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  • InboundMarketing

  • Three Goals of Inbound MarketingConvert More Website Traffic Into Contacts and LeadsGenerate more engagement/cultivate more leads

    Convert More Email Leads Into Phone CallsMultiple follow up to Hot leads

    On-going Nurturing CampaignsGenerate repeat business and stimulate referrals

    Strategic Database Email Marketing

  • Goal #1: Stimulate Engagement / Convert LeadsLow-Commitment Graphic Calls-to-actionDownload Premium Content - Consumer ResourcesRequest Form - Instant Data CollectionAutomated, Strategic Follow-Up Email CampaignConvert Vistors Into Leads

  • Data Collection

  • Contact Engagement Data

  • Goal #2: Convert More Emails Into Phone Calls

    Hot Leads Are Different Than Cold Prospects/Existing Patient Marketing

    Strategically-Timed Email Follow-Up CampaignInitiated by Contact Us form submissionsGo beyond 1-time response - Multiple emails during 3-4 week window Focused on hot leads

    Client Training - Easy Suspend Campaign Form

    Hot Leads Email Campaign

  • Goal #3: On-going Nurturing CampaignDatabase Email Marketing CampaignsMarket To All Leads and Existing Clients/PatientsSpecial Events, Promotions, Campaigns, News, Etc.Newsletter Campaign Stay Relevant and Top of Mind; News, Relationship-building, and Promotions

    Newsletter/Email Promotion Campaigns

  • Inbound Marketing Costs

    Inbound Marketing Automation Package$1000 set-up fee$350 monthly fee

    Inbound Marketing Automation Package With Newsletters$950 monthly fee (see next slide for more details)

    Campaign Costs and Services

  • Newsletters and Email PromotionsNewsletter Pricing$500 set-up fee$600 monthly fee ($400 if client provides content)

    Campaign Costs and Services


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