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Award Winning BooksTraditional FantasyModern FantasyRealistic FictionHistorical Fiction101010101020202020203030303030404040404050505050501This book award is chosen by the children of Connecticut.3They were among the first people to collect the tales told to them by their neighbors.8The book Pirateology is an example of this type of informational book.39This genre does not have an identifiable author.44The Newbery Award is given by this association. 49This award is given for the best written book of the year.4This is another name for a nonfiction picture book.35There are at least this many words in the English language.40 This is the term for when a child reads because they have to and doesnt retain what theyve read.45Guinness Book of World Records is an example of this genre.

50This award is given to the best illustrated book of the year.5This is one of the ingredients that will catch a child to read an informational book.36Alice In Wonderland is an example of this type of book.41This is the reason why fantasy is the most difficult genre to write.46This was the name of the book about the boy who is entering middle school and keeps a journal. It was also a movie we viewed in class. 51Johnny Tremain won this award in 1944.6What planet did we say could float on the ocean?37These are one of the three most important elements to judge a well written book.42The dewey decimal system was developed by this man.

47This is the name of the CT. author who wrote the Strega Nona books and a series of biographies about himself.52This award is named for childrens author, Dr. Seuss.7These books look at an era, event or prevailing attitude. 38This genre is never written in paragraphs.43A cinquain is a form of this genre.48This is the author of Goodnight Moon who died from kicking her leg above her head and having an embolism.53BiographyNonfictionPotpourriHow Good is My Memory?General Information10010010010010020020020020020030030030030030040040040040040050050050050050028