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This is the presentation I used during my Panel Discussion at the IWP 2014 (1st International Workshop on Inclusive Web Programming - Programming on the Web with Open Data for Societal Applications).This was part of ICSE 2014 (International Conference on Software Engineering'), Hyderabad.


  • 1. Gramseva: Kisan DEVELOPED BY NEIL MATHEW

2. Awards and Recognition 2ND PLACE AGRICULTURE #OpenDataApps Challenge A National Competition held by NASSCOM & NIC Gramseva: Kisan was selected from hundreds of applications from 76 cities all over India. 3. Awards and Recognition WINNER DIGITAL GOVERNMENT CATEGORY Accenture-Yahoo Innovation Jockeys 3 Hunt for India's Most Innovative Minds Contest Gramseva: Kisan was selected from over 1300 entries with contestants from across 400 colleges in India. 4. Key Features 1 Auto Sync with (Automated downloading of Price Information & Ease of Use) 2 Local storage of data for Historical view (Prices not available today? Check yesterdays rate) 3 Synced data can be viewed Offline (Access prices without the Internet) 4 Graphical Visualization for trend analysis (Easy Indication of Rise & Fall of Prices) 5 Set Favorite Market/Commodity (Quick Access and Prioritization of Specific Commodities) 6 Share price information with co-farmers by SMS, EMAIL, etc. 7 Free Alerts using Google Cloud Messaging to subscribed users 8 Information dissemination through AdMob banners 5. Screenshots Home Favorites All Commodities All Markets About 6. Find your Commodity Market Price By Commodity Name By Market (Location) Share Prices via SMS, E-mail, Whatsapp, etc Screenshots 7. Modal Price Max Price Min Price Graphs represent Rise or Fall of prices. Screenshots 8. Research & Feedback Visited a CSC in Kalchhina and took feedback from the villagers. They found it very useful: Knowing the official prices help in bargaining during buying & selling of commodities with greedy manipulative dealers Seeing visuals of rise or fall of commodity prices help decide when to stock up or sell. 9. Challenges Faced Only Daily Commodity Prices are available on site. What if I want to check last weeks prices? Prices are automatically downloaded (AutoSync) on a daily basis. The mandi prices of previous days that are downloaded by the app can be accessed at any time by the user. 10. Challenges Faced What if there isnt Continued Internet Access? As soon as the device connects to the Internet, the App makes an attempt to download the Mandi prices (AutoSync) and stores it offline. Users can refer to previous days prices offline when internet access is not available. 11. Challenges Faced Wont downloading daily price information overload the phone memory? The Commodity Prices are stored for exactly one week at a time. After one week, the prices before the current week will be deleted. (First In, First Out) However, if a Commodity Market is selected as a Favorite, the Price Information relating to it will be stored indefinitely capable of holding values for many months. 12. Challenges Faced Were there any problems graphing the price information? Prices provided by are not always consistent. The prices for a Commodity Market may be missing for many days at irregular intervals. On many occasions, the prices may be erratic like randomly having a value of Rs 0/quintal. The App uses many fail-safe algorithms to accurately graph the values despite the many inconsistencies. 13. Challenges Faced If the app was aimed at farmers, how do you expect them to use this complex app? First of all, there are a number of modern farmers and wholesalers with the means to purchase and use touch based feature phones. Second, those who lack the skills or monetary means to access it themselves can have the information passed to them by easily sharing the information via the SMS feature. Third, the plan is to integrate this service with CSCs (Common Services Centre) so that the capable VLE (Village Level Entrepreneur) in charge can pass the information to his community. 14. THE END. Any Questions? Check out the app @