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The Get Cookin Reward Program supports you in getting your Wildtree business off to a SUCCESSFUL START in your rst few months. Meet these challenges and Wildtree will reward you with additional products to enhance and support your business. Its driven by the basics of the business and your actions: You do, you get, AND you make great money, that is! Its up to you HOW MUCH you earn so make the most of it!$100 RE TAIL PRO DUCT VOUCH ER IS Y How do I earn that? OURS you spons Simple! A or fter in their rs 1 person (who se lls t 35 days ), you will $350 a $100 re receive tail produc t voucher additiona for each l re Get Cooki cruit you sponsor in your n period in their rs (who sells $350 t 35 days .) NO LIM ITS! It PAYS to recru it!



Rewards Program for New Representatives


TimeframeSales Goal

YOU DOTastings Goal (held and submitted) Recruit Goal*


FLASH S TA R T0 Days 1-2in Included vel 1 Le Day 1 starts on your application date. Qualied Tastings = $200 in retail sales at a minimum; must be held and submitted within Get Cookin timeframes. All goals in each level must be met to qualify for each reward level. Levels ONE, TWO & THREE are independent of each other. Flash Start is a BONUS in Level One. *Each recruit must sell a minimum of $350 within their rst 35 days. **Recruit can be sponsored anytime within your rst 65 days. ***Use for the current year incentive trip, or it will automatically roll into the next years trip qualication timeframe.

Days 1-20



Additional Oil Set4 additional oils not in the kit

My FLASH Start dates: From__________ Through __________

Days 1-35 (level ONE)



My Level 1 dates: From__________ Through __________

(Product Voucher will be emailed directly to you for your choice of $50 in retail products!)

Rolling Tote & $50 Product Voucher

My Level 2 dates: From__________ Through __________

Days 36-65 (level TWO)




(Account credit for business kit reimbursement less taxes and shipping)

Kit Rebate!


Within 120 days (level THREE)

Promote to Team Leader

For 2 consecutive calendar months, have:$3500 in Team Sales, with at least $350 in Personal Sales and 2 bonus qualied Reps with at least $350 each

My Level 3 dates: From__________ Through __________

500 supply points AND $100 Product Voucher AND ***3000 promote points for trip

So dont delay ... GET COOKIN!


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