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  • READ all about it!Literature and its genres

  • Non-Fiction - InformationalA piece of literature that is meant to give information or facts about a topic.

  • Non-fiction - BiographyThe story of a persons life as written by another person.

  • Non-Fiction - AutobiographyThe story of a persons life written by that person.

  • Non-Fiction - DiaryA written account of what a person has done, felt, or thought, that is written by that person.

  • Fiction - HistoricalThis form of fiction recreates time, event, or place in history. It will contain facts but the story is imaginative.

  • Fiction - RealisticWriting that shows life as it really isincludes everyday things such as getting a cold, throwing up, breaking a leg, etc.

  • Fiction Realistic - MysteryA story in which a character unravels a series of clues to solve an unexplained situation.

  • Fiction Realistic - ThrillersScary, surprising mysteries that involve a touch of violence or monsters, or evil-doers.

  • Fiction Realistic - RomanceStories that involve love and relationships.

  • Fiction Realistic - ComedyWriting that deals with life in a humorous way; books that are meant to be funny.

  • Fiction - FantasyAny of several types of literature where impossible things happen.

  • Fiction FANTASYScience FictionA story that is based on science and often tells about life in the future or in a unique setting such as outer space or inside the earth.

  • Fiction Fantasy Fairy TaleA story that begins with Once upon a time whose characters are either all good or all bad, has magical things happen and usually has happy endings.

  • Fiction fantasy - fableA very short story, usually with animal characters that states a moral, or lesson to be learned.

  • Fiction Fantasy Myth/LegendA popularly regarded historical story but not based on verifiable facts due to fantastic details.

  • Fiction - PoetryLanguage written and arranged for the express purpose to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound and rhythm.



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