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  • The Tyndall at Robertson HillAddendum 001


    Contents:1. Tyndall Precon RFI List2. RFI 02 attachment - Concrete Details3. RFI 04 attachment - Finish Schedules4. RFI 05 attachment - Plumbing Schedule5. RFI 06 attachment - Light Fixture Schedule6. RFI 014 attachment - Flush Wood Door Specification7. RFI 015 attachment - Hardware Schedule8. Project Schedule (7.19.15): 6 day work week through concrete structure

    markhTypewritten Text*Bidders Note: Bid Date is moved to August 11, 2015 at 2pm.

  • Job Name:

    Job No.:

    Drawing Date Date Date Number Initiated Required Completed Answer / Direction

    1 CG101 07/13/15 07/20/15

    2 GS1.00 07/13/15 07/20/15 07/20/15 50% CD progress sheet GS3.14 was received by WCC on 7/20/15.

    3GS3.11, GS3.12 07/13/15 07/20/15


    A3.01 - A3.40, and Specs 07/13/15 08/01/15 07/20/15 interior finish schedule emailed to WCC 7/20

    5 P1.00 07/13/15 08/01/15 07/20/15 plumbing fixture schedule emailed to WCC 7/206 E1.00 07/13/15 08/01/15 07/20/15 light fixture scheduled emailed to WCC 7/20


    Geotech Report & GS 3.12 07/13/15 08/01/15


    Geotech Report & GS dwgs. 07/13/15 07/20/15 07/20/15

    Answered by Rik Haden 7.20.15: The project geotechnical engineering report does not provide any recommendation for spread footings to support principal column and wall loads. Geotechnical Engineer recommends that straight-sided drilled piers bearing in Stratum III Austin Chalk be used to support the building. Pier diameters and lengths are based on foundation design loads versus combination of prescribed net allowable bearing and net allowable side friction pressures provided in the geotech report.

    9 L102 07/13/15 08/01/15

    10 L102 07/14/15 08/01/15 07/21/15

    Response (Answered) from: Owen Snell (DWG.)Remarks: In earlier drawings we were proposing to salvage the existing tree material for benches and other wood features. The current drawings do not have these designs. We will remove this note for the future submittal, sorry for the confusion.

    11Spec 03300 07/14/15 07/20/15 07/20/15

    Answered by HPA 7/20/15: The garage will be insulated underneath the units so HPA takes no exception to Level C finish at garage. Owner to verify with contractor the finish level that is expected.

    12 Civil 07/14/15 08/01/15

    Need approval from Owner or Engineer to use SD35 PVC pipe instead of SDR40. Per Utility Contractor, 18 schedule 40 pipe is not manufactured.

    The 03300 Specs call for a Class A finish at areas exposed to public view and Class C for areas not exposed to public view. Are the under-sides of the parking levels considered exposed to public view?

    Item #

    Note 31 on drawings A3.01 thru A3.40 refers to interior designer finish schedule for finishes, for additional room finish notes and specifications. Please provide.

    Is it possible to re-route the 12"/18" storm sewer line currently shown to be outside of the building approximately 15 to 20 feet plan east into the building footprint? This would allow us to schedule this work in one mobilization and excavate for the wall and the storm drain at the same time in lieu of two separate mobilizations and two excavation activities at two different times. This will also alleviate possible soil retention and property line clearance issues.

    Please provide a complete light fixture schedule.The Geotechnical Report recommends that the perimeter wall drainage system be designed by the MEP engineer. Structural drawing GS3.12 detail 1 calls for drainage mat & waterproofing (re: architectural). Please provide details and specifications.

    Is it feasible to use spread footings in lieu of drilled piers? This could potentially save some money, especially if the piers are required to be 36" dia. X 10 deep. The geotech recommended minimum 24" dia x 4' deep piers. Re: Note 1, sheet L102. Please provide complete MEP drawings, details, and specifications for the 40,000 gallon water harvesting irrigation supply systemRe. Note 1, sheet L102. Please provide locations for 30" and 37.5" post oak trees to be salvaged for re-use - via a plan drawing or marked on site. Also, please provide a drawing showing the location and details of benches where the reclaimed post oak wood is to be utilized.

    Preconstruction RFI List

    Request / Question

    Structural Drawing GS1.00 refers to section 4/GS3.14 but we do not find sheet GS3.14 in plan set. Please provide sheet GS3.14 with referenced details.

    Please provide a complete plumbing fixture schedule.

    The Tyndall at Robertson Hill


    Detail 1 on sheets GS3.11 and 3.12 calls out a perforated collection pipe (RE: Plumbing). Please reference and/or provide a specific plumbing drawing with additional information as needed for pricing, routing, and installation.

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    Drawing Date Date Date Number Initiated Required Completed Answer / DirectionItem #

    Preconstruction RFI List

    Request / Question

    The Tyndall at Robertson Hill


    13L Series, A Series 07/15/15 07/20/15

    14 Spec 07/15/15 07/20/15 07/20/15 wood door default spec emailed to WCC 7/20 KN ADDED15 Spec 07/15/15 07/20/15 07/20/15 hardware schedule emailed to WCC 7/20 KN ADDED

    16GS3.11, GS3.12 07/17/15 07/24/15

    17A4.10c, E4.11cp 07/17/15 07/24/15

    18 Spec 27 07/17/15 07/24/15

    19 07/20/15 07/27/15

    20 E6.01 07/20/15 07/27/1521 E 07/20/15 07/27/15

    22Civil, Arch, MEP, LS 07/20/15 07/27/15

    23 MEP 07/20/15 07/27/15

    Please identify types and locations for each exterior skin system (ex: dimensioned elevation drawings showing where different skin systems start and stop)

    Additional details, elevations, cut sections, specifications for the "green roof" on the 2nd floor are needed. The landscape drawings show the most information but its not real cleararchitectural drawings showing details and sections should follow.Please provide a specification section for Wood DoorsPlease provide a specification section for hardwareDetails 1, 1A on sheets GS3.11 & 3.12 notes a "Drainage Mat & Waterproofing ref: Arch. We cannot find any additional information on the architectural drawings. Please provide detailed dimensional drawings, sections, and specifications as needed for pricing and installation.On sheet A4.10c, the room at the bottom left area of the plan is noted as "Generator". Sheet E4.11cp does not show a generator or that room. Please advise.

    We do not find any plans or specs for the low voltage communications cabling. In the specs it indicates division 27 not used. Please advise if this information will be provided.

    Riser note 1 calls for underground primary electric system conduits Re: Sheet MPE-? For additional info. Please provide missing sheet. Please provide an electrical load distribution schedule

    It is our understanding that the building will be occupied in three separate vertical phases. Please provide drawings showing the demarcation between each phase and which areas make up each phase. For example, if phase 1 is comprised of the Clubhouse, Fitness Center, Sales Office, pool, pool deck, and 1/3 of the units, this will require the specific unit numbers for the 1/3 of the units to be occupied, which elevator(s) will be required for use, specific stair egress routes required, fire separation wall(s) locations between each phase, and any temporary or special fire alarm and fire sprinkler system requirements for certificate of occupancy for each phase.

    Fire Protection Contractor question: the definition of a high-rise is a building that exceeds 75ft in height measured from the tires of the fire truck to the floor level of the upper most level. Basically Level 6 floor elev: shows 54 5-1/4. We are not sure of the elevation where the fire truck would sit to access the building which would also be the lowest point. Depending on the answer to this question, it may then require an Automatic Fire Pump, two (2) Fire dept. connections, and an upsized standpipe and drain system. Please advise.

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    Drawing Date Date Date Number Initiated Required Completed Answer / DirectionItem #

    Preconstruction RFI List

    Request / Question

    The Tyndall at Robertson Hill


    24 07/20/15 07/20/15 07/20/15This is a confirming RFI issued and answered the same day by the Architect.

    25Spec 07 81 23 07/21/15 07/28/15

    26 GS 0.02 07/21/15 07/28/15

    27123661.16 123661.19 07/21/15 07/28/15

    28 A4.11a 07/21/15 07/28/152930313233343536

    Preconstruction RFI List

    Overhead doors Mark, 111 & 112 at Garage Level 1, partial A, on sheet A4.11a: The specifications call for coiling grilles, but the door schedule spells out insulated service doors. Please clarify which type of overhead opening is required.

    On sheet A2.02 (Window Schedule), Windows through are listed out as storefront. These windows are not storefront. They are a series of mulled together thermally broken aluminum windows. We discussed these window options with Thermal prior to issuing this set. looking at the window each column is a double hung window on top of a fixed window. This holds true for all the windows for this section of the schedule. The doors are also fabricated by thermal and integrated into the system. The transom above the doors will be a fixed window. Storefront Windows only happen at the first floor club areas.Spec 07 81 23 requires Intumescent Mastic Fire Resistive Coating System for interior structural steel applications. Please provide drawings and details showing locations where this coating system shall be applied.

    Structural Note 9 requires the contractor to coordinate structural steel fireproofing requirements. WCC is not a licensed


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