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<p>Cindyanti Oh Chia Ling 2008 002 043 Sysilia Tanhati Erika Putri Zuwinda Zera 2008 002 047 2008 002 050 2008 002 060</p> <p>CROSS-CULTURAL BRANDING</p> <p>HISTORY OF DJARUM </p> <p>Founded in 1951 by Oei Wie Gwan 1970 - built a research &amp; development center to create new kretek blends. The company began exporting in 1972 1976 the company succeeded in creating the first machine-made kretek known as Djarum filter and in 1980, one of the company's most popular brands - Djarum Super was launched Djarum adalah pengekspor rokok kretek terbesar di dunia</p> <p>DJARUM as GLOBAL BRAND</p> <p>Djarum cigarettes are no longer available for purchase in the US as of September 22, 2009. The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, introduced in the US Congress and signed into law by President Barack Obama</p> <p>DJARUM as GLOBAL BRAND</p> <p>Local Brands Djarum Super, Djarum Coklat, Djarum 76, Djarum Istimewa, L.A. Lights, L.A. Menthol Lights, Djarum Black, Djarum Black Cappuccino, Djarum Black Tea, Dos Hermanos (cigar)</p> <p>International Brands Djarum Super, Djarum Supersmooth, Djarum Black, Djarum Special, Djarum Lights, Djarum Bali Hai, Djarum Splash, Djarum Menthol, L.A. Lights, L.A. Menthol Lights, Djarum Spice Islands (kretek cigarillos), Djarum Gold, Djarum Cherry</p> <p>LOCAL BRANDS</p> <p>INTERNATIONAL BRANDS</p> <p>DJARUM BLACK 70%</p> <p>Market Share (kategori kretek) di Amerika Positioning : INOVATIF &amp; KREATIF Segmentation : youngsters, executive Target market : middle-to high class Modern, stylish, different and classy</p> <p>GLOBAL MARKETING Perbedaan</p> <p>:Tantangan dalam memformulasikan strategi pemasaran</p> <p>Kultur Hukum Komunikasi Ekonomi</p> <p>Djarum - Marketing &amp; Promotion StrategyIndonesia : ATL &amp; BTL Regulasi pemerintah masih longgar Health-concsious rendah</p> <p>Djarum Black : community marketing New-wave Marketing</p> <p>Marketing &amp; Promotion Strategy Non-Indonesia</p> <p>:</p> <p>ATL</p> <p>Hanya di event sponsorship Tidak boleh menjadi event creator Hanya di media khusus orang dewasa</p> <p>BTL</p> <p>ADVERTISEMENTS &amp; PROMOTIONS-InternationalABOVE THE LINE</p> <p>ADVERTISEMENTS &amp; PROMOTIONS-International</p> <p>Below The Line</p> <p>DJARUM BLACK</p> <p>Tourists visit Indonesia on holiday "They understood, explored, and experienced the unique taste of clove cigarettes while they were in Indonesia. When they smell clove tobacco, it brings the holiday experience back to their mind. But for some smokers, they just want to enjoy the experience of smoking kretek because of its unique taste and aroma."</p> <p>Djarum - Marketing &amp; Promotion Strategy Compliance</p> <p>with the regulations</p> <p>in Europe, Djarum Super has lower tar andnicotine content than Djarum Super in Indonesia</p> <p>Health-conscious</p> <p>Compliance With The Regulations</p> <p>abel Warning L 30% More than s of proportion packaging</p> <p>Compliance With The Regulations</p> <p>Smokin bans</p> <p>Some countries require cigarette packs to contain warnings about health German - Since January 1, 2007, all cigarette machines in public places in Germany must attempt to verify a customer's age by requiring the insertion of a debit card Hungary - In 2009, a proposal to ban smoking in most public places including restaurants, bars, etc. was placed on hold Japan - Smoking is banned on most public transport and on many train station platforms, however enforcement mechanisms such as fines remain absent. Turkey - In July 2009, a restaurant owner in Saruhanli was murdered by one of his customers for attempting to enforce the smoking ban.</p> <p>Djarum - Marketing &amp; Promotion Strategy</p> <p>Meeting the consumers taste preference Tea flavor only in Indonesia, other flavoured cigarettes not launched in Indonesia (Djarum market research) Maintains an official website containing information and input from around the world New-Wave Marketing : Integrasi antara offline dan online, low budget high impact Indonesia is a kretek-loving country, but in many countries the concept of mixing tobacco with cloves is unknown to most smokers Customer Loyalty !!!</p>


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