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How to become a Superhuman

Psychiatrist 1

Who am I?

My goal in

I want to become a Superhuman by using the best practices from all around the world.

Ancient history: paleo diet, barefoot shoes, functional movement (Crossfit)Foreign countries: Russian iceswimming, kombucha (fermented tea from Japan)Science: smart drugs, intermittent fasting (skipping a few meals), hartritmevariability (indicator for stress)Technology: apps, gadgets, wearables, NFC chip


My experimentsInclude certain behaviourExclude certain behaviourOptimize certain

Include: diets, meditation, 10.000 steps, talk to stranger every day (this month)Exclude: coffee, social media, alcohol, warm showers, orgasmsOptimize: Intelligence, Sleep, New language 4


Curious bodyCurious technologyOptimize life5

(Super) Lifestyleprojectleven.nlMovementFoodStressSleepHappinessMindFocusSex??

Food = paleo diet with bulletproof coffee (not vegan or raw vegan)Meditation = evening (instead of morning) Sleep = retirement homeSleep = no coffee in afternoon, no alcohol 2 hours before bedFocus = binaural beatsen PomodoroStress = cold showers, running barefoot, meditation, no social media Sex = still imtimitacy


Your boss? The government?

I am aware of the possible impactFor me the benefits outweight the possible negative influences.



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