how we spend our summer

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How we spend our summer


  • 1. How we spendour summer!!!

2. I went to the village Loo . Iswam there and went tothe disco. 3. This year I went to Salt-Iletst.There was a lake. I swam init. 4. I didnt only have fun but Iparticipated in thetournament checkers. 5. I smeared with There was a dirty lake. I alsobathed in it. We were in mud. 6. I also went to the village Debesy where Iplayed checkers!!! 7. Yet there were slides and we went there.We went there with my friend. We wenton rides there. We had a lot of fun. 8. This summer I visited the city of Sochi.Olimpic venues were very interesting 9. I had fun there. My friend and Irollerskated. 10. On the 30th of June I had mybirthday. It was a pirate party!!! 11. Made byStyazhkina VictoriyaAnd SavinskayaAnastasiyaForm 5 A