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IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutions Activities at ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting, 16-20 May 2015, Philadelphia, USA


  • Join the IMS Health SymposiumBridging the real-world evidence (RWE) divide with payers and integrated deliverynetworks (IDNs): Making pharma a true collaborator in evidenceMeet the largest expert community in RWE and HEOR - now including our new colleagues who have joined us from Cegedim Strategic Data

    Discover the ndings from our latest research

    ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting16-20 May 2015, Philadelphia, USA

    IMS Health Real-World EvidenceSolutions at ISPOR

  • 2Our Distinctive Approach

    IMS Health takes a straightforward, credible, global approach to using real-world data(RWD) for decision making and engagement to support HQ and market-level need.

    We combine the best data for client research requirements, expertise and innovation in technology andanalytics, and powerful applications tailored by need, to create and deploy evidence that enablesdecision and alignment. With foundational depth and geographic breadth we deliver insights thatenhance understanding of product efficacy, safety, cost and value to inform a new world where patientoutcomes are the currency that brings healthcare stakeholders together.

    IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutions

    Real-World Data The broadest and deepest collection of

    scientically validated, anonymous patient-level data assets

    Custom data sourcingTechnology-Enabled Analytics Analytic tools that leverage

    powerful technologies to deliverscientic and commercial insightseciently


    Data (RWD)

    Services and



    EVIDENCESOLUTIONSServices and Engagement

    Market Access & HTA Health Economics Outcomes Research Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety

    IMS Health is excited to announce that Cegedim Strategic Data has joined our Real-World Evidence Solutions

    team, boosting our RWD assets and analytical expertise and conrming our role as the partner of choice for RWE.

    500+ million anonymous longitudinal patient datarecords in 25+ markets

    Partnerships and data sourcing capabilities toensure clients have the right fact base

    3,000+ publications building healthcare knowledge

    Leading edge technology and analytics toenhance understanding of patient outcomes,healthcare costs, drug safety and product value

    Experts in 20+ markets with deep specialism inRWE, HTA and payer requirements to translateinsights into actions

    #1 RWE Partner of Choice

  • ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting, 16-20 May 2015, Philadelphia, USA 3

    Vastly expanding healthcare datasets are driving new potential for real-worldinformation to tangibly improve patient outcomes empowered by unprecedentedinnovation in connectivity, methodology and analytics.

    Despite these tremendous advances, challenges remain for the successful infusion of insights derivedfrom RWD across the healthcare system, to promote cost-effectiveness, inform clinical practice anddrive efficient, confident decision making.

    IMS Health is committed to the advancement of evidence-based healthcare by increasing awareness,enhancing credibility, developing platforms to leverage RWE, and supporting ongoing dialoguebetween relevant stakeholders. At the ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting, we look forward toexploring the progress being made to harness big data in clinical practice.

    An overview of our key activities at ISPOR can be found in this brochure on pages 6-7.

    Welcome to IMS Health at ISPOR, Philadelphia, 2015

    Members of our global Real-World Evidence Solutions team

    will be on hand during ISPOR to discuss your needs in RWE

    and HEOR and explain how we can help you address them.

    Please come and see us at the IMS Health booth

    (Nos 1308-1309) in the exhibition area to discover more

    about our expertise and capabilities, which have recently

    expanded with the exciting addition of Cegedim

    Strategic Data.

    Visit IMS Health in the exhibition area

  • IMS Health Symposium Wednesday, 20 May

    Bridging the real-world evidence (RWE) divide with payers and integrated deliverynetworks (IDNs): Making pharma a true collaborator in evidence

    Every day, pharmaceutical companies are generating RWE studies with the intention of informingpayer decisions. However, while regulators are already seeing the benefits from improved safety anddrug utilization studies, payers have yet to adopt RWE as extensively. Where they do use it, theywidely restrict input from the industry.

    To find out why, we leveraged direct experience supporting pharma but also engaged payers and IDNsdirectly on this topic. We conducted research on 100+ known cases of RWE use in payer decisions,held a joint symposium with the Center for Drug Safety & Effectiveness, Johns Hopkins School ofPublic Health including pharma, academic and payer participants, and conducted an RWE-specificsurvey with 70 US payers. In this symposium, we will share our learnings and explore tangibleopportunities for life sciences to accelerate RWE engagement and impact.

    07:15 07:20 IntroductionG. Caleb Alexander, MD, MS (Chair), Co-Director andAssociate Professor, Center for Drug Safety &Eectiveness, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health,Baltimore, MD, USA

    07:20 07:35Could pharma be the catalyst for IDNs and payers to use RWE more extensively?Marla Kessler, MBA, Vice President and RegionalLeader America, IMS Health, New York, USA

    07:35 07:45 The IDN perspectiveJim Peters, MBA, Senior Vice President, Chief StrategicIndustry Partnerships Ocer, Geisinger Health Systemand CEO, Geisinger Medical Management Corporation

    07:45 07:55The payer perspectiveIra Klein, MD, MBA, FACP, National Medical Director,Clinical Thought Leadership, Aetna, Hartford, CT, USA

    07:55 08:05Implications for pharma: A moderated panel discussionG. Caleb Alexander (Chair)

    08:05 08:15 Q & A



    IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutions

    Proceedings from the symposium can be obtained by emailingAngelika Boucsein at

    Continental breakfast will be available for all symposium attendees

  • 5ISPOR 20th Annual International Meeting, 16-20 May 2015, Philadelphia, USA

    Symposium SpeakersG. Caleb Alexander, MD, MSDr. Caleb Alexander is founding Co-Director and Associate Professor, Center for Drug Safety & Effectiveness,Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, and a practicing general internist and pharmacoepidemiologist. He is internationally renowned for his work examining prescription drug utilization, focusing on population-based patterns and determinants of pharmaceutical use, clinical decision making regarding prescription drugs,and the impact of changes in regulatory and payment policy on pharmaceutical utilization. Caleb is an expert inconducting survey-based investigations and also has extensive experience analyzing secondary data sources. He has authored over 150 scientific publications, is Chair of the FDA's Peripheral and Central Nervous SystemAdvisory Committee, and is currently Principal or Co-Principal Investigator of RO1s from the AHRQ and NHLBIexamining the effect of FDA regulatory communications and DTC advertising on healthcare utilization. Calebhas served on numerous editorial boards and received multiple academic and research honors and awards.

    Marla Kessler, MBAMarla Kessler is a Vice President, heads overall marketing efforts for IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutionsand is an active leader of global RWE projects. She helps clients develop commercial strategies for products andportfolios, define evidence plans to support them, and coordinate implementation to ensure successfulexecution. Marla has 15 years strategic and business line experience gained through leadership roles at McKinsey& Co and Pfizer. During her career at IMS Health she has designed and led RWE boot camps to help clients buildcapabilities in this area across the broader organization. She has also developed thought leadership in RWE andrecently co-authored a major IMS Health benchmarking study exploring variations in RWE supply and demandacross the pharmaceutical industrys top markets.

    Jim Peters, MBAJim Peters is Senior Vice President, Chief Strategic Industry Partnerships Officer, Geisinger Health System,overseeing strategic corporate partnering initiatives and negotiations with multinational companies. He is alsoCEO of Geisinger's for-profit Medical Management Corporation and was a founder of MedMining, Geisingerspharmaceutical R&D information services business and now the market leader in its segment. Previously, Jimwas a Principal at Updata Venture Partners, founded a successful technology services firm, and served as aSenior Consultant at Andersen Consulting in New York. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at Lehigh University, a GuestLecturer for the Wharton School, and an active Parkinsons disease advocate. He serves on numerous fiduciaryand advisory Boards and is a Director and Executive Committee member at Ben Franklin Technology Partners,supporting Pennsylvania's technology-based economy.

    Ira Klein, MD, MBA, FACPDr. Ira Klein is National Medical Director, Office of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Clinical Thought Leadershipat Aetna, responsible for core program development. He was previously Chief of Staff to the CMO and remainspart of the team responsible for communicating and deploying the strategic efforts of the CMO. Ira joined Aetnain 2006 as Medical Director, Northeast Region before transitioning to the National Accounts Sales and Supportgroup, involved in new benefits design, financial and clinical analytics, and evolution of oncology strategies. Hehas also served as Medical Director for Quality and Case Management at Bayshore Community Health Systemand


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