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At Esri UK Annual Conference 2014 With 90% of Council data having a spatial element, either an address or location on a map, the provision of spatial information is a trusted and valuable service within Wiltshire Council. With the ever expanding need for spatial data across the business coupled with pressures to make more savings across the authority, it is essential we maximise the use of our existing contracts, join up and share spatial data across business areas internally and externally and strive to make the best business decisions possible for our customers via GIS.


  • 1. GIS Mobile Apps for Highways June 2014 Julie Seddon Solutions Manager Spatial Information Team Wiltshire Corporate Award Winners
  • 2. Wiltshire County Area 3255 km2 Under 5: 28,373 (6%) Over 65: 85,488 (18%) Army Personnel and Dependants: 31,000 (7%) Total Population: 470,981 Addition 14,800 army personnel to be located on Salisbury Plain by 2020 Wiltshire Key Settlements and Population per LSOA
  • 3. Spatial Team Transformation Department Current Status 4th year of ELA with ESRI 400 desktop users, 250+ LVF users with 70 windows Adoption of GIS throughout Wiltshire Council, up to 5000 staff Piloting of collector and viewer apps Working in partnership with Wiltshire Police IT Spatial Information Team
  • 4. GIS Mobile Project for Highways The Challenge The Options The Process The Solutions The Benefits & Savings
  • 5. The Challenge Multiple data capture via paper maps in the field Time spent transferring data from paper records to systems Accuracy issues and duplication of data captured Limited knowledge on council highways asset conditions Decisions being made on out of data/inaccurate data Historic cost to the council for claims against assets (non highway)
  • 6. The Options Option 1 Introduce asset recording GIS apps to allow officers to capture data live in the field Option 2 Do nothing Option 1 was the recommended and chosen option
  • 7. The Process Workshops Confirmed the apps required Confirmed the domains needed Configured the apps Trained staff Created test plans with an agreed testing period Follow up sessions feedback, changes made and retested Go live
  • 8. Create Domains for App in Catalogue Enter the SVC account details including titles and tags and store credentials with the service item Create a blank layer with required fields in Catalogue Link the domains to the layers fields in Catalogue Make an MXD containing your required layers and style it as appropriate Add Item (this adds the service online) In the Map tab, search for the layer and add the layer from the list Choose the basemaps, save and share then choosing an app template Make the web app, choose the edit template, publish, save and publish Login to and add a new item to the web and paste in the URL, changing the server name to the Wiltshire alias Login to ArcGIS server manager and copy the relevant rest end point of the feature server Publish your MXD to the secure folder Go into the new app, and share it! The Technical Process
  • 9. The Solution 3 Collector apps Drainage App Fixed Assets App Play Area App 4 Viewer Apps Street Litter Viewer App Grounds Maintenance Viewer App Street Cleansing Viewer App Winter Maintenance App
  • 10. Collecting a Feature Select a drainage type
  • 11. Select a condition
  • 12. Enter officer details
  • 13. Select a board area
  • 14. Select a date
  • 15. Take a photo and save the photo
  • 16. Save your feature Important - click Done in the top left of your screen to save your feature
  • 17. Additional Capability Changing the base mapping Turning layers on and off Editing / moving points and the attribute information Deleting data
  • 18. Off Network Solution Choose your work area
  • 19. Choose the zoom scale you require
  • 20. Capture a new polygon feature
  • 21. Sync your features captured off network
  • 22. View your captured features
  • 23. Benefits Probably one of the biggest benefits is seeing what services are delivered on the GIS Apps. This allows the service to become more responsive to local demands. Adrian Hampton (Head of Highways and Streetscene)
  • 24. Benefits to Wiltshire Council Underpins the Councils strategic intent, actively changing services to be more responsive and greater community involvement With the councils need to be more agile we are changing the way we work towards a vision where weve influenced the demographics to change Protect the Council from claims for damages Workforce becoming more knowledgeable and flexible in how we work Applications become faster to configure as the team gain knowledge and confidence, continually improving processes and design All of this provides huge cost savings
  • 25. Benefits to the public Real time decision making saving on cost No duplication of effort and staff are more responsive to our customers needs Ensures the correct, real time information is available, maximising the use of resources
  • 26. Benefits to Highways (internal customer) Apps are assisting the section to deliver a better service Ability to log the location and condition of street furniture and other items and therefore protect the Council from claims for damages Allow staff onsite to see Council maintained land and GIS data in real time Real time decision making saving on cost Ensures the correct information is available, maximising the use of resources
  • 27. Savings for the Highways Cost: 250 to create an app (officer time) Reuse knowledge and domains, allowing the council to become more flexible and meet its current challenges Travel Savings: 30, 500 Process Savings: 24, 500 Total initial annual saving: 55, 000 (not including contracts savings) Over 5 year period = 275,000 saving Across 10 business units = 2,750,000 saving Potential for huge savings through a change in the way we work and how we provide our services to our customers
  • 28. Future: Currently working with Emergency Planning Spatial Planning Team Future Potential areas include Election Environmental Health Property Assets Team Army Rebasing Plan
  • 29. Contact Details: 01225 713188


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