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    connecting our local Jewish community


    @jew_ish or @jewish_dot_com

    t h e v o i c e o f j e w i s h w a s h i n g t o n

    august 20, 2010 10 elul 5770 volume 86, no. 17 $27 8 11 22

    SurpriSed at


    Online excluSiveS Road warrior rides from D.C. to Seattle

    Would Israel strike Iran?

    Is E=mc2 a liberal conspiracy?

    a meeting of the minds 200 miles & still smiling shylock in ashlandhigh holiday listings

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    2 JTN . www.JTNews.NeT . friday, augusT 20, 201

    For complete details about these and other upcoming JFS events and workshops, please visit our website: www.jfsseattle.org

    For Adults Age 60+

    Endless Opportunities

    A community-wide program offered inpartnership with Temple Bnai Torah & TempleDe Hirsch Sinai. EO events are free and opento the public.

    A Dierent Shade o BlueA history o emale police oicerswith Adam Eisenberg

    mta, smb 2110:00 11:30 a.m.

    What is SecularHumanistic Judaism?With Judi Gladstone

    mta, ob 1210:00 11:30 a.m.

    A Sabbatical, Global JewishActivism & A Trip to IndiaWith Rabbi Jay Rosenbaum

    mta, ob 2110:00 11:30 a.m.

    Opera ReduxWith Ken Schlegel

    mta, ob 28

    10:00 11:30 a.m.RSVPEllen Hendin, (206) 861-3183 orendlessopps@jsseattle.org regarding allEndless Opportunities programs.

    For pArents

    PEPSPEPS is now oering a peer support groupexperience or parents o newborns within aculturally relevant context. Jewish and interaith

    parents are invited to join us!ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146,amilylie@jsseattle.org or go tohttp://www.pepsgroup.org/register-or-peps/js.

    Volunteer to MAke A


    Call (206) 861-3155, e-mail

    volunteer@jfsseattle.org or check Volunteer

    Opportunities at www.jfsseattle.org

    For Jewish woMen

    Programs of Project DVORA (DomesticViolence Outreach, Response & Advocacy)are free of charge.

    Confdential Support GroupPeer support, education and healing orJewish women with controlling partners.


    Confdential location, dates and time.

    ContactProject DVORA, (206) 461-3240or contactus@jsseattle.org

    1601 - 16th Avenue, Seattle

    (206) 461-3240 www.jfsseattle.org

    JFS services and programs aremade possible through generous

    community support o

    to donae, please

    visi www.jfsseale.org

    Late Summer/Early Fall Family Calendar

    For the coMMunity

    AA Meetings at JFSmta a 7:00 .m.

    ContactEve M. Ru, (206) 861-8782 oremru@jsseattle.org

    Employment Resources:Job Searching, Training &Health Insurancemta, A 26

    7:00 8:30 .m.

    ContactEmily Harris-Shears, (206) 861-8784

    or amilylie@jsseattle.org

    Shaarei Tikvah: A Celebrationo Rosh Hashanah or People oAll Abilitiesmta, smb 9

    4:00 6:00 .m.

    ContactEmily Harris-Shears, (206) 861-8784or amilylie@jsseattle.org

    Chai ChavurahA Judaic/12 Step Study Gathering or Jewsin or considering recovery, their amilies andtheir riends.

    msaa, smb 11Second Saturday each month

    1:00 .m.ContactEve M. Ru, (206) 861-8782 oremru@jsseattle.org

    Food Drive/Food Sortmsa, smb 19

    10:00 a.m. n

    ContactJane Deer-Hileman, (206) 861-3155or volunteer@jsseattle.org.

    Sukkot Gathering: CelebratingOur Diverse Familiesmsa, smb 26

    1:30 3:30 .m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 oramilylie@jsseattle.org

    Global Day o LearningCommunity-Wide Eventmta, nvmb 7

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 oramilylie@jsseattle.org

    For pArents & FAMilies

    Choices, Changes & Challenges:Parenting a Tween or TeenA workshop series for parents

    Session 1: Sel-Esteem &Body Imagemsa, ob 10

    11:00 a.m. 12:30 .m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 oramilylie@jsseattle.org

    Bringing Baby Homemta, o. 14 nv. 18

    6:15 8:30 .m.

    ContactMarjorie Schnyder, (206) 861-3146 oramilylie@jsseattle.org

    For dV surViVors

    Tashlich or Survivorso Intimate Partner AbuseFacilitated by Danica Bornstein, MSW, LISW

    mwa, smb 156:30 8:30 .m.

    Confdential location. RSVP by September 13.

    ContactProject DVORA, (206) 461-3240or contactus@jsseattle.org

    Kids Club or Kids 5-8A 12-week parent/child interactive

    class or children who have witnesseddomestic violence

    msa ob

    ContactProject DVORA, (206) 461-3240or contactus@jsseattle.org

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    friday, augusT 20, 2010 . www.JTNews.NeT . JTN OpiniOn

    WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We wold love to hear from yo! Or ide to writi a

    letter to the editor a e fod at www.jtews.et/idex.h?/letters_idelies.htm

    t lease limit yor letters to aroximately 350 words. The deadlie for the ext isse i

    Setemer 3. Ftre deadlies may e fod olie


    If we cant wrestle with the ideas of a play, how can we wrestle with real differences? I believe that plays are done to provoke, to make people think.

    Rabbi Marc Sirinsky on the Oregon Shakespeare Festivals production of The Merchant of Venice


    I too am glad to see coverage of the Olympia Co-ops decision to boycott Israeli prod-

    ucts (Principled and Courageous, Letters, Aug. 6). It goes to show how narrow-minded

    some supposedly intelligent people can be. You talk about Israeli crimes against the Pal-

    estinians. Where were you, where was the co-op, when the Palestinians were bombing

    civilians on the streets, buses, public eating places in Israel? Where are you today re: theindiscriminate sending of rockets into Israel?

    As a Jew you may not consider yourself as being represented by Israel or Zionism.

    There were many in Germany during the 1930s who thought the same way.

    Harry M. Reiheer

    Federal Way


    I would like to know where Adrienne Weller obtains her information (Principled and

    Courageous, Letters, Aug. 6). What gives her the right and arrogance to judge Israel?

    Israel is a sovereign country whose elected ofcials job is to protect its citizens. What

    crimes against the Palestinians is she referring to? The only crimes against the Palestinians

    are by the hands of their own leaders, not by Israel. Hamass charter includes the destruc-

    tion of Israel in its text. Gazans are held hostage by a brutal regime (Hamas) backed by

    the Iranian regime, that does not allow freedom in any form to those who oppose them.

    Israel is a democratic country with equal freedom and privileges for Arabs, Muslims, Chris-

    tians, Bahai, Buddhists, women, and homosexuals, unlike anyone living under the oppres-

    sion of Hamas.

    Please explain what Jewish tradition is destroyed. One only need look at the humani-

    tarian work Israel does all over the world and in Israel. Look at any hospital in Israel and

    you will see Jewish, Christian and Muslim doctors working together to care for the sick

    regardless of religion or nationality. Why would you want to destroy a country that pro-

    vides tikkun olam over a regime that only knows destruction? What do you see in the Pal-

    estinian Hamas-controlled Gaza?

    We see bombs, hate and using women and children as human shields. Should Israel

    allow terrorists to bring in more guns and rockets to Hamas so that they can continue kill-

    ing innocent people in Israel?

    Please continue ghting for the oppressed. Boycott Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and any

    other terrorist organization or state, and please get your facts straight.

    Iris Lama

    Merer Islad


    The Olympia, Washington Food Co-op has the dubious distinction of being the rst

    within the grocery co-op movement in America to boycott Israeli-made products. This is

    unsurprising, because Olympia is a beehive of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist activities, from the

    classrooms of Evergreen State College to its churches and town hall.

    With no public notice to its members, let alone a healthy debate about the merits of

    such a motion, on July 15 the Olympia Food Co-op damned Israel, in effect placing the

    entire onus of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conict on Israel. Nothing short of the right

    of return of all Arab refugees from the 1948 War a war initiated by ve Arab armies and

    the Arab leadership of Palestine at that timewill sufce to end the boycott. Of course, this

    is code for the disbanding of the Jewish State of Israel.

    Never mind that Israel is being singled out as the one country whose wickedness and

    depravity is so great that its very existence is deemed a topic demanding of discussion. Not

    so with North Korea, Sudan, Libya, China, Russia, Syria or scores of other countries whose

    human rights abuses are apparently so commonplace as to be unworthy of mention.

    Never mind that Israel has shown itself willing to make painful sacrices for peace, from

    its withdrawal from all of Sinai, its evacuation of all Jews from Gaza and other settlements in

    the disputed territories of the West Bank, to Ehud Baraks and later Ehud Olmerts offers to

    relinquish upwards of 96 percent of the West Bank in return for peace with its neighbors.

    Never mind that an economic boycott sends exactly the wrong message to both Israe -

    lis and Palestinians striving to reach an accord, because it penalizes Israeli Christian and

    Muslim Arabs (who comprise 20 percent of Israels population), emboldens Palestinian

    In the Winter 2009 edition o Reorm

    Judaism Magazine, the Union