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What is Reflexology


  • 1. SOUL OF YOUR FEET Certified Reflexologist Donna Olinik, RCRT 514-816-0456 Member of The Reflexology Association Of CanadaWest Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce

2. What Is Reflexology and How Does It Work? 3. Reflexology is a natural, non-invasive healing art based onthe principle that there arereflexes located in the feet,hands and ears that correspondto every part, gland and organof the body. 4. Through application of pressureon these reflexes, reflexologyencourages the body to healitself naturally without anyadverse side effects 5. The Plantar View (or bottom)Reflexes in your feet 6. Every part of your body isworked on when receiving aReflexology Session.Justthink simply by having yourfeet worked on, the entirebody benefits! 7. The Dorsal, Medial and Lateral view(or Top and Sides) Reflexes in your feet. 8. Not only the Plantar of yourfoot will be worked, but alsothe Dorsal, Lateral andMedial. Each and every partneeds to be worked in orderto receive maximum benefitof your session! 9. YES Reflexology Can Help! 10. Our bodies have the ability tohealitself.Reflexologyencourages our brain to send outthe needed endorphins to bringabout healing.Reflexology can help to reducestress, tension and improvecirculation 11. Why should I try Reflexology 12. give everything available toyou a try? Workingalongside traditional medicaladvice, Reflexology gives anatural non invasive boost tohelp your body, mind and soulfunction to the best of yourability! 13. During times of illness, stress,injury or disease, our bodiesbecome imbalanced and ourvital energy fields are blockedReflexologycanhelp torestore and maintain the bodysnatural balance and encouragenatural non-invasive healing. 14. What Happens in aREFLEXOLOGY Session? 15. You will be asked to sit in an Oranti-gravity chair lie on a massage table 16. Take off YourRoll your pants above yourSocks and Shoesknees 17. Then Relax and Enjoy 18. Who Can Receive Reflexology? 19. Babies 20. Children 21. Everyone from all generationsand stages in life! 22. It is believed that Reflexology is over 5,500years oldand can be traced back to Ancient Egyptas seen on the walls of the physicians tomb. 23. How often should I receivea Reflexology treatment? 24. In the ideal world, where money isnot an object or concern, you shouldreceive a treatment for any acutesymptoms, every 24 48 hours toallow released toxins time to beeliminated from the body without tomuch stress.Extremely sharp, severe, intense,acute painrapid onset 25. For chronic symptoms, at leastonce a week.To speedrecovery, the first threetreatments should be receivedabout 48 hours apart.apersistent and lastingdisease or medical condition,or one that has developed 26. For overall ongoing healthandhealing,itisrecommended to receive atreatment every three tofour weeks. 27. Reflexology does not replace visits, consultations or medical advice from yourFamily Doctor or Specialist. Reflexology compliments traditional medicine! 28. Other Healing Modalities Available from Soul Of YourFeet Healing Pathway Energy Healing of the Soul, Mind and Body Upper & Lower Body Circulation Techniques 29. Costs$60.00 for 60 minutes$75.00 for 75 minutes$85.00 for 90 minutes 30. You Can Find UsA. St-Johns & Hwy 40 (returning clients only)B. St-Charles & Hwy 40 (new and returning clients)(Galeries Kirkland, West Island Montreal, Quebec)C. Your Home(returning clients onlyadditional mileage charge of $1.00 per KM minimum$10.00)D. Your Office (additional mileage charge of $1.00 per KM minimum $10.00)) *** By Appointment Only*** 31. I am grateful to RAC for permission to use certain RAC material.This material is the copyright of theReflexology Association of Canada (RAC)and may not be reproduced or copied without the express written permission of RAC.