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  • Intelligent Virtual Worlds

  • OverviewWhy engage in Virtual Worlds?Virtual University of EdinburghI-RoomIntelligent Virtual Worlds Programme

  • Why Engage in Virtual Worlds?Virtual Worlds like Second Life have transformed public perception of the 3D Internet 80% of active internet users will have a virtual world presence by 2011 [Gartner] Collaborative and community-related aspects of these environments will dominate in future [Gartner]

    No longer solely for gaming or geeks!

  • Vue Virtual University of Edinburgh

    A multi-disciplinary virtual organisationexploring the potential of virtual worlds fore-Learning, research, collaboration & outreachrelated to the University of Edinburgh

  • The I-Room An intelligent collaboration environment which acts as a knowledge aid to support collaborative teleconferences and meetings

  • Virtual World of Whisky

  • Virtual Collaboration

  • Intelligent Virtual Worlds ProgrammeCollaborative venture from the School of InformaticsSubscription-based modelMembership open to all stakeholders investing in Virtual WorldsLaunching in Autumn 2008!Aims to advance and enable intelligent systems in virtual worlds for practical useBuilds on existing Informatics research and expertiseIndustry focussed

  • Programme ThemesVirtual Worlds Evaluation MethodologyIndustry focused evaluation methodology for assessing VW platformsValuable knowledge for those looking to invest in platformsTechnology Strands Examines the application of Informatics technology in Virtual WorldsVirtual collaborationIntelligent environmentsIntelligent avatarsPlatform IndependenceExperienced in many platforms including: Second Life, OpenSim, Forterra OLIVE, Twinity, Project Wonderland..

  • Related Institutes and AreasSchool of InformaticsArtificial Intelligence Applications InstituteCentre for Intelligent Systems and Their Applications Institute for Communicating and Collaborative Systems Research Consortium in Speckled ComputingOtherVirtual University of Edinburgh+ many more

    Vue Virtual University of Edinburgh