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Good examples for onboarding users: Drive5

Error pagesSorry bud, you can't party here.We are bound to hit error states. Utilize them to improve engagementShow new features, tipsBring a smile with simple humorIntroduce them to less used featuresGet feedback

utilize common gesturesUsers are accustomed to system gestures.Pull to refreshSide swipe to switch tabsBezel swipe for side barLong press, double tap etc.

Utilize gestures and find interesting ways to use them, if you don't have a direct purpose.7

You can score more with transitions that pretty pixels.Transitions add life to the appTransitions can make the apps feel light and responsiveTransitions are harder to designHalf of the work is transferred to the developer

TRANSITIONSEven mundane apps turn fun with nice transitions

Keep the user happyThere are ways to anticipate user mood and add features to make them smileWhen an operation failsWhen there is no connectivityWhen breaking a bad news to the userWhen showing a long loading screen

EASTER EGGSSettings are boring part of the apps, make them more funAdd easter eggsGamify settings usage to unlock badges/featuresRearrange items based on user behavior

We can use the gamification model to script these delightful experiences. Each type of player has a delight trigger which can be understood and used in the right way.Gamification model

There are 4 kind of users in this world

Most common user typeJust want to hangout with your appVery low evangelizer quotientYou have to design for them, as they have numbersEasy to please, easy to piss off

The users who just tinker aroundLow attention spanThey like to browse through all corners of the appThey have used a lot of appHard to make them stay, but they find edge cases and breaking points in your app

Least common type, but theyre evangelizersThey want to beat other users to the finish lineGreat early adoptersLove to spread the word, they bring in crowdKeep them constantly in conversation, they dont mind bugs or crashes as long as theyre happy

They love to play, and shareThey have a lot spare timeKeep them engaged with simple gamification hooksThrow in share options for them boast and spread the wordThey use your app as long as theyve not seen it all.

*no robots were harmed while preparing this deck.Anusha