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Slides from a workshop presented by the Ennovation Center in Independence, Missouri. The program features how to market, brand and promote your specialty food business.


  • 1. Get Your Business CookinWorkshop
    March 24th, 2011

2. Tonights Agenda

  • Introductions

3. Ennovation Center Update 4. 3 Guest Speakers Tonight 5. Valerie Jennings Hippie Chow 6. Susan Henson Missouri Small Business & Development Center 7. Sara Freetly Grubb Candid MarketingThis is a very open, informal discussion so feel free to ask questions during the presentations.
8. Update on the Ennovation Center

  • Construction mostly completed.

9. Currently 11 kitchen incubator clients fully approved and operating. 10. Over 50 clients who have made application and are in various stages of licensing and permitting. 11. Independence School District has completed their move into the building. 12. Novellas Bistrowill be open in June.