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  • 1. Helpful Tips for Syllabus Writing LaWanda Burrell
  • 2. Double-click to enter title Double-click to enter text
  • 3. Before We Move On... Please check with your individual departments about subdivision specific guidelines on your syllabus.
  • 4. Purpose of a Syllabus 1st Impression of Instructor Set Expectations Course Map/Checklist Communication Tool
  • 5. If Your Syllabus Could Talk.... Model the behavior you expect from your student Display your instructor style to students Using details looks approachable & helpful Gives students a sneak peak preview of the class Proofread and spell check Prevent the "I Didn't Know" Phenomenon
  • 6. Moraine Syllabus Template Part 1. Instructor and Section Information Enter the basic details about yourself. Obtain information from department chair Part 2. Course Information This area allows you to layout the course. Most of the information in this section can be taken from the Master Course Outline of your course. Part 3. Classroom Information This is the area where you personalize the syllabus and make it speak to the climate of your class. The student can get a sneak peek of what the class will be like from this section.
  • 7. Strategies to Ensure Students are Reading Your Syllabus Syllabus Quiz (individual or group) Essay response (i.e. in your own words, explain) Hold a question/answer session on the syllabus Talk about the syllabus in more than the first class Refer to syllabus when discussing new assignments Ask for feedback on revising the syllabus
  • 8. Contact Information LaWanda Burrell
  • 9. Minimalist Approach Week 1: Chapter 1 Week 2: Chapter 2 Week 3: Chapter 3 Week 4: Chapter 4 BACK
  • 10. Detailed Course Calendar BACK
  • 11. THANK YOU!!!