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How Do You Spend Your Day


How do you spend your day?

JobsOffice WorkCompany directorReceptionistWeb-site designerFood ServiceServerCashierChefTravel IndustryFlight AttendantPilot Tour GuideFood ServiceDancerMusicianSingerHow do you spend your day?Unit 2Jobs, workplaces, and school;Daily schedules; clock timeShes not just a Pretty FaceShe hosts a T.V. show--she rides the rodeoShe _______ the bass in a bandShe's an astronaut--a valet at the parking lotA ________ working the landShe is a champion--she gets the goldShe's a ________--the star of the show

She's--not--just a pretty ________She's--got--everything it takesShe has a fashion line--a journalist for "Time"Coaches a __________ teamShe's a geologist--a romance novelistShe is a _________ of threeShe is a soldier--she is a ________She is a surgeon--she'll save your life

She's--not--just a pretty ________She's--got--everything it takesShe's--mother--of the human raceShe's--not--just a pretty ______

Oh, oh, yeahOh na, na, na, na.....She is your waitress--she is your judge--she is your __________She is every woman in the world

Oh, la, la, laShe flies an airplane--she drives a subway _________At night she pumps gasolineShe's on the council--she's on the boardShe's a politician--she praises the Lord

No, she's (she's) not (not)--just a pretty ______She's (she's) got (got)--everything it takesShe's--not--just a pretty _______She's got everything it takesShe's not just a pretty __________

AA salespersonA chefA flight attendantA carpenterA receptionistA nurseIn the Workplacepage 9, activity 3BBuilds housesCares for patientsAnswers the phoneCooks foodServes passengersSells clothesCFor an airlineIn a restaurantFor a construction co.In a hospitalIn a dept. storeIn an officeLook at the pictures in your book. Match the information in the columns.In the Workplacepage 9, activity 3Now, describe each persons job.Shes a salesperson. She sells clothes. She works in a department store.Hes a chef. He cooks food. He works in a restaurant.Hes a flight attendant. He serves passengers. He works for an airlineShes a carpenter. She builds houses. She works for a construction company.Hes a receptionist. He answers the phone. He works in an office.Shes a nurse. She cares for patients. She works in a hospital.

Where do you work?page 9, activity 4Listen and choose TRUE or FALSE.Andrea loves her job.TRUE.Andrea takes people on tours to Asia.FALSE. She takes them to South America.Jason has a full-time job.FALSE. He has a part-time job.

Where do you work?page 9, activity 4Listen to the rest of the conversation.What does Jason do at his job?He takes orders.Does he like his job? Why?He likes his job because its fun.What else does he like about his job?He gets free hamburgers.

Grammar FocusQuestionsWh- + do/does + subject + infinitive

What do you do?Where do you go to school?

Where does Andrea work?How does she like it?

Grammar FocusStatementsSubject + verb

Im a student.You go to DuocUC.Andrea studies engineering.Shes a teacher.

Common Verbspage 10, activity 5I/ You/ We/ TheyWorkTakeStudyTeachDoGoHave

He/ She/ ItWorksTakesStudiesTeachesDoesGoesHas

Fill in the missing information from activity A.

What do you do?What do you do?Where do you live?Do you study? Where?Do you work? Where?How do you like?Whats your favorite?Ask your partner these questions. Write down their answers.

Unit 5Tell me about your familyFamily membersPresent continuousFamily MembersDraw a picture of your family and label who they are.

Mother (Jane)Father (Jim)Brother(Greg)Daughter (Brittany)Sister (Jaimee)Grandmother (Elaine)Grandfather (Roger)Family Members VocabularyGrandfather / GrandmotherAbuelo / abuelaGrandson / Granddaughter / grandchildrenNieto / nieta / nietos (en general)Father / motherMadre / padreSon / daughter / childrenHijo / hija / hijos (en general)Stepfather / StepmotherPadrastro / madrastraStepson / StepdaughterHijastro / hijastraSon / daughter / childrenHijo / hija / hijos (en general)Brother / sisterHermano / HermanaUncle / auntTo / TaNephew / NieceSobrino / SobrinaCousinPrimo / PrimaFather-in-law / Mother-in-lawSuegro / SuegraSon-in-law / daughter-in-lawYerno / NueraBrother-in-law / Sister-in-lawCuado / CuadaPresent Continuouspage 32, number 5El "Present Continuous" (Presente Continuo) lo utilizamos cuando queremos hablar de acciones que estn ocurriendo "ahora" o, en un tiempo cercano a "ahora" o, que no han terminado. Por ejemplo: Estoy comiendo (I'm eating)Estoy leyendo un libro (I'm reading a book).En este ltimo caso, te refieres a una accin inacabada, no a que ests leyendo el libro en el momento en que hablas.Present Continuouspage 32, number 5PositivoSujeto+ Verbo "to be" en presente+ Verbo Presente terminado en "ing".You are (You're) working.NegativoSujeto + Verbo "to be en presente + not + Verbo Presente terminado en "ing". You are not (aren't) working.PreguntaVerbo "to be" en presente+ Sujeto+ Verbo Presente terminado en "ing"+ ?Are you working?Present Continuouspage 32, number 5Recuerda: Para hablar de algo que est ocurriendo en el mismo momento en el que hablas, debes utilizar en ingls el "Present Continuous", no el tiempo "Simple Present Tense" Por ejemplo: "It's raining now." (Ahora llueve). Not: "It rains now."

Present Continuouspage 32, number 5Yo estoy leyendoT no ests leyendoEst l leyendo?Nosotros estamos jugandoEstn ellos jugando?Yo estoy tomando un cafT no ests tomando un cafEst l tomando una taza de t?Yo estoy escuchando msicaIm readingYou arent readingIs he reading?Were playingAre they playing?Im drinking coffeeYoure not drinking coffeeIs he drinking a cup of tea?Im listening to musicPresent Continuous ADD SOUNDpage 32, number 5Usually (Normalmente)

I study EnglishI work at McDonaldsIt rains a lot in the winterShe reads books oftenThey play soccerWe bake every Sunday

Right Now (Ahora Mismo)

I am studying English this afternoonI am working at McDonalds until 5:00It is raining a lot todayShe is reading a book right nowThey are playing soccer this morningWe are baking at this moment.Practice with workbook activities 4+5Time Expressionspage 12, activity 9At + times of dayI get up at 6:00 a.m.In: + parts of day (except night)I go home in the evening.On: + days of the weekI dont work on Sundays.


Time Expressionspage 12, activity 9VocabularioTempranoTardeHastaAntesDespus

I get up ___ six ___ in the morning ___ weekdays.I go to bed __ midnight ___ weekends.I start work _____ 11:30 ___ night.I have lunch ___ three ___the afternoon ___ Fridays.I stay up _____ 1:00 a.m. ____ weekends.I have a little snack ___ 9:00 ___ the evening.I sleep _____ noon ___ Sundays.Time Expressionspage 12, activity 9atatatatinatatinononononinonuntiluntilListeningDaily Schedulespage 12, activity 10RodneyTina EllenJobChefGets up at7:00 a.mGets home at9:00 p.m.Goes to bed atListeningDaily Schedulespage 12, activity 10RodneyTina EllenJobChefOffice ManagerFlight AttendantGets up at9:00 a.m.7:00 a.m5:00 a.m.Gets home at11:00 p.m.6:00 p.m.9:00 p.m.Goes to bed at1:00 a.m.Midnight10:00 p.m.Who is the class has the best schedule?BiographyhomeworkWhat is a biography?Write a biography about a family member. Write at least 4 sentences. Do NOT write his/ her name.This is homeworkYou will give these papers to the teacher.

Why do you need a job?

She's Not Just A Pretty Face (Pop Version)Shania TwainUp! , track 03/192002Country229134.55eng - Track 3Unit 2-4CambridgeInterChange 1 CD #1 Units 1-5, track 9Alternativo82703.93Unit 2-4CambridgeInterChange 1 CD #1 Units 1-5, track 9Alternativo82703.93Unit 2-5CambridgeInterChange 1 CD #1 Units 1-5, track 10Alternativo74474.555Unit 2-9CambridgeInterChange 1 CD #1 Units 1-5, track 13Alternativo52505.38