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  • Genres in LiteratureMemoirsScience FictionRealistic FictionTraditional Literature


    BiographyAutobiographyInformationalFantasyUse this button on each page to link directly to DestinyBy Amy Madzinski

  • Traditional LiteratureStories that are passed down through storytelling throughout history. Examples are folktales, (including fairy tales), myths, and legends.

  • FantasyA fiction story that is unrealistic or has unworldly elements.

  • Science FictionA special division of fantasy that is based on scientific principles.

  • Realistic FictionIts a made up story, but it is true to life. It usually focuses on problems that anyone could face.

  • Historical FictionThe writer imagines this story and is true to life, but it takes place in a time period in the past.

  • InformationalThis type of book provides ideas and facts that are related to the world.

  • BiographiesA story about a persons life. It is written by someone who is not that person.

  • AutobiographyA story about someones life, written by that person.

  • MemoirA story about a certain event in a persons life that he/she remembers and writes about.


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