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    Public Allies New Mexico

    Aly SanchezAll rights reserved, copyright 2011, The Grant Plant

  • Introductions

    Presenter:Aly Sanchez, MBADirector of Projects, The Grant Plant g p

  • Course Topics

    Grant Writing as a Fundraising MethodThe Grants ProcessGrants Context Conducting Funding ResearchConducting Funding ResearchComponents of a ProposalCreating Competitive ProposalsCreating Competitive ProposalsQuestions

  • Grant Writing as Fundraising

  • Grant Writing as Fundraising

    A piece of the puzzleMore restrictive than other sourcesRisks of grant relianceBenefits of grants development to organization/project developmentSources of grants

  • Giving in the U.S.

    Grants 13% of 2009 NPO incomeGrants 13% of 2009 NPO income2009 total giving 3.6%Gi i f d i 8%Giving to foundations 8%Private fdt. grants 8.9%Corporate giving 5.5%


    TGP trendsSources: Giving USA, TGP records

  • The Grants Process

  • The Grants Process

    Writing the grant is just part of the processWriting the grant is just part of the process

    1 ID Suitable Purposes1. ID Suitable Purposes

    2. Identify Eligible Funders

    3. Research and Gather Resources

    4. Apply for Grants/Contracts

    5 Manage Grants/Relationships5. Manage Grants/Relationships

  • Grants Context

  • Grants Context: General NPO Staff

    Key Understanding and Elements for SuccessThink of grantors as investors, grants as partnershipsg , g p pUnderstand and share grant expectationsProvide writer with information in a timely mannerProvide writer with information in a timely mannerEnable meaningful, robust performance evaluationBe honest about set backs not just successesBe honest about set-backs, not just successesInvite, thank, share stories

  • Grants Context: Occasional Grant Writer

    Key Understanding and Elements for SuccessWith laser focus - read and follow instructionsIdentify and communicate needed elements, input, and buy-in EARLYStart your writing with the RFPLeave extra time, test online systems, understand deadlineEnsure delivery responsibilities are understood

  • Grants Context: Professional Grant Writer

    K U d t di d El t f SKey Understanding and Elements for SuccessCareer requirements and expectationsBe disciplined, organized, & on time communicateDont chase lukewarm matches search moreSeek opportunities to be on review committeesPrioritize current and past grantorsUse grant prep to improve the organizationGather typical attachments before you need themyp y

  • Grants Context: NPO Leadership

    Key Understanding and Elements for Successy gEvaluate how best to manage grant seeking (in-house dedicated/PT, outsourcing)/ , g)Work with writer to narrow focus for grants in relation to other fundraisinggDont wag the dog by the tailGrants usually not suitable for quick funding needsGrants usually not suitable for quick funding needsKnow grant professionals ethics when hiringAssess organization and program readinessAssess organization and program readinessCultivate relationships

  • Finding & Choosing Funders

  • Funder Research: A Systematic Approach

    U i d lib t ill h l Using a deliberate process will help you: Match to your prioritiesIdentify aligned grant makersUnderstand your fundersPrioritize and pace effortsAvoid getting blindsided or missing out

    Grant success lives and dies with prospecting p p g

  • Funder Research: 6-Step Approach6-Step Approach

    1. ID Issues and Funding Type

    2 Search for Eligible Funders2. Search for Eligible Funders

    3. Research and Re-Screen

    4. Develop Funder Profile

    5. Contact Funders

    6 Form your Game Plan6. Form your Game Plan

  • Funder Research Sources

    NM Grantmakers Directory: http://nmgrantmakers.orgy p // g gFoundation Center Foundation Finder: http://fdncenter.orgFoundation Directory Online$: http://grants.govARRA: http://www.recovery.govGrant Select: Grant Station$: www.grantstation.comN $Noza$: www.nozasearch.comThe Grant Plant:

    Why search multiple sources?Why search multiple sources?

  • Writing Grants

  • Typical Proposal Elements

    Needs Statement


    Needs Statement

    Project Design

    Goals and Objectives

    Organization & Partner Info

    E l iEvaluation

  • Additional Proposal Elements

    C l ttCover letterAbstract/summaryApplications and face pagesLogic models, timelines, other project detailsBudget and financial documentsPersonnel documentsGovernance and classification documentsLetters of support, agreementspp , g

  • General Principles

    Read, follow, reread instructions & scoring matricesgBe honest, straightforward, and to-the-pointFollow the 4 CsFollow the 4 C sDemonstrate ROI, importance of investmentUnderstand problems vs symptoms correlation vs Understand problems vs. symptoms, correlation vs. causationThink like a reviewerThink like a reviewerCheck your work, and allow plenty of reviewId tif d l b k d h dl lIdentify deal-breakers and hurdles early

  • Element Tips

    E l i h h h h h h d h Explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how much at the outsetE l i d i h li hExplain needs with current, quality researchNeeds statements are not about your organizationUnderstand goals, objectives, outputs, outcomesMake airtight connection between what youll do and what youre trying to achieveNail the budget and start it earlyQuality evaluation

  • Research

    Demographic Sites

    Data Functions Key Sources


    g pFederal AgenciesState Agenciesp


    gFoundation WebsitesArticle/Journal


    CollectionsNews Outlets

  • Research Data Sources

    US Census www.census.govFreeDemographics - www.freedemographics.comUSDA Economic Research Service - www.ers.usda.govSocioeconomic Mapping and Resource Topography (SMART): Department of Health & Human Services -,g/ g p ,HHS Reference Collection - Mexico Economic Development Department www.edd.state.nm.usAECF Knowledge Center: Kids Count Data Center: Kids Count Data Center: Economic Development Department www.edd.state.nm.usNM Department of Health:

  • Proposal Writing Resources

    // / / /

    //http://www.grantproposal.com e.g. Grant Writing for Dummies, Logic Model Guidebook, ROI for NonprofitsLocal Agencies: Center for Non-Profit Excellence

  • Questions

  • The Grant Plant is dedicated to providing superior and affordable resource development services to assist nonprofit organizations in enhancing the quality of life for New Mexico residents.We offer a range of services, including data and prospect research, grant writing, editing, and reporting.E l tt i li G t l d E-newsletter sign up online. Grant calendar:

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