership with Temple Bnai Torah & TempleDe Hirsch Sinai. EO events are opento the public.

    The Paradigm Shit:Measuring AmericaWith Linda Clark, Inormation ServicesSpecialist o the Census Bureau

    mTuesday, June 1410:00 11:30 a.m.

    Three Feet Under:Digging Deep or the Geoduck

    With Jack Bookey

    mThursday, June 2310:00 11:30 a.m.

    Not or the Faint o Heart The Restaurant BusinessWith Susan Kauman o Serafna

    mThursday, June 3010:00 11:30 a.m.

    RSVPEllen Hendin, (206) 861-3183 orendlessopps@jsseattle.org regarding allEndless Opportunities programs.

    1601 - 16th Avenue, Seattle

    (206) 461-3240 www.jfsseattle.org

    June Family Calendar


    AA Meetings at JFSmTuesdays at 7:00 p.m.

    Contact (206) 461-3240 or ata@jsseattle.org

    Kosher Food Bank EventA special Food Bankopportunity or amilieswho keep a kosher kitchen.

    mWednesday, June 15:00 6:30 p.m.

    Contact Jana Prothman, (206) 861-3174 or


    Jewish Single Parent FamilyMini-RetreatmSunday, June 12

    11:00 a.m. 4:30 p.m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or amilylie@jsseattle.org.

    Pride ShabbatmFriday, June 24

    6:00 8:00 p.m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or amilylie@jsseattle.org.

    Pride FestivalStop by the Jewish Community Booth

    mSunday, June 26


    Baby Boomers: Getting the MostOut o Getting OlderJune 1: Becoming your own health

    advocate with nationally recognizedauthor, Andrew Schorr

    June 15: Financing your future


    7:00 9:00 p.m.

    ContactEllen Hendin, (206) 861-3183 oramilylie@jsseattle.org.


    Braiding TraditionsA chance or interaith couples to bake andlearn together!

    mThursday, June 236:30 8:30 p.m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or amilylie@jsseattle.org.


    Programs of Project DVORA (DomesticViolence Outreach, Response & Advocacy)are free of charge.

    Confdential Support GroupPeer support, education and healing orJewish women with controlling partners.


    Confdential location, dates and time.

    ContactProject DVORA, (206) 461-3240or contactus@jsseattle.org

    The Mosaic o Wisdom:A Writing Workshop orSurvivors o IntimatePartner AbusemSunday, June 5

    2:00 4:00 p.m.

    ContactProject DVORA, (206) 461-3240or contactus@jsseattle.org


    Bringing Baby HomeKeep your relationship strong and be a greatparenting team.

    mThursdays, June 16 July 216:15 8:30 p.m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146or amilylie@jsseattle.org.

  • 8/6/2019 JTNews | May 27, 2011


    friday, may 27, 2011 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTN OpiNiON

    letters to the editorthe rabbis turn

    The United States believes that negotiations should result in two states, with permanent Palestinian borders with Israel, Jordan and Egypt, and permanent Israeli borders with Palestine.

    President Obama, stating his administrations policy on a future Palestinian state. Analysis is on page 4.

    Write a letter to the editor: W w fm ! o w

    c f www.jw./x.?/_.m

    m xm 350 w. t f x

    M 31. F m f

    Te National Museum o American Jewish Military History is located at the headquar-ters o a little-known historic veterans organization, the Jewish War Veterans o the USA.

    Founded by 76 Civil War veterans in 1896 and located in a quaint two-story brownstone

    in Washington, D.C., a brisk walk or short cab ride rom the U.S. Holocaust Memorial

    Museum, the museum lists at present 42 Jews who have given their lives in the deense o

    our country in the Iraq and Aghanistan theaters o the international war on terror. Te

    JWV is sure that many more will be identied as Jewish in the uture.

    While their amily and riends cry or them and think o them, who is thanking them?

    Who is standing at attention or them? We all must remember them!

    Te National Museum has begun a project to honor these American Jewish heroes

    this year marks the rst National Service Honoring the Jewish Fallen Heroes o Iraq and

    Aghanistan. Tis Memorial Day weekend, and hopeully countless Memorial Day week-

    ends thereaer, we are asking all synagogues throughout our nation at their Shabbat ser-

    vices to read their names in memorial.

    Please cut this list out o the paper and present it to your rabbi and ask him or her to

    read it with reverence on this Memorial Day weekend. Our allen heroes must not be or-


    Tis list is current as o March 14, 2011:

    Pfc. Daniel J. AgamiUSA, 25, Coconut Creek, Fla.

    Sgt. Howard P. AllenUSANG, 31, Mesa, Ariz.

    Spec. Benyahmin ben YahudahUSA, 24, Bogart, Ga.

    1st Lt. David R. BernsteinUSA, 24, Phoenixville, Penn.

    Cpl. Albert BittonUSA, 20, Chicago, Ill.

    Sgt. Aron C. BlumUSMC, 22, Tucson, Ariz.

    Petty Ocer 3rd Class Nathan B. BruckenthalUSCG, 24, Smithtown, N.Y.

    Cpl. Ryan J. ClarkUSA, 19, Lancaster, Calif.

    Cpl. Michael R. CohenUSMC, 23, Jacobus, Penn.

    2nd Lt. Seth J. DvorinUSA, 24, East Brunswick, N.J.

    Lance Cpl. Mark E. EngelUSMC, 21, Centennial, Colo.

    Cpl. Mark A. EvninUSMC, 21, Burlington, Vt.

    Pfc. Aaron E. FairbairnUSA, 20, Aberdeen, Wash.

    1st Lt. Daniel FarkasUSA, 42, Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Sgt. Zachary M. FisherUSA, 24, Ballwin, Mo.

    Pfc. Jacob S. FletcherUSA, 28, Bay Shore, N.Y.

    Spec. Daniel J. FreemanUSA, 20, Cincinnati, Ohio

    Sgt. Foster L. HarringtonUSMC, 31, Ft. Worth, Tex.

    Airman 1st Class Elizabeth N. JacobsonUSAF, 21, Riviera Beach, Fla.

    Lance Cpl. Jeremy M. KaneUSMC, 22, Towson, Md.

    1st Lt. Nathan M. KrissoUSMC, 25, Reno, Nev.

    Sta Sgt. Robert J. PaulUSAR, 43, e Dalles, Ore.

    Maj. Mark E. RosenbergUSA, 32, Miami Lakes, Fla.

    Cpl. Dustin H. SchrageUSMC, 20, Indian Harbor Beach, Fla.

    1st Lt. Roslyn L. SchulteUSAF, 25, St. Louis, Mo.

    Capt. Robert M. SecherUSMC, 33, Germantown, Tenn.

    Spec. Marc S. SeidenUSA, 26, Brigantine, N.J.

    Sta Sgt. Michael B. ShackelfordUSA, 25, Grand Junction, Colo.

    Sgt. Alan D. ShermanUSMCR, 36, Brick, N.J.

    Capt. Benjamin A. SklaverUSA, 32, Medford, Mass.

    Chief Warrant Ocer Eric A. SmithUSA, 41, Rochester, N.Y.

    1st Lt. Andrew K. SternUSMC, 24, Germantown, Tenn.

    Capt. Michael Y. TarlavskyUSA, 30, Passaic, N.J.

    Pfc. Morris L. WalkerUSA, 23, Chapel Hill, N.C.

    Tech. Sgt. Timothy R. WeinerUSAF, 35, Tamarac, Fla.

    Sgt. Robert M. WeingerUSA, 24, Round Lake Beach, Ill.

    Spec. Jerey M. WershowUSANG, 22, Gainesville, Fla .

    Pfc. Colin J. WolfeUSMC, 19, Manassas, Va.

    Maj. Stuart A. WolferUSA, 36, Coral Springs, Fla.

    Sgt. Elijah Tai Wah WongUSA, 42, Mesa, Ariz.