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    Eating is synonymous with fresh food and farming. So when it came time to hone in on a theme for this issue, farming and foods was a natural choice. The American family farmer is truly at the heart of Found-ing Farmers because the restaurant is owned by genuine, hardworking, American family farmers. We strive to source the best products seasonally and regionally whenever possible, and our recipes are prepared with the utmost care and attention by our talented chefs and kitchen staff whom you

    will meet in this issue. The Founding Farmers name represents a combination of ideas: it is a celebration of the land and the American family farmer; it is a nod to the founding fathers of our country, many of whom owned and farmed land that surrounds Washington, D.C.; and it is a place where true, sustainably farmed, grown and har-vested American foods are brought to our guests. You will find that this rich history of American cooking tradition is celebrated throughout the

    recipes we share with our Bon Apetit Club! The Founding Farmers philoso-phy to operate wisely, serve the community and live green is the heart of the American family farmer. In addition, we have created not only a magazine for you to keep recipes and learn new ones but we also are spreading the word on our new Bon Apetit Club! Join and learn more about healthy reci-pes and local friends to share with. Eat healthy and learn how with us!

    A. Harrod

    We believe it is the right of all diners and food lovers to enjoy of a good meal away from home that is fulfill-ing, delicious and hon-est, made with ingredients from high-quality sources.

  • 34Founding FarmersPassing it on to one generation to the next.

    6Feeling PeachyMeet Chef Joe and his famous recipes.

    12Founding Farmers FarmerMeet our local farmer.

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  • 4Gourmet Magazine, dining beneath the pecan trees at The Farm ... is a spiritual experience for those who journey to this 12-acre organic oasis. This American family farmer is truly at the heart of Founding Farmers because the restaurant is owned by genuine, hardworking, American fam-ily farmers. We believe it is the right of all diners and food lovers to enjoy of a good meal away from home that is fulfilling, delicious and honest, made with ingredients from high-quality sources. We strive to source the best products seasonally and regionally whenever possible, and our meals are prepared with the utmost care and attention by our talented chefs and kitchen staff. Strive is an important word, because in todays world and todays economy, it isnt always possible to source or buy the ideal products.

    So, Founding Farmers is walking its talk. As stew-ards of the land, family farmers work to protect the soil, the air, the water and biodiversity in ad-dition to producing high-quality, healthy foods. Thus the Founding Farmers philosophy to oper-ate wisely, serve the community and live green is the heart of the American family farmer. If you have a chance, stop into Founding Farmers and say hello, let us tell you more about our history, and passion that we love. Founding Farmers is so much more than a restaurant! Join us!

    Born from an ancient riverbed that blessed the grounds with naturally-rich soil, The Founding Farmers vision of sustainability was originally conceived by Dwight Heard (benefactor of the Founding Farmers restaurant) in the early 1920s. He acquired a large parcel of land and then sub-divided the property into two-acre parcels which he sold for the whopping sum of $1,150 with the distinct purpose of promoting self-sufficiency. Heard offered a cow and fifty chickens with each purchase. In keeping with the early philosophy, the ten acres just south of Southern and 32nd Street in Virginia was planted with 100 pecan trees, and for over 40 years was nurtured by a retired cattleman by the name of Skeeter Cover-dale. Ultimately Skeeter determined it was too much work to care for the trees and harvest the 5,000 pounds of nuts each year. He wanted to move to Punkin Center where he could buy a trailer, drink beer, swat flies, and tell lies - so he did!

    Today, the owner A. Wayne Smith has preserved the wondrous sense of rural tranquility and vi-sion of sustainability with independently owned businesses that contribute to the cultural, educa-tional, restorative and economic environments that thrive on the historic land. According to

    passing it on from one generation to the next

  • 5Photo of the ancestors of the Barneby Farm

    in nearby Virginia. Today they are Founding

    Farmers number 1 go to for fresh fruits.

    Circa 1854

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  • 7Ahh, fresh seasonal peaches and fruits! The appetizing aro-mas and fresh flavors lend distinctiveness to home-cooking by intensify-ing, expanding, and even completely modifying the taste of appetizers, entrees, side dishes. And they make it a snap to add your own personal touch to traditional and family favorites.

    Chef Joe explains that although traditionally a spring and summer treat, today fresh fruits are plentiful, accessible, and popular, even in the dead of winter. Cultivated on a large scale hydroponically and in greenhouses, fresh herbs are available in grocery stores and supermarkets all year. For the most intense flavor and aroma, select fruits that are brightly colored and firm, with no wilted or yellowish leaves. Wash under cold water and dry with paper towels or in a salad spinner. Pluck the leaves from the stems and add (either whole or chopped) to the dish. Chef Joe especially loves PEACHES! He likes using them as flavorings for all dishes and add-ing them to sandwiches, and soups. His speciality, the peachy burger served at Founding Farmers during lunch hours everyday.

    Each day, Chef Joe prepares appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks with peaches donated by James family Farms in Maryland. Chef Joe also con-coted for Founding Farmers a nonalcoholic ginger-peach sangria bread which is the locals favorite. Ive been playing with this one most of this season, Chef Joe says. Joe goes on to explains that he is preparing a peach and green tomato gazpacho that he also will serve during the Founding Farmers Bon Apetit club Saturday night. Its so unbearably hot out that I thought a chilled soup would be a great idea, Joe says. The Chefs Peach Sensation can be served from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Founding Farmers restaurant in downtown DC. Eat your heart out!

    About Chef Joe

    A graduate of the Culinary

    Institute of America, Chef

    Joe has been working for

    Founding Farmers for de-

    cades. He creates Founding

    Farmers recipes, leads the

    culinary team, researches

    ingredient sourcing and

    develops the produce and

    purveyor partnerships that

    are fundamental to our


    chef Joe Kincaid is using fresh local fruits with sweet success

  • 8passing it on from one generation to the next

    Besides Chef Joe peach love, he tells us more about how he came into Founding Farmers. I have been developing menus and running kitchens for over a decade. Chef Joes culinary path unfolded during high school, when he worked at the Hyatt Regency in Greenwich, Conn., doing just about everything in the kitchen. This solid background instilled a funda-mental skill set that helped him excel in culinary school, and the choice of the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, Fla., for his externship further solidified his commitment to the craft. Heeding the best advice he ever received, master your palate, Chef Joe did just that, working his way through the best restaurants on the Florida coast, developing not only his palate but the specific skills that have set him apart as a great chef.

    Chef Joe was on the ground-floor team to renovate and revitalize The Melrose Hotel in Dallas and was the Sous Chef at the hotels restaurant, The Landmark, from 1992 until 1994. Executive chef positions followed at Sipango, City Caf and Dani Catering and then, in 1997, Chef Joe found the place that would challenge his expert palate and continue to grow his career, eatzis Market & Bakery. He commanded this $17 million/year operation, responsible for all culinary operations. Chef Joe joined the Founding Farmers team long before we opened our doors on Pennsylva-nia Avenue. His talents and knowledge have been instrumental in main-taining the restaurants commitment to true food and drink. Hes excited about spreading this message with the opening of Potomacs Founding Farmers, especially as this gives him an opportunity to develop new dish-es and flavors that are sure to become fan favorites. Come meet Chef Joe and his peachy concoctions anyday of the week. Bon Apetit!

    Chef Joes Peach Burg-

    ers are his signature

    recipe. Made from fresh

    peachesfrom Founding

    Farmers local farming

    family the James in

    Maryland. The beef too

    comes from the James

    farm. Sink your teeth

    into this, you will not

    regret it.

  • 9Chef Joes special peach burger. Served at Founding Farmers.


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