How To Do Your Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day | Benchmark Search Conference 2015

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<ol><li> 1. Its 1989 Warren Knight Think #Digital First Twitter @wvrknight Brand Social Media 30 Minutes a Day </li><li> 2. Business Growth Warren Knight Tweet me @wvrknight 7 Storytelling Storytelling Storytelling If you cant tell it, you cant sell it </li><li> 3. Preparation </li><li> 4. Research </li><li> 5. Beautiul Images in minutes </li><li> 6. Competitions Facebook - Pinterest Instagram - Twitter </li><li> 7. Whats Pinteresting? 50% though Mobile 6th August 1991 Web 1.0 1993 Web 2.0 2001 </li><li> 8. VIRALWOOT Schedule, Search, Promote, Analyse </li><li> 9. E-mail your followers Remember to remove the @....... </li><li> 10. Twitter Whats New? </li><li> 11. Pin to top Pin your most re-tweeted message to the top </li><li> 12. GifMaker Make Gifs for Twitter </li><li> 13. Hootsuite Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google+ </li><li> 14. Snapseed, #Hastags, Captions The perfect Post </li><li> 15. IconOSquare Manage from your Desktop </li><li> 16. TagBoard Find your target Audience #Hastags </li><li> 17. SceduGram Schedule your Images </li><li> 18. Define the Communication </li><li> 19. 7 Day Strategy </li><li> 20. Social Media Analytics </li><li> 21. 30 Minutes a day 1. 60 minutes preparation for seven days content 2. Each day spend 3 min at 9am, 1pm, 6pm to scan &amp; reply 3. Each day spend 2 minutes to RT key relevant information 4. 5 Minutes to follow 5 new people 5. Analyse the Success for 5 mins Thats about 9 minutes per day Thats 9 minutes Thats 2 minutes Thats 5 minutes Thats 5 more minutes </li><li> 22. Bootcamp Warren Knight Investment Business Growth Funding Planning &amp; Development Management Leadership Grants: Innovation Personal Branding Growth Vouchers London Spokesperson Growth Accelerator Certied Coach </li><li> 23. Tweet me @wvrknight Warren Knight Growth Coach Speaker Trainer Author @wvrknight </li></ol>


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