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Community Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Members in attendance: Nathan Brennan, Becky Hogue, Alice Pilram (Community RAB Co-Chair), Dale Smith

Department of the Navy and Regulatory Agency RAB Members in attendance: Keith Forman, Navy RAB Co-Chair Remedios [Medi] Sunga, California Department of Toxic Substances Control

(DTSC) Myriam Zech, San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board

(Water Board)

Other Navy and Regulatory Staff and Consultant Representatives in attendance:

Dave Clark, Navy Kristi Diller, Parsons Bill Franklin, Navy Katie Henry, Tetra Tech, Inc. (Tetra

Tech) Laura Leone, Tetra Tech Mukesh Mehta, Navy Kimberly Noble, Navy

Marcie Rash, Tetra Tech Nathan Schumacher, DTSC Joe Schwennesen, Adanta, Inc. Matt Slack, Navy Radiological

Affairs Support Office (RASO) Tommie Jean Valmassy, Tetra Tech Dave Weyant, RASO Chris Yantos, Navy

Public Guests in attendance:

Bob Beck, Treasure Island Development Authority (TIDA) Carol Harvey, journalist

Welcome Remarks, Agenda Review, and RAB Discussion Items Keith Forman (Base Realignment and Closure [BRAC] Environmental Coordinator [BEC]) opened the December 2016 RAB meeting for the Former Naval Station Treasure Island (NAVSTA TI), held at One Avenue of the Palms (Building One), Room 117, on Treasure Island (TI). Mr. Forman noted a transcriptionist is present and discussed the process for commenting and asking questions. Alice Pilram (Community RAB Co-Chair) reviewed the agenda (Attachment A).

Old Business RAB Minutes Approval Mr. Forman asked for any edits to the minutes for meeting 185, October 2016. John Gee (RAB member) could not attend the meeting, but emailed his edits in advance. Mr. Forman read his edits to the group. Dale Smith (RAB member) requested minor edits. In addition, Ms. Smith asked that the meetings be

FINAL Former Naval Station Treasure Island Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Meeting Minutes Meeting 186 13 December 2016

Final Treasure Island Restoration Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, 13 December 2016 Page 2 of 8


restructured so that RAB members can ask questions during the presentations. Alternately, she would like the minutes to clearly state when the question and answer period begins. Currently the minutes read as if RAB members are asking questions after a discussion ends, and the flow of the minutes is unclear. Mr. Forman said most presenters, including himself, prefer questions be held until the end of a presentation. Mr. Forman agreed that future minutes will more clearly state when the question and answer period begins so the reader understands RAB members were requested to hold questions. The RAB voted to approve the minutes with the edits incorporated.

Old Business BRAC Cleanup Team Update Nathan Schumacher (DTSC Community Involvement Specialist) provided an update on the work DTSC has done since the last RAB meeting. DTSC reviewed the Well Destruction Work Plan, the edits to the Site 12 Record of Decision/Remedial Action Plan (ROD/RAP), the Site 24 pre-remediation groundwater sampling results, and the Site 30 Final Status Survey report.

Ms. Zech said the Water Board reviewed many of the same documents as DTSC. Ms. Zech said her work coming up will primarily focus on Site YF3 work plan comments.

New Business Update on Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting Becky Hogue (RAB member) is also a member of the CAB, which advises the TIDA on redevelopment-related issues. They held a meeting on December 6, 2016. There are vacancies on the board that they hope to have filled soon. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved financing plans for upcoming redevelopment on TI, and a public hearing will be held before the board on January 24, 2017. Filmmaker George Lucas has been considering building the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art on TI. The Board of Supervisors expects him to finalize the location in January 2017, then those development plans will be created. Ms. Hogue said TIDA is accepting bids for geotechnical work on TI, and she noted demolition of several structures has already taken place. She said TIDA announced a container garden will be placed at the corner of 9th Avenue and Avenue of the Palms for use by residents. New Business 2016 Look Back / 2017 Look Ahead, Environmental Cleanup Program Mr. Forman began the presentation (Attachment B). He provided an overview of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) cleanup sites on NAVSTA TI: there are 7 open sites on TI and 3 open sites on Yerba Buena Island (YBI). The sites on YBI are on property now owned by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). Mr. Forman reviewed

Final Treasure Island Restoration Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, 13 December 2016 Page 3 of 8


some of the key accomplishments achieved in 2016, including documents and fieldwork. One of the key documents Mr. Forman highlighted is the Final Site Management Plan (SMP). This annual document provides an overview of all of the cleanup programs and sites at NAVSTA TI. Mr. Forman suggested that if a person has time to read only one document, this document provides the best understanding of the cleanup program and the path forward for each site. Several hard copies were placed in the Building One information repository, adjacent to the RAB meeting location, for review. Mr. Forman said the Navys project managers are present to provide an update on the progress at their sites since the October RAB meeting. He introduced Kimberly Noble (Navy) to discuss Site 6. Ms. Noble announced that all of the fieldwork at Site 6 is complete. Site restoration was completed today, December 13, 2016. Groundwater wells will be sampled on a quarterly basis. Final documentation for the fieldwork, the Remedial Action Completion Report (RACR) will be finalized in spring 2017. In addition, the Navy is awaiting concurrence from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on final radiological documentation for Site 6. Ms. Noble also provided a review of the work at the wood stave pipe site (slide 9). She showed photographs of the work including construction of a drainage bypass line, excavation and removal of the wood stave, construction of a new concrete swale, and site restoration. Mr. Forman introduced Chris Yantos (Navy) to provide the update on work at Site 12. Mr. Yantos said his update includes two large projects: (1) the work at the solid waste disposal areas (SWDA) and (2) the small digs conducted in various areas throughout the site to address chemical contamination. At the SWDAs, over 16,000 cubic yards of solid waste was removed; that is equivalent to more than 1,140 truckloads. The removal at North Point is 95% complete. The removal at Bayside is 85% complete. The Halyburton Court removal for polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) is 20% complete. Twenty-two of the small digs have been completed. Mr. Yantos noted those each of these removals was approximately 1 or 2 cubic yards. Eight buildings were demolished so these excavations could be completed. Mr. Yantos reviewed the building demolition locations, shown on slide 14. Mr. Yantos said the work at North Point is nearly complete, with all but one survey unit backfilled. He said the area will be public space and accessible in early 2017. Mr. Yantos noted there will be a follow-on project nearby, but localized just to the Perimeter Road area. That follow-on project will take place

Final Treasure Island Restoration Advisory Board Meeting Minutes, 13 December 2016 Page 4 of 8


between March and May 2017, and will include potholing to investigate the side walls of Perimeter Road. Mr. Yantos said that during 2016 the area on Bayside Drive known as the historic burn area was completely excavated. To complete that work, Buildings 1207 and 1209 had to be demolished and the foundations were removed.

Mr. Yantos said the Navy made significant progress at Westside Drive in 2016, including removal and munitions screening of 1,800 cubic yards of solid waste. Work is currently on-hold and has been for several months, pending contractual modifications. Mr. Yantos reviewed photographs of two items found during munitions screening. The items were ventilated on-site, which means munitions experts punctured a hole in each of the items to make them safe for transport off-site.

Mr. Mehta took over the presentation, providing a recap of work at Site 24. Site 24 contains Building 99, which was a dry-cleaning facility during naval operations. In 2016 the Navy completed a work plan, collected samples to better design the remedy, and conducted baseline groundwater monitoring. In addition, the remedy was implemented, including the removal of 1,200 cubic yards of soil and collection of 47 soil confirmation samples.

Mr. Mehta reviewed the Navys plans for treating the groundwater at Site 24. The treatment plan has been approved and the contractors began work the week of December 12, 2016. The plan includes injecting micro zero-valent iron and nutrients to enhance biological breakdown of the chlorinated solvents at the site. There will be 182 injection locations across the site, and each well injection will take one to two hours.

Mr. Mehta showed photographs of the soil excavation at Site 24. The team encountered a utility pipe while digging. The pipe was supported so the team could excavate around and beneath it. Mr. Mehta noted that those who attended the Navys annual bus tour in November 2016 saw the open excavation and utility pipe. He showed a photograph of the site now that the excavation has been backfilled and the site is restored.

Mr. Mehta moved on to discu