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  1. 1. How to spend investment money on a SaaS Business
  2. 2. Allocate investment the right way
  3. 3. Why spending isnt easy... Genius got you here but you will need a new kind of genius to take you further.
  4. 4. Levelling Up = Pressing Your Luck
  5. 5. The Winning Strategies are hidden ... The strategies that are right for you are hidden in a forest of stuff which is only right for other people
  6. 6. Implement a purchasing system 1. Systems Relevant & corresponding info on documentation Take the lead when implementing new systems Maintain adequate financial checks Go mobile
  7. 7. Continued... 2. Staff Give management an overview of all spending. Decide on the right people for key roles. Allocate at least 2 responsible managers to sign off on purchase documents (Make this easy to do). Implement systems for all staff - No Exceptions
  8. 8. Invoice Fraud Within Your Company Invoice For Unused Goods or Services Change of Details Letter Internal Invoicing Fraud Product Delivery Fraud Computer Virus Based Fraud Methods To Stop Invoice Fraud How to Prevent it Staff Training Recognise Email Based Invoice Fraud Recognise Posted Invoice Fraud A Properly Managed Purchase Order System Give company management an overview of all spending Record orders for reconciliation against supplier invoices Reduce unnecessary spending by preventing over purchasing Provides a contract between purchaser and supplier Better cash flow management within the business
  9. 9. Spending Hygene Factor #1 - Hungry - Angry - Lonely - Tired - Sick
  10. 10. Pirate Metrics - Acquisition - Activation - Retention - Referral - Revenue
  11. 11. Pirate Metrics...1 Acquisition SlideShare Commenting Launch on a Tuesday Amazon Book Reviewing and Commenting Sign-up Functionality that Stays at the Top Add Exit Intent to the Website Submit the App to Award Sites Use the Thank You Page Wavelength by MailChimp Startup App Directories Pay for Triberr Influencers Viral Content Buzz and Just Retweet Virtual Assistants Put >> at the End of Your Call-to-Action Buttons
  12. 12. Pirate Metrics...2 Tweet Embeds of Social Proof Require Shares for Your Best Content SellHack for LinkedIn Startup App Directories Pay for Triberr Influencers Viral Content Buzz and Just Retweet Virtual Assistants Put >> at the End of Your Call-to-Action Buttons Tweet Embeds of Social Proof Require Shares for Your Best Content SellHack for LinkedIn LinkedIn Group Owners LinkedIn Group Blog Promotion Old Tools That No Longer Exist Discounts to Influencers
  13. 13. Pirate Metrics...3 Submit to Social Bookmarking Type Sites SnapGuide and Email News Publishers for Your Industry Ad Placement/Sponsorships Upload Training Videos to Lynda Reach Out to Other Guest Bloggers Leverage Your Existing Providers LaunchBit HARO Sponsored Content Fiverr Promotion Pay for Reviews Showoff Your PR or Customers Pop-ups Get PR
  14. 14. Pirate Metrics...4 Discounts for Beta Testers Social Listening Create Templates Chrome Webstore Daily Deal Sites Roundups Highlight User Onboarding Guest Blog Use Paid Ads to Promote Your Press Conversion and A/B Testing Ask for Beta Users on Social Handwritten Notes Blog Commenting Host Your Videos on Wistia Communicate
  15. 15. Pirate Metrics...5 Converse with Authors not Publishers Repurpose Content Feature Key Figures in Your Niche Training Courses Third Party Partnerships Interview Influencers Cold Emailing Case Studies for Different User Types Siphon Competitor Links Marketplace Integrations with Other Apps Interview Users Automated Webinars More Engaging Signup/Login Page Downsell at Signup
  16. 16. Pirate Metrics...6 Activation Make Signing Up Easy Auto Login After Signup Send Personal Email Send Gifts Engage Influencers Who Signup Tweet or Mention New Users Map Out Your Email Sequence Extended Free Trials Personal Outreach as a Followup Find Your Aha Moment Automated Webinars Great Onboarding Experience Spruce Up the Boring Pages
  17. 17. Pirate Metrics...7 Retention Utilize an FAQ Page Ask Users to Take Pics w/Your Product Use Google Hangouts/Skype for Support Report on Positive Statistics Email, Email, Email Customer Thank You Cards User Exclusives Credit Card Expiration Notices Leaderboards Gamify Inform Users What They Missed
  18. 18. Pirate Metrics...8 Referral Double Loop Referral Program In-App Sharing Two Way Sharing Ask for Shares in Your Application Affiliate / Referral Program Use Links in Your Email Signature Ask for Shares in ALL Emails
  19. 19. Pirate Metrics...9 Revenue Downsell at Cancelation Verified Program At Risk Tagging Exit Survey Add Professional or Concierge Services Annual Payments
  20. 20. Evaluate where your business is Figuring out where your problem lies, comes down to how closely you can get to the above figures for each stage of your funnel.
  21. 21. What is your problem? - Decide where the weaknesses are in your business - Think about the bag of money you have, and how to align them with those weaknesses. - Draw up a list of ways you could use your resources to address those issues. - Draw up a list of expenditures which are not aimed at problem areas.
  22. 22. Draw up a list of In order to . [address a specific problem] I have considered [Option A] costing [$x] [Option B] costing [$y] [Option C] costing [$z] and have chosen [your choice] where I expect [the result I hoped for]
  23. 23. Scaling Not all of this spend will be done by you alone. Soon your team will take on and execute decisions


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