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A strategic overview of emerging technology.


  • 1. A strategic overview of emerging educational technologies
  • 2. Introduction What I'll cover: high level overview of technology trends relevant to F/HE Who I am: Wilbert Kraan Assistant Director, Centre for Educational Technology and Interoperability Standards 2
  • 3. Overview (Learning) Analytics Research data management Outsourcing, cloud and shared services eTextBooks Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) 3
  • 4. Analytics Past Information Present Future What happened? What is happening now? What will happen? (Reporting) Insight (Alerts) How and why did it happen? What is the next best action? (Modelling, experimental design) (Recommendation) (Extrapolation) What is the best/worst that can happen? (Prediction, optimisation, simulation) 4
  • 5. (Learning) Analytics Potential Obstacles Lack of analytics expertise Difficult to get at and process all the relevant data What constitutes 'success' and how do we measure it? Opportunities Optimisation of core processes (e.g. teaching & learning) Anticipate changes 'What if' scenarios Gain more insight in crucial areas Reduce drop-out rates What's behind the trend? Catch up with other sectors (finance, retail, sports) Increased competition 5
  • 6. Research data management 6
  • 7. Research data management Potential Obstacles Home-grown systems culture Wide variety of needs Opportunities Efficient sharing/re-use of data will lead to more breakthroughs Data volumes need common infrastructure Streamline some processes Share the most obvious infrastructure What's behind the trend Desire by funding agencies to get more bang for their buck 7
  • 8. Outsourcing, cloud and shared services 8
  • 9. Outsourcing, cloud and shared services Potential Obstacles Determining what is common and what is unique Privacy and security Opportunities Save money by sharing infrastructure Share the most commodified technologies (email, file storage) What's behind the trend Cost saving Better user experience 9
  • 10. eTextBooks 10
  • 11. eTextBooks Potential Obstacles Not clear what works/doesn't work in terms of technology, usability, pedagogy Lack of interoperability Opportunities Access to interactive and adapted and/or personalised content on any device Experiment with new pedagogies Overhaul course content What's driving this trend? Hardware innovation Territory grab by major vendors (Apple, Amazon, Google) Some publishers looking for a new business model or niche 11
  • 12. Massive Online Open Courses 12
  • 13. Massive Online Open Courses Potential Obstacles Business model unclear Very large drop-out rates Opportunities Whole new way to deliver F/HE Free education for everyone Added value services: Proctored exams Tutoring Accreditation What's behind the trend? Desire for low barrier to entry, course sized F/HE Desire to mainstream online learning 13
  • 14. Questions? More on any of the topics: http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/ Specifically on analytics: http://publications.cetis.ac.uk/c/analytics 14