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  • 1. The earthquake in Japan took place offthe Pacific coast of Tohoku. It occurredon March 11, 2011.

2. The earthquakes magnitude was 9.0.It was the most powerful earthquaketo ever hit Japan, and one of the fivemost powerful earthquakes in theworld. 3. It was a horrible thing because manypeople have nowhere to live andnothing to eat. 4. This is Honshu afterthe earthquake. Itmoved Honshu 2.4meast. 5. Many electrical generators were taken down. 6. A 220,000 barrelof Cosmo OilCompany was seton fire by theearthquake. 7. A kid after the earthquake. 8. Little kids gettingadopted, because theloss of their parents. 9. United States houseJapan house 10. U. S. Navy, comingto help Japan. 11. InspIremonkey.com wIkIpedIa.com expatdaIlynews.com jokeroo.com daIlymaIl.co.uk 12. By: AustinTyndall


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