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Reflexology Techniques Part 4 of the Reflexology Presentations Slide 2 Basic Techniques Reflexology consists of many techniques and movements. Within this section we are going to see a variety of Basic movements and some advanced movements. The first movement we are going to see is called Effleurage, this movement is a stroking movement used to apply the oil and begin to warm the foot and relax the client. Effleurage is used within the treatment many times, usually at the beginning and at the end of the treatment. Slide 3 Basic Techniques Another basic movement we can see is called Thumb walking also known as Caterpillar Walk. We use this movement for the majority of the actual treatment, when we are actually manipulating all the body areas. The movement can be carried out by imagining you are watching a caterpillar crawling and you imagine your thumb to be the caterpillar crawling over the foot. This movement often needs practice as it is not a movement we familiar with to begin with. Slide 4 Basic Techniques One other basic technique used within the treatment is Friction circles.This movement is carried out by the use of the finger tips, applying a small circular movement on the top of the foot and using the thumbs on the soles of the feet. The movement is usually used at the beginning of the treatment in the warm up stage, whereby we are beginning to warm the area and relax the client and can be used in the final stage of the treatment. Slide 5 Advanced Techniques One of the advanced techniques we can use is called Spinal Twist. This movement can be used at various stages of the treatment. It can be used within the warm stage and final stage, but can also be used when working on the spine area. The action is as wringing a cloth, the hands are placed down the spine on the foot and a wringing action is carried out. This movement can be used if work on the back area is required. Slide 6 Advanced Techniques Another advanced technique that we use is called the Lung Press. This movement again can be used in various stages of the treatment. It is a nice movement to use at the beginning along with deep breathing and also at the final stage of the treatment It could be repeated up to three times. The movement is carried out by placing the fist over the lung area and gently easing the foot towards the client and then back. Whilst the foot is being eased towards the clients the client can inhale and then exhale on the return of the movement. Slide 7 Advanced Techniques The last of the advanced techniques we are looking at is Hook and back up. This movement is carried out during the actual treatment. It is used when you are locating a deep or a small reflex area or point. It is carried out by using the thumb applying pressure on the area then pulling the thumb back and across the reflex point pushing back in and back up. Slide 8 Is effleurage used in the warm up stage? a) No b) Yes Thumb walking is used on the spine area? a) True b) False Friction circles is a basic technique? a) No b) Yes Is spinal twist an advanced technique? a) No b) Yes Hook and back up is used on small reflex areas? a) No b) Yes Answers can be found in section 7.


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