Unit 2 How do you spend your day? Interchange 1 ----Jobs.

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  • Unit 2 How do you spend your day? Interchange 1 ----Jobs

  • Do your parents have jobs? What do they do?Where do they work?

  • Guess who you are?Student A describe the job in the namecard that he got.Others listen and guess what kind of job it is.

  • Which Job do you think is the worst? Why?fishermanlumberjackcowboyconstructionworker

  • Which Job do you think is the worst? Why?taxi driverdancer

  • Bad ----> Worse ----> The Worstsalary, stress working conditions, security,number of working hours

  • bad ----> worse ----> the worst

  • a salesperson a carpentera receptionista chef

  • JobsCategorize jobsa dancera cashiera musicana pilot

  • a flight attendanta nurse Company directora singer

  • a tour guidea web-site designera servera director

  • Categorize jobs P8 EX.2company directorreceptionistWeb-site designerOffice work Entertainment businessFood serviceTravel industryJobsflight attendantpilottour guideservercashierchefdancermusiciansingerAnswers for ex 2

  • A salespersonA chefA flight attendantA carpenterA receptionistA nurseIn a department storeIn a restaurantFor an airlineFor a construction companyIn an officeIn a hospitalsells goodscooks foodserves passengersbuilds housesanswers the phonecares for patientsCan you describe each persons job? She is a salesperson. She sells goods. She works in a department store. P9 Ex3

  • AccountantSecretaryLawyerEngineer Sales managerReceptionistExecutiveClerk DirectorGeneral manager

  • True or false?1. Andrea loves her job.2. Andrea takes people on tours to Asia.3. Jason has a full-time job.FTFAndrea and Jason are talking about their jobs. Where do you work?

  • Where do you work?Who is Jason?

    2. . Who is Andrea?

    3. What does she do?listen and speakEX 4 He is a student / a part-time cashier. She is a guide. She takes people on tours

  • 4 Conversation Where do you work?Jason: Where do you work, Andrea?Andrea: I work at Thomas Cook Travel.Jason: Oh, really? What do you do there?Andrea: Im a guide. I take people on tours to countries in South America, like Peru.Jason: How interesting.

  • 4 Conversation Where do you work?Andrea: Yes, its a great job. I love it. And what do you do? Jason: Im a student, and I have a part-time job, too.Andrea: Oh? Where do you work?Jason: In a fast-food restaurant.Andrea: Which restaurant ?Jason: Hamburger Heaven.

  • Listen to the rest :What does Jason do? How does he like his job?

    Key sentences

    Where do you work?I work at .What do you do there?He takes people's orders.

  • Ohdear!Dear,dear!Dear me!Is that so Good heavens!Heavens! Ohmy! Oh my God! Oh my goodnessOMG=Oh,My God Gee! Goodness! Gosh! Jesus(Christ)! My goodness! Oh, really?

  • Oh, boy! Oh, dear! Oh,my! Oh, no! Ouch Oh, well! Say! LookThank God! Thank goodness! Unbelievable! / AmazingWatch it! Well! Wow!

  • How interesting! = How interesting it is!

    How1. How happily she laughs!2. How fast Liu Xiang runs!3. How large your house is!

  • Conversation practice

  • In a department storeIn a restaurantFor an airlineFor a construction companyIn an officeIn a hospital

  • 5 Grammar FocusWhat do you do?Where do you work?How do you like your school?Im a student, and I have a part-time job.I work in a restaurant.I like it very much.

  • What does Lucy do?Where does she work?How does she like it?

    She is a guide. She takes people on tours.She works for Thomas Cook Travel.She loves it.

  • Who said this?Im a guide.I work at Thomas Cook Travel.I take people on tours.I love my job.

    Shes She works

  • Ex 7 Conversation I start work at fivegym midnight announcer recognize show by the way ,

  • What s this conversation about?About Helens workEx 7 Conversation I start work at five

  • What does Helen do?Shes a TV announcer.What time does Helen get home at night?

    Where does she work?

    At midnight.On KNTV

  • Daniel: So, Do you usually come to the gym in the morning?Helen: Yeah, I do.Daniel: Really? What time do you go to work?Helen: I work in the afternoon. I start work at five.Daniel: Wow, thats late. When do you get home at night?Helen: I usually get home at midnight.7A CONVERSATION I start work at five.

  • Daniel: Midnight? That is late. What do you do, exactly?Helen: Im a TV announcer. I do the weather report on KNTV. Dont you recognize me?Daniel: Oh! Youre Helen Black. I love your show! By the way, Im Daniel...

    7A CONVERSATION I start work at five.

  • Helen: And you, Daniel? Whats your day like?Daniel: Well, right now Im in school, so I just have a part-time job. But Im pretty busy. I get up early around 6:00 A.M. Then I work from 7:00 until 9:00. I go to school and study until 4:00 P.M. Then I work again from 5:00 until 7:00. B

  • Helen: So what do you do?Daniel: Im a dog walker.Helen: A what? Whats that?Daniel: A dog walker. I take peoples dogs for walks. Its great, and it keeps me in shape, too. B

  • by the way 1. By the way, do you have any idea where the post office is? 2. By the way, do you know the famous movie star, Will Smith?3. By the way, this is our English teacher Mr. Wu.

  • 5 A do do where go go How like does teaches does works what designs

  • 5 Bworks in a hospital

    has an office

    cares for patients

    works in a school

    teaches classeshelps students

  • 5CAsk your friend questionsTell others your friends informationFor example: Demi is a ., she lives in.., she works in ..

  • WritingWrite a description of what you do?Ss read the model biography.Biography does not need persons name, use she or he instead.Introduce your family member to others.

  • at at 3 oclock at noon in in May in summer in 1990 1990 on on 6 March 3 on Christmas Day on my birthday on + / on Sundays on Monday morning on weekendsaround until after before9A

  • 9A up sixat on at atat in until onat in until on9C ask & answer

  • 12 Reading Key wordsschedules experience expensive salary type allowance own flexible assistant word processor have time to sthon weekendssave money take care of earn money not...anymorea little +

  • 12reading 123169330

  • My husband and I work very hard to earn money. Although we make good salary, we dont save much money. We have child, we plan to buy a house. We need a lot of money. So I take a part time job. I am a English teacher in a college. I have teaching experience and I know how to teach students to study English well. I work from Monday to Friday. Sometimes I have classes in the morning, sometimes in the whole afternoon.

    Why do you need a job?What kind of job is suitable for you?What time is available for you?Do you have some advantages about the job?

  • A.()B. at/ in/ on/ around/ until/before/ after1.I take people on tours to countries in South America, like Peru.2. How interesting!3. I have a part-time job.4. He works for a big computer company in Beijing.5. What time do you go to work?

  • 6. When do you get home at night?7. Dont you recognize me ?care for answer the phone by the way get up go to bed leave work get home stay up wake up in the morning in the afternoon in the evening at night on Sundays on weekdays

  • Merry Christmax

    see you

  • Guessing gameAsk questions and guess his /her job

  • Time expressions:

  • 9:00AM11:00PM1:00AM Office manager6:00PMmidnightFlight attendant5:00AM10:00PMListen can complete the chart

  • Listen to Lucy, Michael and Sylvie and answer:1. Are they in the same chemistry class?2. Whats Sylvies last name?3. How is Lucys math class?4. Is Sylvie from Toronto, Canada?

  • Read quickly and find out:Who is in high school?Who is in college?Who is a new parent?

  • Read about Theresa GLASS1. Is she very busy? Why?2. Why does she need a job?3. What time can she work?

  • Read about Kerin Thomas1. Can Kerins husband make a lot of money?2. Why does she need a job?3. What kind of job can she do?

  • Read about Lamar Andrews1. What does allowance probably mean?A. Job B. money C. present2. Why does he need a job?3. Can he work in a restaurant?

  • What job(s) is/are good for them?

  • Watch the video?Whats Lynns job?Is it a good job?Why does she want to change her job?What job does she want to do?

  • 12[i:] [] [:] [u:] [:] [:][i] [e] [] [u] [] []8[ei] [ai] [i] [au] [u] [i] [] [u]

  • [p] [t] [k] [f] [s][b] [d] [ g ][v] [z][] [] [ t] [ tr ] [ ts][] [ ] [ d] [ dr] [ dz]8[m][n][][l][r][j][w][h]

  • 26ABCDEFG[ei] [bi:] [si:] [di:] [i:] [ef] [ di:]HIJKLMN[eit] [ai] [dei] [kei] [el] [em] [en]OPQRST[u] [pi:] [kju:] [:] [es] [ti:]UVWXYZ[ju:] [vi:] [dblju:] [eks] [wai] [zed]5A E I O U

  • f [ef] l [el]m [em] s [es] x [eks] z [zed]apple [pl] blad [bld]dad [dd]cat [kt]bee[bi:]dark[da:k]sister [sist]pig [pig]key [ki:] car [ka:] bus [bs]bird [b:d]dog [dg] bag [bg]cap[kp]

  • thick [ik] thing [i]that[t]this[is]shirt[:t]ship[ip]sheep[i:p]peach[pi:t]chick [ tik]cheap [ ti:p] jeep[ di:p] orange[`rid]jack [ dk]tree [ tri: ]drum [ drm] drop[ drp]cats [ kts] dots [ dts]hands [ hndz]birds[b:dz] a [ei]cake [keik]plane [plein]i [ai]bike [baik] five [faiv]boy [bi]toy [ti]O o [u] coat [kut] boat [but]cow [kau]deer [di] zero [ziru]bear [b]tour [tu] sure [u]

  • mug[mg] mum [mm]nine [nain] nice [nais]think [ik]like [laik] lake [leik]ruler [ru:l] rabit [rbit]watch [wt] what [wt]yellow [jelu] yes [jes]house [haus] hello [helu]

    All the jobs are in this unit.

    Can you list three other difficult jobs? manual jobs


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