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  • 7/27/2019 JTNews | Tzedakah 2013






  • 7/27/2019 JTNews | Tzedakah 2013


    2 G I V E F RO M T H E H E A RT

    Who we are

    On any given night in Seattle, 7001,000 young people have no safe place to sleep.

    You might not recognize them as homeless theyre riding the bus with you, or

    sitting next to you at school, trying to blend in. While their classmates are fretting

    over schoolwork, they worry about their next meal or where theyll sleep tonight.

    At YouthCare, we help homeless youth ages 12 to 24 get off the streets and prepare

    for life. From food and other basic needs, to shelter and housing, to education and

    employment programs, YouthCares services turn that kid in a doorway into a kid in

    school, an adult on the job, an independent and stable citizen.

    You can help our communitys homeless youth today with a donation.


    Send yourcontribution to:

    Mail | 2500 NE 54th St., Seattle, WA 98105Online | www.youthcare.orgPhone | 206.267.3084

    Your contributionmatters:

    $25- New socks for our OutreachTeam to distribute to homeless

    youth on the streets.

    $50- New dishes and sheets for a

    formerly homeless youth moving

    into our independent living


    $100- New waterproof coat and

    shoes for a homeless youth to get to

    school through the wet winter.

    $250- 100 nutritious meals for kids

    off the street.


    Studying the Holocaust challenges students

    and citizens of all ages to promote human dignity,

    confront hatred, and work to prevent genocide.

    Leads to action

    Our mission is to inspire teaching and learning for

    humanity in the schools and communities of this region

    through study of the Holocaust.


    Send yourcontribution to:

    Mail | 2031 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121Online | www.wsherc.orgPhone | 206.774.2201

    Your contributionmatters:

    $75- Supplies maps and posters for

    two traveling trunks.

    $150- Sends a survivor or liberator

    to a school.

    $350- Purchases a classroom book


    $850- Adopts a traveling trunk.

    $1,000- Sponsors a collegeinternship at the Holocaust Center.




    THE SEASON OF GIVING IS UPON US!As Hanukkah and Thanksgiving coincide later this month, take some time to think about ways you can help

    others during this early holiday season. Our annual Tzedakah section features multiple organizations in ourcommunity that help those who are less fortunate than we are, help us educate our children, and make our

    communities both in and out of the Jewish population a better place. As you read through the many

    organizations featured in the Tzedakah section, talk with your family about how charitable donations make the

    world a better place, then list how you want to direct your giving.

  • 7/27/2019 JTNews | Tzedakah 2013


    G I V E F RO M T H E H E A RT


    Who we are

    Art with Heart helps children through the power of creativity.

    All kids need to feel heard, especially in times of hardship and uncertainty. Creative expression has the power

    to give voice to pain, anxiety and fear. Art with Hearts therapeutic books and programs make a difference and

    help children express whats going on inside of them.

    Whether its a child with cancer, a middle schooler dealing with bullying, or the tragedy of a school shooting,

    Art with Hearts therapeutic books help reach kids at critical moments, preventing the negative, long-term effects

    of hardship.

    Find out more at www.artwithheart.org!

    Send yourcontribution to:

    Mail | Art with Heart, P.O. Box 94402, Seattle, WA 98124-6702

    Online | www.artwithheart.org/donate

    Phone | 206.362.4047

    Your contributionmatters:

    $100 Buys a key and

    acknowledgement of your gift on the

    piano key poster board.

    Buy a Key and help us create,record and perform!

    Mercer Island Parks & Recreation Department fundraising p rogram to purchase a

    Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. Your contribution will benefit musical performances at our

    senior social program, senior lunches, special events, gallery receptions, and lessons. For

    $100, you can Buy a key. Your name will be recognized on a temporary piano key poster

    board at the Community & Event Center until after the fundraiser is over. What a great

    holiday gift idea for the music lover in your life!


    Send yourcontribution to:

    Email | miparks@mercergov.orgOnline | www.myparksandrecreation.comPhone | 206.275.7609

    These are the organizations featured in Tzedakah:

    The Arc of King County

    Art With HeartCompass Housing Alliance


    Heifer International

    Hope for Heroism

    International Rescue Committee

    Jewish Federation of Greater SeattleKline Galland Center and Affiliates

    Mercer Island Parks and Recreation

    Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center


  • 7/27/2019 JTNews | Tzedakah 2013


    4 G I V E F RO M T H E H E A RT


    AND AFFILIATESWho we are

    The mission of the Kline Galland Center and Affiliates, to

    promote the highest quality of life by providing a continuum

    of exceptional care and services for the elderly in a Jewish

    environment, is based on the Centers foundation to honor thy

    father and thy mother.

    Serving the Jewish community since 1914, 500 skilled staff

    and over 250 volunteers exemplify the Centers core values of

    compassion, excellence, integrity, respect, and dignity. The Caroline

    Kline Galland Home, The Summit at First Hill, The Polack Adult Day

    Center, Senior Nutrition Program, Kline Galland Home Health and

    Home Care, and the Kline Galland Hospice Services can all benefit

    from your donations.

    Send yourcontribution to:

    Mail | 1200 University St., Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98101

    Online | www.klinegalland.org

    Phone | 206.652.4444

    Help our Heroes Reclaim Their Lives

    Hope for heroism is an organization created by and led by elite IDF officers

    who were injured protecting Israel. HFH is based on an innovative model of

    injured soldiers helping injured soldiers, which is now

    being shared with the U.S.

    The goal of HFH is to help injured combat soldiers

    reclaim their lives after injury and, in many cases,

    continue to serve the Jewish people.

    Hope for Heroism is currently helping over

    360 injured combat soldiers in Israel and inspiring

    over 6,000 Jewish people in schools and communities

    around the world.

    Please visit us at www.HopeForHeroism.org to learn

    more. Thank you for helping those who were injured

    protecting the Jewish people.


    What yourdonation can do:

    Beit Achim Center

    Mentoring Project

    Sports Programs

    Music Project

    Womens Programs


    English Tutoring

    Medical & Educational

    Financial Aid

    Photography ProjectMonthly Weekends and


    HFH Tours

    Send yourcontribution to:

    Mail | 270 S Hanford St., Suite 207, Seattle, WA 98134

    Online | www.HopeForHeroism.org/donate

    Phone | 206.691.5096

  • 7/27/2019 JTNews | Tzedakah 2013


    G I V E F RO M T H E H E A RT


    Who we are

    At FareStart, we believe that every person deserves the chance to change his or

    her life story.

    Each persons life story is valid. Every path, no matter the turns and hardships,demands respect and compassion. Yet not everyone has a place where his or her lifes

    journey is welcomed, not everyone has a community where they can learn to honor

    and shape their own story. This is especially true for people who have lost their way.

    Whether begun by a persons choices or forces beyond ones control, these are paths

    that can lead to invisibility.

    But there remains a glimmer of strength. It sparks from different places for

    different people, but it happens. They are motivated to tryone more timeto start a

    new life after experiencing homelessness, addiction or other life challenges. Ready to

    take another step forward into a positive future.

    FareStart is one of the few places in our community poised to welcome and

    embrace the stories and lives of people in need, to help them take that first step. FareStart provides a

    community that transforms lives by empowering homeless and disadvantaged men, women, and families

    to achieve self-sufficiency through life skills, job training and employment in the food service industry.

    Over the past 21 years, FareStart has provided opportunities for nearly 6,500 youth and adults, whilealso serving over 5.5 million meals to those in need. FareStarts adult culinary program combines hands-

    on food service training with classroom instruction, individual case management, and job placement

    services, preparing homeless and disadvantaged men and women for jobs in the restaurant and

    hospitality industries. In addition to the 16-week training program, students also receive ongoing support

    after graduation to ensure that they remain employed and realize long-term success.

    Your generous contributions to FareStart will ensure that the men and women in our programs

    receive t