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FIVE ON TREASURE ISLAND. HOME READING. CHAPTER 1. THE STRANGE COUSIN. PRE-READING TASK. Why is the title of this chapter “The Strange Cousin”? Give the main idea of the chapter. Name the main characters. Match the words (word combinations) with their definitions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation





PRE-READING TASKWhy is the title of this chapter The Strange Cousin?Give the main idea of the chapter.Name the main characters.

Match the words (word combinations) with their definitions1) frighteneda) to be in sight

2) unsmilingb) scared, afraid3) to appearc) who rarely smiles4) ruded) stuffy5) sulkye) rough, brute6) ruined castlef) to say untruthful things7) to tell talesg) to happen8) to occurh) destroyed castleDescribe the main charactersAnne and George

Describe the main charactersUncle Quentin and aunt Fanny

Describe Kirrin cottagelow cliffbig oldclimb overgay withwoodenwhite stone

DIALOGUESWatch the episode

Act the dialogue between Anne and Georgina in the morning

CONVERSATIONWatch the episode and guess what will happen in the second chapter

CHAPTER 2A Queer Story and a New Friend

PRE-READING TASKExplain the title: a Queer story meansa New Friend is

What did you know about Kirrin island?Translate the phrases from the text:1) being a coward2) rabbits as tame as can be3) nobody thought it worth anything4) though some of the boys and girls have begged me to5) nodded her head firmly6) it got wrecked off Kirrin Island7) to row a boat8) when the tide is right down9) dogs ears were too pricked10) it nearly drove him mad11) shook her head12) to make the obstinate little girl take the iceParaphrase the sentences1) The castle is wonderful even if it is all in ruins.2) Id buy it at once if I had the money.3) The children could hardly believe George.4) As a dog, Timothy was far from perfect. 5) Timothy is my very greatest friend.6) I wish I had a dog like this.7) It would be nice to make a bargain and share with each other.SPEAK ABOUT IN GROUPSA STORY OF KIRRIN ISLANDA STORY OF TIMOTHY

Watch the episode and act the dialogues in groups:Between children and George about Timothy Between children and George about Kirrin Island

CHAPTER 3An Exciting Afternoon

PRE-READING TASKWhat were the children going to do that afternoon?

What surprised aunt Fanny?

What did children see deep down in the water?Find out the English equivalents in the text:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Who said in the story:1) That would be marvellous. Will you really take us tomorrow?2) Ive some gardening to do3) Weve had a lovely day thanks to you!4) Boats all ready Master George5) Tims funny on a wild day6) Ill never be as good as you but Id like to be as good as the boys7) I can see a bit of a broken mast8) Youve got your swimming trunks onDESCRIBE THE PICTURE

CHAPTER 4A Visit to the Island

PRE-READING TASKWhy is the title of this chapter A Visit to the Island?Give the main idea of the chapter.What other titles of your own can you offer?Find out the expressionsin the text and translate the whole sentence:1) Im looking forward2) Youre to try3) to fetch4) people used to live5) a roll of thunder6) an armful of sticks7) a pleasant warmth8) stared at the enormous waves9) hurriedly threw some more sticks10)a tremendous loud sound11) the bright gleam in her eyes

DESCRIBE (in groups)1) the signs of a coming storm2) the ruined castle3) the storm and what children did during it4) the ship that had appeared near Kirrin Island

Watch the episode

CHAPTER 5Exploring the Wreck

PRE-READING TASKTranslate the title and explainthe main idea of the chapter.

Match the words (word combinations) with their definitions 1) to say eagerlya) to rain hard2) to spoil smthb) to push smb (to boot) 3) against the tidec) to be full of smth4) to kick smbd) to find smth secret5) to cover with bruisese) to worry6) to disturbf) to desire to go home7) to rain steadilyg) to make injuries8) to be filled with smthh) to damage smth9) to find smth mysteriousi) against the flow10) to long to get homej) to tell smth with passionWho said in this chapter ?1) It is exciting, I know but its a bit frightening too2) Most islands are too big to feel like islands3) The rabbits were so tame4) Did you have an exciting day?5) Well have to hurry.6) Lets see if theres anything in it7) We cant leave old Tim out of this.8) Did somebody kick you, Anne?Watch the video

CHAPTER 6The Box from the Wreck

PRE-READING TASKWhich of these sentences explains the title?

1) Children opened the box easily and found the bars of gold2) Children showed the box to Uncle Quentin and aunt Fanny.3) Uncle Quentin took the box away but children found the way to take it back and opened it.

What do these words mean?Explain in EnglishA tin lining - Dungeons - Ingots - Translate using Complex Object1) , .2) .3) . 4) .5) .6) , , .7) .8) , 6. Lets check

1) Georgina didnt expect them to open the box easily.2) Uncle Quentin made the children give the box to him 3) Ann saw the box fall down. 4) Julian heard uncle Quentin snoring in the armchair.5) Children saw uncle Quentin talking to journalists by the telephone.6) Children didnt expect uncle Quentin to show them what was inside the box.7) Children were allowed to go for a walk after supper.8) Uncle Quentin wanted the journalists to come at 6. Describe the episode

Watch the video

CHAPTER 7An Astonishing Offer

Pre-reading taskLook at the picture and describe the events of previous chapter

Pre-reading taskExplain the contents of the chapter giving the definition of the expression

An Astonishing Offer is

Translate into RussianIt cant hurt the castle to be photographed this excitement has died down stared at him in horror nobody could fail to know did not dare to tell thought they couldnt possibly be worth anything mustnt give up hope

Grammar practice1) Find out and read the sentences with Past Perfect

2) Find out and read Passive structures.

Grammar practiceTurn into the Reported Speech:1) Do be sensible, George, said her mother.2) What do you think, Quentin? asked their aunt.3) Your father has been offered quite a good sum said the aunt.4) When are you selling this island, Uncle? Julian asked.5) Well go to Kirrin island tomorrow said Julian.6) We mustnt give up hope he said.7) Hes read that map and has jumped to the same idea that we did thought Julian.Watch the video

CHAPTER 8Off to Kirrin Island

Pre-reading taskWhat did the children decide to do in the previous chapter?

Give the Russian equivalents:said half-ashameda pleasant shiverto recover from rage and disappointmentI am difficultare easy to understandsounded thrillingare worth a pennyflushed red

gave a cry of utter dismaywith an enormous splashlooked anxiouslyIts up to usan old wellto starvein case the tide came far upon the pile of rugs

Lets analyze characters1) Georgina- how she changed from the beginning of the story;- what influenced these changes; 2) Georginas cousins- how their relations changed;- what influenced these changes; -Describe the episode(give more details mentioned in the book)

CHAPTER 9Exciting discoveries

Pre-reading taskWhat discoveries did the children do in this chapter?

Match the words and definitionshopelessin astonishmentbet vanishingqueeroccurweird sightsuppose disappearing guess think odd happen strange view surprisingly without expectationPut the sentences in the logical order1) Julian gave a shout of surprise. The old well is here.2) They were very hungry indeed, and felt glad to think there were so many things to eat.3) Soon the stones of the little room were clear of earth, sand and weeds.4) All the children took turns at pulling on the iron ring, but the stone did not move.5) They set to work with their spades.6) The steps down were slippery.7) A third rabbit appeared.8) He shone his torch down and there was Tim.

Describe the episode you liked most

CHAPTER 10Down in the Dungeons

Pre-reading taskChoose the best idea of this chapter and explain your choice- The children got excited when they tried to open the door and found the ingots- It was difficult to open the door and to find the way but the children managed all the hardships- The dungeons were very rambling and the children got lost thereMatch the wordsstared in exasperationsmash the lockstout, studded with great iron nailsfaint gleam of daylightrambling dungeonswandercuddle upmusty darknessdo a bit of chopping became loosedark hulk of the wreck

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) I) , j) k)

Form the appropriate wordsThe way to dungeons was so .Dicks cheek was The children went inside in The dog had been of echoes.It was lovely to lie in of the evening sun.They slept until the morning.The children felt perfectly with Tim on guard.Dick felt and didnt want to stay outside.Here is the I see faint delight coming down!The little girl was almost TIREBLOODEXCITEFRIGHTWARM





Pre-reading taskWhat happened with children in this chapter?Were all of them prisoners?TRANSLATE THE WORD COMBINATIONSbegan to growlher heart thumped fastbared his teethdeeds were signedthe voice came booming downto be sensibleto be obstinate8) levelled his revolver at9) sobbed10) in fright11) he stopped sniffing12) bounded into the open air13) said impatiently14) pop over to that inletOPEN THE BRACKETS1) Unless Georgina (want) to save the dog, she (call) him off.2) She (answer) never if anyone (call) her Georgina.3) They (shoot) the dog if she (not/ do) as she (tell).4) If the children (not/ find) the way, they (get) lost.5) These men (take) the ingots in case if the children (be) prisoners.6) If Tim (not/leave) George, Dick and Ann (not / know) anything.7) Dick (want) to be certain if there (be) so