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A summary of actions conducted in HUMlab related to virtual worlds.


  • 1. HUMlab Virtual Worlds: Learning and Research N00sphere Playground by Sachiko Hayashi (2007-2008)


  • Consider three cognate terms: archive architecture archaeology.
  • The prefixarche(found in archive and architecture and archaeology) is Greek for beginning, origin, foundation, source, first principle, central location and origin of power, authority, sovereignty. It represents a starting point or founding act in both an ontological sense ("this is whence it began") and a nomological sense ("this is whence it derives its authority"). Archives are all about narratives of origin, identity and belonging, and the politics of ownership, organization, access and use.
  • Archive 1.0 bureaucracy in the early state temple and palace archives inscription as an instrument of management.
  • Archive 2.0 mechanization and digitization of archival databases, with an aim of fast, easy and open access based upon efficient dendritic classification and retrieval, associated also with statistical analysis performed upon the data.
  • Archive 3.0 new prosthetic architectures for the production and sharing of archival resources the animated archive.
  • What is involved in bringing archives alive? What are signs of this shift?
  • Remix, rich engagement, co-creative regeneration.
  • From Archive and Memory in Virtual Worlds by Michael Shanks


  • Architecture
  • Agency
  • Actors

Places In Virtual Spaces 4. 5. Walking, not running, and getting nowhere (exploration #1)Garrett Lynch 6. 7. 8. Visualization of Archeological Data in Virtual Environments 9. Identity 10. Pinocchio Goes to Church: The religious life of avatars The aim of the project is to analyze the motivation of avatars and their drivers(participants as well as entrepreneurs), assuming that both groups are seekingexperiences of holiness, with an added motivation among entrepreneurs frompositive evaluation by other avatars. -Jrgen Straarup and Stefan Gelfgren 11. Performance and Simulation 12. Museum Studies 13. Students work is presented in a group seminar 14. Vernissage of Student Work Mixed Reality Real Time 15. Machinima for Leaning Machinima is the creation of films using 3D graphics software such as virtual worlds and computer games. Machinima can embody rhetorical and critical practices as well as design, composition, writing and postproduction skills. 16. 17. 18. 19. Culture Analysis (2009-Present) A term-long course for media and culture students.The project involved three groups each making a machinima film usingSecond Life. Fieldwork was conducted in Second Life concerning the theorycomponent of the course, and then a film was made with a narrative concerningthe same topics. The results of the students work can be seen here:http:// 20. The Language House

  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • North Sami
  • Real time
  • Context driven
  • Over distance
  • Collaborative
  • Interactive

21. Pharmacy Simulations / 22. 23. Thank You [email_address]