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  1. 1. How to Design Content for User Experiences
  2. 2. Content is King Content Writing is a big part of website design Content writing is more than search engine optimization Content writing is more than blogging Content reflects your brands identity Good content makes users interact with your website
  3. 3. What is Website Content? Your website more than just a bunch of words and images. Copy writing for a website includes every bit of text and image on the site. Content writing should voice your brands message. It should enhance the user experience, making him want to come back for more Copy writing should be able to pull a user to engage with your website be it playing a game, leaving a comment or signing up for the emailer.
  4. 4. Designing your Content How to improve user experience when writing copy: 1. Give links to your blog or relevant blog posts 2. Make your social media content available on your website 3. Fine tune the content you already have 4. Write exciting and different descriptions for every section, photo and anything that requires content writing 5. Be proud of your copy writing. Show it in off with large, readable fonts 6. Help users navigate your web content in easy to follow steps
  5. 5. Content Writing and Function Content writing and design should be in sync. User experience and function are a vital part of the design. Users read and engage with most designs in a F-shape The reader first scans the horizontal line across the top of the screen for people who read from left-to-right. Next, the user scans a vertical line down the left side of the screen, looking for keywords or points of interest in the paragraphs initial sentences or subsection titles. When the reader finds something they like, they begin reading normally, forming horizontal lines
  6. 6. Tips to writing Good Copy Tread the middle ground Websites are often has either too much content or too little. Create and constantly update content that feeds the appetites of all kinds of users Strategize- Have a complete content writing strategy. Simplify- Create a simple card-style design that breaks content into small bytes of information. Recycle- If you website lacks content, you can repurpose it. Change the design and layout to stress the key points. Go Social- Encourage users to engage with your website and on social media. Make these interactions known on your website and on your social channels.
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