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  • Types of Fiction1. Traditional-These are the oldest andmost traditionaltypes of fiction.

  • Fairy Tales- involve magical elements& make the impossible seem possible

    Tall Tales -(ex. Paul Bunyan,Pecos Bill) physical features and deedsare greatly exaggerated

  • Tall TalesThese exaggerate the characters physical features and powers.For example, the tale may say that Paul Bunyans feet were so large that when he stepped, his footprints formed the lakes.

  • Folklore general term covering folktales, proverbs, ritual speeches, folk songs, fables, etc. Handed down by word of mouth. Helps members of a culture stay connected to one another.

  • Fable kind of folklore in which a brief story is used to teach a lesson about human nature.Aesops FablesUsually a fable ends with a moral or lesson.

  • Characters often animals who speak and act like people.

    Giving life characteristics to animals ??Personification

  • Legends relate amazingevents or accomplishments;are stories known throughouta cultural group. Their heroes may be humans, animals, or even plants, enchanted objects, or forces of nature.

  • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    EXAMPLE:The Headless Horseman is the amazing event in this legend.

  • Myths traditional storiesabout gods and goddesses or how things came to be. These stories usually reflecta cultures religious or other deeply held beliefs.Myth something that isnt true!

  • Epics extended stories of a heros quest.

    Quest a mission or a journey.

  • 2.Fantasy explores unreal worlds of thepast, the present, & the future.

  • Tuck Everlasting

    The fantasy element here is the magical water that allows you to live forever and never age.

  • 3.Science Fiction explores imaginary worlds of the past, the present, & the future. Often has characters living in the future or shows people using technology that is not

  • available today. The characters deal with modern issues & problems; such as prejudice, fear, and isolation.

  • 4.Realistic Fiction The events are not real, factual events BUT theycould have actuallyhappened. It seems veryrealistic.

  • 5.Historical Fiction novel, play, short story, or narrative poem that sets fictional characters against a historical backdrop & contains many details about the period in which it is set.

  • Nonfiction factual prose writing. Nonfiction deals with real people & experiences.

  • 1.Informational conveys facts and information without introducing personal opinion. Just gives the facts.Example: Textbooks

  • 2.Biography the account of a persons life written by someone else

  • 3.Autobiography Thestory of a persons lifewritten by that person.

  • 4.Memoir a biographical or autobiographical narrative. An account of an event or period emphasizing the narrators personal experience of it.

  • OVERVIEWLiterature is broken up into 3 categories Poetry, Drama, & Prose.

    Prose = Includes Fiction and Nonfiction

    Fiction = False or Not TrueNonfiction = Not False or True

  • Fiction IncludesTraditionalFantasyScience FictionRealistic FictionHistorical Fiction

  • Nonfiction IncludesInformationalBiographyAutobiographyMemoir



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