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The Pampering TimesJane S he e han F oo t R e ade r a nd R e f le xo l ogi st T e l + 44 ( 0) 77 39 8 02 17 5 w w w .f oo tr e a di ng. com w w w .f in daf oo tr e ade r .c omFolderols in hair Ritual May 2013 2374 subscribers Issue 98

Toes above and below the lineThis article is aimed at existing foot reading students so apologies if you havent learned yet. Recently Ive had a few emails from students saying they are struggling to know how to place the line to determine whether a toe is above or below the line.

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Im not surprised. Its not that easy! I thought I would write to explain more. Firstly, I usually use the 4th toe to determine where the line should be. This is be-

cause it is rare for the 4th toe to be over the line. (If the 4th toe is over the line, usually the 2nd toe is over the line as well, as per the photograph. Its quite a distinct pattern when 4th and 2nd are

over the line so once youve seen it, you usually recognise it. ) In this photo the big toe is also under the line but it doesnt have to be....continued page 2

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World without CancerHi Jane, my name is Mel. I attended one of your courses in Central London about 5 years ago now, I guess. My how time flies! I have just been reading your newsletter on my travels. Im currently in Australia and thought it important to share a website my mum found for using vitamin B17 to help fight cancer. I know its not an article but I think your newsletter would be a great place to share this information. I hope you agree. http:// worldwithoutcancer.org.uk/ Namaste Mel www.reflextoday.co.uk Jane says: Ive had a look at the website and it has some studies going back as far as 1950 so definitely worth a look. The information is admittedly controversial and hypothesizes that cancer stems from a nutritional deficiency. Check it out for yourself and thank you Mel for sharing it with us. I believe in self-help and sharing our knowledge with others.

So unless you have the same Mary Russell pattern shown here, you'll try to offers personalised nutritional draw the line from the 4th toe advice for health and sports as 4th toe is the most common performance toe to fit the line. www.russell-price.co.uk How to work out the

line of the toesFrom the 4th toe tip, you will expect to see a nice graduated even line showing neat steps up to the big toe. This rarely happens. So look at the step up from 4th toe to 3rd toe. Is it a

little step or a big step? If it is a big step then the 3rd toe is probably over the line. Similarly, is the step down from the 4th toe to the 5th toe a little step or a huge drop down? If it is a big drop then the 5th toe is below the line. Continue investigating the steps up from 4th toe to big toe. Each step should be assessed to see if it is over or under the line. Only use your general meanings for interpreting the

ones that dont fit the line and remember there are two exceptions2nd toe over means leadership qualities and little toe under means a great sense of fun.

Common patterns to look for:Big toe below, 3rd toe over, little toe below (Fig 2b) Or 2nd and 3rd toe over (Figs 1 + 2a)

Fig 1

Difficulty reading?Sometimes you will find it difficult to decide whether 2nd and 3rd are over the line, orFig 2a Fig 2b

whether big toe is below the line and 3rd toe is over. Consider these two photos of the same foot but with different lines drawn (Figs 2a and 2b). In order to decide which line you will read, you will have to make a judgement call. If you know 2nd toe over the line is natural leadership qualities and if not in a leadership role they will

become bossythen you make a judgement whether this person looks like they have such a quality. Looking at this foot, Id prefer to pick the line in the Fig 2b. That is because the impression these feet give me is not of someone who would have leadership qualities. Theres nothing dominant- looking about these feet. So

instead Id go for big toe below the line, 3rd toe over the line as in Fig2b. (Multi-tasker and lots of drive and determination that they can do twice as much as the next person given the same time and resources.) I hope this has assisted you in working out how to read the line. Jane

Issue 98

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Canceruseful resourcesDisclaimer: This article was put together using information emailed to Jane and do not necessarily reflect her views. It is being shared for you to research further. You are urged to seek orthodox medical care and diagnosis and you are advised to tell your GP/ oncologist of any therapies, treatments or supplements you are receiving as an adjunct to your conventional care.

In my last newsletter I asked for articles on Cancer. Ive received information by email and have decided to include links to websites so that you can read the whole articles rather than just an abbreviated version here as we are unable to offer huge amounts of space and its such a huge topic. Remember to research carefully before following any treatment. I asked a former student of mine, Alli Dixon

(alli.dixon@btinternet.com) about what tips she would offer to anyone who wanted to follow the same route she did in using nutrition rather than chemo to fight cancer: Food-wise, eat NO meat, dairy or yeast. Not easy when you first start as you are at a loss with what to eat. Initially when I had been through the treatment which I stopped, I cut out anything with sucrose, glucose or fructose. This includes fruit

and root veg to begin with (not permanently but for detoxing and for cleansing your system it is important. Increase your intake of filtered water to 2.5 litres per day. If possible get organic veggies and fruit. I shop locally and get regular deliveries.

She also said Get a good juicer and start green juicing as much as possible. Juices and smoothies are great for alkalising which is what you need to do. Cancer can not survive in an alkaline body. There are lots of good books on juicing. Stick to the greens for now though.

Get some pH filter strips. You need to check your pH on a daily basis. It should be 7.2 or 7.3 thereabouts. When you get your bicarb and molasses (see next paragraph) you then build up your pH level until it reaches a much higher level like 8 or 9 and maintain for 4 days minimum. This can

cause headaches and dizziness but it is miles better than chemo for sure. Keep up the water intake. Here is a website explaining about the use of bicarbonate of soda and molasses to change the environment in the cell giving clear explanation of the sci-

ence, clear directions for usage etc http:// www.regenerativenutrition.com /content.asp?id=490 Order your Bicarbonate of soda from Amazon ...search for aluminium free as majority shop bought stuff is not good. The

molasses is available Holland and Barret or any good health food store or again Amazon...again organic. You can eat from the Alkaline/Acid charts mainly veggies and salad, apples and pears occasionally, nuts seeds pulses and a little of grains. Avoid root veg and high fructose fruits, bread,

Page 3

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and potatos as they alter the glucose in the digestive process. Vitamins are highly important to boosting your immune system. Start with a good quality Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 with K and also very important, Apricot Kernals which is B17 (see link on previous page). This is

all available from Credence.org.

At a networking event Catriona Armor LCPH, MARH, RHom of Vital Remedy There is also mind work that needs to be addressed for Can- (www.vitalremedy.co.uk) sugcer and the paraliminal CDs are gested checking out a video good . Look up innertalk CDs called The Hidden Cures of Cancer on a website called redas they do the Cancer one for pill.tv. free and you just listen to it as you go to sleep, for 30 days. Recipes


At the same networking event a lady caring for someone with mouth cancer suggested Brendas easy-to-swallow Cookbook which has recipes that have high nutritional content in small portions that are easy to swallow.

Also, try this website and related cookbook http:// www.chemocookeryclub.com/ where a trained chef was inspired to write a cookbook for cancer patients using professional nutrition advice but to make wonderful meals and put the joy back into the food experience.

WaterThe importance of a good source of filtered water has been stressed earlier. Katherine Grimston can wax lyrical on the topic of water and is a distributor for Nikken products which includes a special filtered sports water bottle that you can carry

with you. Contact Katherine@grimston.co.uk or ring 07770 804025.

Hair LossThis next website is about a method of scalp cooling so that when youre having chemotherapy you can attempt to minimise hairloss.

http://www.macmillan.org.uk/ Cancerinformation/ Livingwithandaftercancer/ Symptomssideeffects/Hairloss/ Scalpcooling.aspx As this site is run by MacMillan there are lots of other resources on there that support cancer care. Be aware that whilst it helps some people, others dont get on with the scalp cooling.

One lady told me that she felt it was awful and worse than the chemo. In her experience she didnt lose her hair, it just thinned and then grew back. So it really is a matter of finding out what works and doesnt work for you.

Homeopathy Cancer tipsPage 4

Issue 98

This section is by Catriona Armor: Homeopathy is a system of medicine developed over 200 years ago, which can be used to support you alongside your allopathic cancer treatment or alongside should you choose to use alternative approaches. The home