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  • ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress7-11 November 2015, Milan, Italy

    Join the IMS Health SymposiumEnriched real-world data (RWD) studies:Tapping into the growing use of patient-leveldata to optimize observational study designand executionMeet the largest expert community in RWE now including our new colleagues fromCegedim Strategic Data

    Discover the findings from our latest research

    IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutionsat ISPOR, November 2015

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    IMS Health Our Distinctive Approach

    IMS Health has taken a holistic approach to real-world evidence (RWE) in pursuit ofthe most robust and insightful views of patient outcomes. With the breadth and depthof our capabilities, we are uniquely positioned to generate and use RWE globally.

    Applying the appropriate scientific and commercial lens and latest techniques to anonymous real-worlddata (RWD) is critical to realizing the value of RWE in healthcare decisions.

    IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutions

    IMS Health can uniquely support all elements of the RWE ecosystem an environment where all the components of RWE come together for a consistent, insightful view of whatreally happens in healthcare. An environment which, for thefirst time, helps all functions realize its potential.



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    Analyze the data

    Create datasets

    Apply the insights

    Introducing the RWE ecosystem

    Real-World DataIdentify and access the most appropriate data sources while ensuring patient privacy

    The broadest and deepest collection of scientifically-validated, anonymous patient-level data assets Complement fit-for-purpose data by custom data sourcing to close data gapsTechnology-Enabled AnalyticsCreate consistent data models empowering analyses and leveraging innovative technologies

    Extraction, analysis and visualization of RWD with IMS Healths E360TM technology suite Sophisticated data linkage and interpretationServices and EngagementAnalyze RWD using scientific rigor, clear governance and advanced analytic and processing capabilities

    Market Access & HTA Health Economics Outcomes Research Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety Commercial Analytics

  • ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress, November 2015, Milan, Italy 3

    Welcome to IMS Health at ISPOR Milan, 2015

    Increased emphasis on RWE and a concentrated focus on patient benefits haveplaced outcomes research (OR) at the heart of healthcare decision making.

    Reflecting its growing importance and potential is the need for more compelling, impactful OR acrossthe spectrum of evidence evaluation. Approaches that can extend existing RWD and accelerate itspower to answer critical questions are key to achieving this goal.

    IMS Health is committed to innovation in data collection to overcome the limitations of traditionalmethods and drive richer insights and faster results. We look forward to sharing the research this hasenabled during the ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress as progress towards closing the gap inOR continues.

    Please join us during the event. An overview of our activities can be found in this brochure.

    We hope to see you in Milan!

    #1 Partner of Choice for RWE

    Largest, international fit-for-purpose RWDportfolio available with 500+ million anonymouslongitudinal patient data records in 25+ markets

    Partnerships and data sourcing capabilities tobring clients data that is right for their needs

    3,500+ publications building healthcare knowledge

    Leading edge technology and analytics toenhance understanding of patient outcomes,healthcare costs, pharmacoepidemiology, drugsafety and product value

    Experts in 20+ markets with deep specialism inRWE, HTA and payer requirements to translateinsights into actions

    IMS Health is excited to announce that Cegedim Strategic Data has joined our Real-WorldEvidence Solutions team, boosting our RWD assets and analytical expertise and confirming ourrole as the partner of choice for RWE.

  • IMS Health Symposium Wednesday, 1 1 November

    4IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutions

    Enriched real-world data (RWD) studies: Tapping into the growing use of patient-level data to optimize observational study design and executionPharmaceutical manufacturers face a challenge in meeting increased demand for RWE throughprospective observational studies in a cost-effective and timely way. Although many are comfortablelooking purely to electronic patient data (eg, EMRs) for retrospective database analysis, they are notalways aware of how these sources can support primary data collection to generate the rich clinicaldata needed.

    Enriched RWD studies observational studies supplemented by de novo data collection are one such alternative. These may include the use of technology embedded into an EMR system to promptfor additional variables to be collected during patient visits and/or site or patient randomization.Pragmatic trials with EMR follow-up can also be used to evaluate the impact of approaches toenhancing adherence, with modest expenditures compared to RCTs. In addition, data can be collecteddirectly from the patient, providing missing insights about their experience when relying onphysician-reported data alone.

    This symposium will discuss these processes as well as applications for enriched RWD studies,including both for targeted use and for the creation of more enduring evidence platforms. We willshow how they can lead to more robust and efficient research, leveraging case studies to demonstratethe benefit for stakeholders.

    Members of our global Real-World Evidence Solutions team will be on hand during ISPOR todiscuss your needs in RWE and explain how we can help you address them.

    Come and see us at the IMS Health stand in the exhibition area (Nos 616, 617, 700, 701) todiscover more about our expertise and capabilities, which have recently expanded with theexciting addition of Cegedim Strategic Data.

    Visit us at the IMS Health stand

  • IMS Health Symposium Agenda

    IMS Health Symposium Chair

    5ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress, November 2015, Milan, Italy


    Introduction: RWE creating new approaches for observational researchAlison Bourke, MSc, MRPharm.S, FISPE, (Chair) Scientific Director, Real-World Evidence Solutions, IMS Health, UK


    Next generation observational research: Enriched RWD studiesJoshua Hiller, MBA, Senior Principal, Real-World Evidence Solutions, IMS Health, UKPierre Engel, Pharm.D, MPH, PhD, Associate Director Epidemiology, Real-World & Late Phase Research, Quintiles, France


    How to benefit from enriched RWD studies: Reflections from a study sponsor Andrew Shaw, BSc, PhD, RWE Alliance Director, AstraZeneca, UKLance Brannman, PhD, Group Director, Health Economics & Payer Analytics, AstraZeneca, USA; Member of theBoard, Centre for Health Economics, Gothenburg University, Sweden


    Moderated Q&AAlison Bourke (Chair)

    Proceedings from the symposium can be obtained from IMS Health. To receive a copy, please email Angelika Boucsein at

    Continental breakfast will be available for all symposium attendees

    Alison Bourke, MSc, MRPharm.S, FISPE Alison Bourke is a Scientific Director, RWE Solutions at IMS Health. She has over 25 years of experience workingwith primary care patient data resources in the UK and a particular interest in their use to explore innovativescientific methodologies. Previously, Alison headed the research team at CSD Medical Research UK, providingprimary care data and support for a range of studies, including pharmacoepidemiology and health outcomesresearch. She pioneered innovative linking pseudonymization at source technology and was instrumental insetting up the Health Improvement Network (THIN), bringing access to 12 million pseudonymized patientrecords. A trained pharmacist, Alison has also held roles at BMS where she analyzed one of the first computer-collected safety studies, and Cegedim INPS where she supported the successful launch of GPRD.

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  • IMS Health Real-World Evidence Solutions 6

    IMS Health Symposium SpeakersJoshua Hiller, MBAJoshua Hiller is a Senior Principal, RWE Solutions at IMS Health, supporting the strategic planning anddevelopment of the companys capabilities for data sourcing, integration, analytics and studies. He is alsocurrently serving as Alliance Director in IMS Healths collaboration with AstraZeneca for the advancement ofRWE. During a career that includes roles in market analytics, government and healthcare consulting in both theUSA and UK, Joshua has led a wide range of projects for clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector as wellas industry associations. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical pricing, contracting, market landscapedevelopment, supply management, cross border trade, lifecycle management, competitive defense, genericsmarket drivers and account management, with expertise across US and European markets.

    Pierre Engel, Pharm.D, MPH, PhDDr. Pierre Engel is Associate Director Epidemiology, Real-World & Late Phase Research at Quintiles, France,managing a team of epidemiologists involved mainly in Post Authorisation Safety Studies (PASS). He has eightyears of experience in international observational research including roles as Epidemiologist at a medium-sizeCRO and at INSERM where he was in charge of developing epidemiological studies on existing data in womenshealth. Pierre has strong expertise in the design, scientific oversig