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  • 6 Minute SuperhumanHow To Always Perform At Your Peak Potential and Bulletproof Your Body From Injuries

    By Dan Go, CPT, NWS

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    Disclaimer and/or Legal NoticesThe information provided in this book is for educational purposes only. I am not a doctor and this is not meant to be taken as medical advice. The information provided in this book is based upon my experiences as well as my interpretations of the current research available.

    The advice and tips given in this course are meant for healthy adults only. You should consult your physician to insure the tips given in this course are appropriate for your individual circumstances.

    If you have any health issues or pre-existing conditions, pleaseconsult with your physician before implementing any of the information provided in this course.

    This product is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any responsibilities for any liabilities or damages, real or perceived, resulting from the use of this information.

  • Introduction - The Contra Code Of Fitness

    Chapter 1: The Cause Of All Problems...

    Chapter 2: Misconceptions Your Workout

    Chapter 3 : The SND Sequence - Welcome To Peak Potential

    Chapter 4: The Importance Of Self Massage

    Chapter 5: The Neuromuscular Activator

    Chapter 6: Dynamic Mobility

    Chapter 7: Setting Goals

    Conclusion - Time For Some Action

  • About the Author

    My name is Dan Go but my good friends call me Ninjaman or Ninja for short.

    For the past 8 years Ive been honing my craft as a personal trainer researching and attempting to discover the best and most creative ways to create the ultimate human body.

    Since overcoming a battle with obesity and a body that had been in chronic pain I made it my obsession to find out the depths of human achievement when it comes to looking good naked, performing at its best as well as the mental aspect of human performance.

    My obsession has had me to spending most of my time and money on the best workout, nutrition and performance programs in the world and has lead me to joining forces with many of the worlds top fitness trainers.

    In short, my 8 year obsession has been the wildest and most fulfilling journey I could have ever asked for.

    It has lead me to first starting a one on one training business and that has evolved to me accidentally owning the #1 Rated transformation center in my small ole city of Markham, Ontario, Canada.

    In addition to working with my amazing female clientele Ive also been fortunate enough to be featured in a number of newspapers and a couple of television appearances such as Livestrong.com, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, Daytime Live, Snap, Economist and Sun and Maximum Fitness Magazine.

    My overall philosophy on fitness is to always be goal driven and that people should find programs that fit their lifestyle instead of the other way around.

    Thats why I created the Six Minute Superhuman program. Its easy to do, its fast, its incredibly effective and most importantly...its fun.

  • The Six Minute Superhuman is the first program of its kind on the internet.

    Regardless of whether you are doing it right before a workout or when you wake up, 6MS will instantly boost your reservoir of athleticism and have you instantly feeling better and physically ready for anything that comes in your path.

    Whether you are a desk jockey looking to heal old injuries, an avid gym goer who loves to workout or a high level athlete looking to boost your performance, this program contains the principles to help you get to your goals and help you stay there.

    Honestly, I feel as if we are kindred spirits because it in the past it was me investing in programs like this trying to find the perfect solution to getting into the peak performing body.

    This program is the culmination of thousands of dollars of education, countless hours of research and application. Ive based my whole fitness philosophy around the concept that you dont have to give up your social life to get in shape.

    This program is the ultimate testament to that philosophy and I cant wait to share it with you.


    Dan Go

  • Introduction - The Contra Code Of Fitness

    When I was a kid I was always a big fan of video games.

    Throughout my lifetime I pretty much had every single video game console you could think of. Super Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, and even Atari, you name it, I probably had it.

    And when it came to games I was no snob either. Id play all sorts of games from Super Mario Kart to NBA Jam. I loved video games so much that my parents would constantly get on my case for playing way too much.

    The one thing I loved about video games was when you got secret codes that would allow you to actually cheat the game.

    Some codes allowed you to become invincible. Some codes allowed you to enter new levels.

    The one common theme with all secret codes was...

    ...They were ALL AWESOME.

    (Note: For all old school Nintendo fans, I still know the Contra code that would get you 30 extra lives in the game of Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A. Yes, I am still a geek.)

  • In most ways, cheating the game was actually more fun than playing it. Knowing the secret codes to get more powers or acquire more lives was like you were in the know.

    Even more fun was pulling them off when your friends were over to impress the crap out of them. Having them say, How did you do that? always brought a smile to my face.

    In short, cheat codes were the bomb.

    Where am I going with all of this?

    Well, I consider what you are reading right now to be one of the fitness industries ULTIMATE cheat codes.

    A system of unknown exercises and techniques that were meant to guide your body from where it is, to becoming an ultimate peak performer in the game of life.

    The Six Minute Superhuman program is like your Fitness version of the Contra code.

    But instead of gaining an extra 30 lives you are actually becoming a more enhanced human being in every sense of the word.

    What would it feel like to wake up full of energy? What would it be like if you could run faster, jump higher, throw farther, and lift heavier?

  • How good would it feel like if you NEVER had to deal with pain in your body whatsoever?

    We humans are always searching for that little something extra that will put us over top of our competition. We are always searching for ways to become a little better than we were yesterday.

    And some people are willing to go to great lengths to make that happen.

    To enhance their performance a subset of the population would actually buy expensive supplements and weird drugs at their local supplement store.

    An even smaller portion of the population would actually inject some sort of illegal drug into their bodies just to see that little boost in their performance.

    To reduce pain in their bodies most people you know spend hundreds of dollars a month to go to their local chiropractor or physiotherapist.

    What 99% of the population dont realize is that the best tool to enhance your fitness and heal your entire system has been right underneath their nose the entire time:

    The human body.

    And it is with your body (and a couple of cheap tools) that we will make the most progress into turning you into a Dynamic Machine capable of much more than you are currently showing.

    With just a few exercises and techniques that youll learn from this program you will be able to instantly unlock the potential of your bodys level of performance.

    But I must WARN you of one thing:

    It WONT be easy.

  • While the workouts will feel amazing and the self massage techniques we employ will have you feeling better than a $70 session with your RMT you must realize one principle:

    Consistency always beats intensity.

    You Deserve to Live in a Body That is Operating At Its Full Potential.

    If you invested in a book like this I know you a person that refuses to settle for halfway. You are a person that cares about their own evolution and is willing to do what is necessary to reach it.

    And your FULL potential starts right here.

    Take the time to read this manual in its entirety to fully grasp the ideas and philosophies.

    Knowledge is power and remember this...

    The principles in this book must be applied over a period of timeand with complete self-honesty and a sensitive understanding of the principles we have set outin order to bring the fitness success Ive promised.

    To try them out for a while and then give up on them would be like stopping an exercise program after three days because it hasnt given you bulging muscles yet.

    For these principles to produce the optimal body you hope for, they must be followed with about the same intensity and perseverance needed to become a good piano player or a very competent golfer, and thats not easy.

    Of course, too many programs are marketed as a quick-fix solution but still... people who usually complain about those programs not working rarely, if ever, actually follow them.

  • In any case, its all about diligence, patience and persistencewhether were talking about The 6MS program or any fitness book in general.

    Application of the principles is true knowledge.

    So right now commit to this program. Do the exercises rig