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    may 13, 2011 9 iyar 5771 volume 87, no. 10 $2


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    SAN FRANCISCO (JA) When the news o Osama

    bin Ladens death at U.S. hands hit the airwaves May 1,

    America breathed a collective sigh o relie. Spontane-

    ous celebrations broke out in ront o the White House as

    crowds gathered to wave the Stars and Stripes and chant

    their delight.

    But how should Jews respond

    when an evil-doer meets his end?

    Tere is no easy answer, leading

    rabbis say.

    Even asking the question is very

    Jewish, writes Rabbi zvi Freeman on


    Its so typically Jewish to eel

    guilty about rejoicing, he opined.

    A number o prominent rabbis

    spoke to JA on the subject, sharing

    their conicted reactions borne o a tension within Jewis

    teaching itsel.

    As the president said, justice was done, said Rab

    Eric Yoe, president o the Union or Reorm Judaism

    Bin Laden was an evil man. He preyed on the weak. H

    killed in the name o God.

    But, the rabbi continued, I was not comortable wit

    the celebrations. Toughtul discussion and thought

    remembrance o recent events are to be preerred to dan

    ing in the streets.

    Tere are examples within Jewish tradition o celebra

    ing an enemys death, o asking God or their destruction

    H shl Jes espn n Lens eh?

    Sue FiShkoFF JTA World Nws Srvic


    MeliSSA RivkiN/NY

    On Tus., May 10, th studnts and facuty of Northwst Yshiva High Schoo cratd Yom HaAtzmaut, Isras 63rd Indpndnc Day, y hoding Israi ags and singing as thy paradd two-and-a-h

    mis from thir schoo to Isand Crust Caf for a pizza unch. Th schoo hops to mak th Isra wak, pannd y snior Sarah Varon, an annua vnt.

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    Society becomes how you act. Eric Liu, co-author of The True PatriotandImagination First , speaking at the Jewish Family Service gala luncheon on May 9.

    As I write this column Im

    sitting in Israel, a ew days

    aer Yom HaShoah and a ewdays beore Yom HaZikaron,

    the Day o Remembrance,

    and Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel

    Independence Day. Israel is

    wrapped in blue and white

    it seems like every car, street,

    and trac circle has Israeli

    lags dangling somewhere

    prominent. Entire municipal buildings are

    lit up in blue.

    A program on Israeli television last

    night exemplied the character o those

    moments when practically every Jew in

    the world is overcome with a mixture o

    pride and gratitude.

    Te program was about Yoseph Good-

    man, a young IDF soldier in Maglan, an

    elite unit in the paratroopers. On February

    6, 2006, during a routine training, Yoseph

    jumped out o a plane and somehow his

    commanders leg became entangled in

    Yosephs parachute. Tey both began an

    immediate plummet to their deaths.

    Oen when I hear about these moments

    o intense crisis, I cant help but ask mysel,

    What would I do? Tey were in a situa-

    tion where both were certainly going to

    die, but there was at least a chance that i

    one cut himsel ree he would save them


    Again, what i it was me? I can only

    tell you what 20-year-old Yoseph Good-

    man did. He didnt give his commander

    and riend even a chance to decide who

    would cut the rope. He immediately cut

    his parachute, saving his riends lie. He

    tried to open his reserve chute, but was too

    close to the ground or it to open. Yoseph

    is buried on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem.

    I have had the unending privilege to

    work with injured Israeli combat soldiers

    since 2007 through Hope or Heroism. I

    am not exaggerating when I tell you that

    this level o selessness is something these

    young men live with and are ready to act

    on today at a moments notice. I have

    stopped counting the times I have met a

    young man who will spend years o his lie

    trying to rehabilitate his body because o

    his decision to put himsel between a ter-

    rorist and a group o civilians.

    In Israel, Hope or Heroism is run

    entirely by injured combat soldiers and

    the leaders tell me they continue to see

    expressions o this seless giving every-

    day. When they encounter injured soldiers

    in the hospital, the rst and only request

    they oen hear rom them is to instead

    help a riend who has been injured. I an

    injured soldier sufering rom post-trau-

    matic stress is in a moment o personal

    crisis in the middle o the night, he will

    have his brothers by his side

    in an instant and they wont

    leave him until they eel he isable to manage on his own. It

    doesnt matter what his hap-

    pening in their own lives that

    week, everything is dropped

    to help a brother in need.

    I dont know what I would

    do in Yoseph Goodmans sit-

    uation, but I know exactly

    what any o our injured soldiers would do:

    Tey would ght to be the rst one to cut

    their own parachute, no matter the con-


    In the Jewish calendar we also nd our-

    selves in the midst oSeras HaOmer, the

    time when we count the days rom Pass-

    over to the holiday o Shavuot and the

    bringing o the omer ofering in the Beit

    HaMikdash. During this time, until we

    reach the 33rd day o the omer, there is a

    tradition or the Jewish people to observe

    signs o mourning, including letting ones

    beard grow, as a remembrance o the the

    24,000 students o Rabbi Akiva who died

    during this period. We not only observe

    outward signs o mourning but are also

    meant to reect on xing in ourselves what

    the almud says was the spiritual cause o

    the death o Rabbi Akivas students: Tey

    did not accord respect to each other. Dis-

    respect and dishonor can only come rom

    a spirit o selshness and taking.

    I know the reason the television chan-

    nel chose the program about Yoseph

    Goodman had nothing to do with Rabbi

    Akivas students, but the timing could not

    have been better. I used to think that the

    mourning and reection we do during this

    time was only or us to remember to act in

    a respectul way toward the people around

    us, but I realized last night that its also

    about something more.

    Even i we show respect to each other,

    we do not come into this world simply

    to live or ourselves. We are here to go

    beyond ourselves or the sake o some-

    one else. In Hebrew the word or sacrice

    is hakravah. It is not an accident that

    hakravah also has the meaning to come

    close. We need look no urther than our

    precious injured soldiers to see this truth

    in action. Tey share a purity and close-

    ness that leave anyone who meets them

    eeling touched and inspired.

    Chaim Levine is Levitan executive director of

    Hope for Heroism. The injured Israeli soldiers

    will be in Seattle on their annual Hope for

    Heroism delegation on May15th23rd. During

    this time they will spend two days bonding with

    injured U.S. soldiers who have recently been

    inspired by Hope for Heroism to start a similar

    organization here in Washington State.

    What woud I do?Rabbi Chaim Levine Hop for Hroism