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Is your non-profit new to the Community? This helpful guide explains how GoodSearch, GoodShop and GoodDining work to help your supporters earn donations to supplement your fundraising and support your philanthropic efforts. Included in this guide are helpful tips to get your GoodSearch Partnership off the ground build a foundation of supporters and earn $1,000 or more in donations through nothing more than the simple everyday actions of your supporters.


  • 1. How to Get Started withGoodSearchand Raise Over $1,000 A campaign guide to building membership and activity
  • 2. How to raise over $1,000 in 2012 The average LOYAL GoodSearch Supporter CAN earn $50 annually Average 5 $500 in $500 in searches daily shopping annually dining annually $18 earned $15 earned $17 earned Totals $50 earned donation annually 20 loyal supporters x $50 = $1,0002/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 2
  • 3. What We Do (Slide 1 of 3) Launched in 2005, is a patent- protected, Yahoo-powered search engine that donates a penny per search2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 3
  • 4. What We Do (Slide 2 of 3) is an online shopping mall which donates a percentage of your purchases from more than 2,500 merchants (from Amazon to Staples). Also has over 100,000 money-saving coupons2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 4
  • 5. What We Do (Slide 3 of 3) Launched in 2011, is the first ever national 365 day-a-year Dine for Charity program with over 10,000 participating restaurants, clubs and bars2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 5
  • 6. Build Your Support BaseGet Your Board On Board Add your GoodSearch partnership as an agenda item for your next board meeting of the year Demonstrate or explain to your board how GoodSearch works GoodSearch How it Works Video: Explain how easy it is for a user to earn $50 in a year State your GoodSearch Fundraising Goal for FY 2012 Ask the board to pledge to register as a supporter of your Charity on GoodSearch and help reach the goal Ask each board member to invite a friend, partner or spouse2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 6
  • 7. Build Your Support BaseEngage Your Employees Email your employees and ask them to support your charity on GoodSearch You can use the sample email on the next slide Demonstrate GoodSearch in a weekly team meeting Show the video Explore the website Encourage your managers to discuss using GoodSearch in their weekly team meetings Show your employees how easy it is to get to $50 in donations through simple daily actions Have an internal fundraising drive to see how much your office can raise via GoodSearch in 30 days2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 7
  • 8. Sample Employee EmailDear Colleague,Weve registered The United Way of the Bay Area with, a company that helpsnon-profits like ours raise funds through the everyday actions of our supporters. Every time youuse a GoodSearch service, they donate approximately half of the revenue they make to thenon-profit youve designated. Here is a short video on how it works: is how you can help: Use when you search the internet they will donate a penny to us every time you do Use when you shop online they work with more than 2,500 major brands, have over 100,000 coupons and donate a percentage of every purchase you make to us Enroll in the program - they will donate up to 6% of every dollar you spend when you eat at one of 10,000 participating restaurants Download the United Way Bay Area toolbar to earn donations every time you search and shop. You can also get coupon alerts and donation reminders as you visit any of the 2,500 stores in GoodShop. Get it here: like to begin building our presence on Please join our community and help us raise money for our mission. Get started by clicking the Becomea Supporter button on our profile page here!2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 8
  • 9. Build Your Support BaseEmpower Your Volunteers & Supporters Engage your audience through your normal channels: email, newsletters, direct mail, social media Show them how they can easily support you in their everyday lives GoodSearch Video: Explain how their every day actions can add up to big dollars for your charity Ask them to join you on GoodSearch Communicate your goal in your initial communication EX: Were trying to reach 50 supporters on GoodSearch by January 31. Join GoodSearch and support our cause!2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 9
  • 10. Sample Facebook Campaign(Slide 1 of 2)1. Activate your Fan base with a viral post: Were trying to reach 20 supporters on GoodSearch by Jan 31. Please join us and support our cause by searching and shopping online or dining at local restaurants. Register here and support our cause: Educate your audience by showing them how it works Find out how you can support our cause through your simple everyday actions of searching and shopping online. Watch this short video to see how you can help: 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 10
  • 11. Sample Facebook Campaign(Slide 2 of 2)3. Keep your audience updated on your progress Were close to reaching our goal! Weve added 5 new supporters today and need 5 more by Jan 31 If you havent joined us on GoodSearch yet, please sign up here: and help support our cause!2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 11
  • 12. Sample Email CampaignSend your supporters an email to letthem know about how usingGoodSearch can benefit yourorganization:Dear Supporter,We have a new way for you to helpsupport our cause every day just by searching and shopping online or dining out at yourfavorite restaurants.Our cause is partnered with GoodSearch,com. You can find out more about GoodSearchby watching this short video that explains how it works: goal is to have 20 supporters using GoodSearch to benefit the organization byJanuary 31. Please join us and invite a friend. Sign up here.2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 12
  • 13. Sample Twitter Campaign1. Announce your campaign and activate your Twitter audience Were trying to reach 20 supporters on GoodSearch by Jan 31. Join us and invite a friend Join here:!2. Educate them on GoodSearch Did you know that a GoodSearch user can earn more than $50 for charity by searching and shopping online or dining out? Join here:!3. Update your followers frequently on your progress Weve added 5 new supporters and growing. Ask your friends and family to join you!!2/7/2012 2011 GoodSearch, LLC All Rights Reserved 13
  • 14. Integrate Your Office - GoodToolbarCHARITY NAME Have your office IT person install the GoodToolbar on all your office computers If you havent requested a customized toolbar for your non-profit, click here to apply: Users can earn donations when they search online at work Users can track their personal donation earnings and your non-profits overall


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